According to Obama’s network of leftist propaganda outlets (aka news media & pollsters) — Mitt Romney is behind in all of the polls due to a “likability” problem. Do you buy it? I’d bet yes and no… 

Face it – after three and a half years of the worst leadership since Jimmy Carter, national survival is the only real issue of the 2012 election. But according to Obama’s media network, “likability” is the issue of the day, as if we are voting on the Golden Globe Awards rather than our future.

While it is true that too many Americans vote based upon a beauty contest instead of any relative facts concerning the future of freedom and liberty, are Americans really dumbed-down enough to overlook the worst administrative record in U.S. history and vote based upon the “likability” of the beauty contestants in 2012? I don’t think so… Every American has been directly harmed by the Obama Administration now. Over 70% of Americans rightfully fear for their future!

Over the last few elections, polling data has been a bit less than reliable, as pollsters often use weighted sample groups, leading questions and fuzzy math to deliver results prescribed by the political organizations hiring the pollsters. The results seldom represent the eventual outcome of an election. But for the purpose of this column, let’s pretend that the polls are legit…

According to Real Clear Politics averages, Barack Hussein Obama currently leads Mitt Romney by 3.1% in their average of numerous independent polls, Rasmussen being the only poll showing Romney ahead by 1%.

This data is used by Obama media minions to promote the idea that Romney is losing and in their opinion, it’s due to a “lack of likability.” What did you expect from paid left-wing propagandists who themselves, base their support for Obama solely upon his “likability” while totally ignoring his “inability” to lead?

Clearly, the polls reflect the success of the media’s effort to focus the nation on the beauty contest rather than a serious election, for the moment. Will those numbers hold when Americans walk into a voting booth in November, as the nation’s economy and security situation continue to deteriorate?

I’ll pretend like our nation is not on the edge of the abyss and play the “likability” game today.

For too many Americans, Obama is indeed “more likable” than Mitt Romney. Let’s analyze why that might be.

If you are looking for someone to have a beer, smoke a doobie, snort a line, play some golf or hit the strip clubs with, Barack Obama is certainly your choice. In the party arena, Obama is much more likely to throw down and deliver some memorable moments. In this arena, Mitt Romney would be an absolute buzz-kill.

But if you are looking for someone to give you sound family, financial or business advice, Mitt Romney is much more “likable” – as a man who has proven himself over and over again in that arena, compared to Obama, who was dead-broke until he became a multi-millionaire via political office. Still can’t figure out how one becomes of multi-millionaire in three years as a public servant. But I’ll leave that for another day.

What is it people “don’t like” about Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is as white as a ghost, as is his wife. Romney is American, as opposed to multi-cultural, in an era when we have been trained to celebrate diversity instead of the common American Dream of individual freedom and liberty. Romney is a self-made millionaire and an all-American success story, which Americans have been trained to envy, despise and attack.

Romney is of the Ozzy and Harriet era, when husbands and wives stayed together and raised a successful family, which most Americans also hate today, in a society where over 50% of marriages end in divorce, many never marry even after they have a kid, latch-key children are raised by electronic nannies and the only union leftists hate is the traditional union between husband and wife, known as marriage.

Obama promises free-stuff, while Romney only promises freedom, in an era when too many Americans have been raised as permanent federal dependents clamoring for more from the public trough. Romney thinks every American can create their own wealth. Obama panders to people who feel entitled to other people’s wealth.

Obama has led an exciting past, mostly a mystery, but what we do know is pretty exciting. He’s not sure who his daddy is, where he was born, who paid for his education, how he became a political messiah or how he ended up surrounded by Muslims, Marxists and Black Nationalists. By comparison, Mitt Romney is a total bore… a storybook American, clean-cut with an All-American family, ALL OF THEM SUCCESSFUL. Nothing exciting about that….

Romney is from an era when Americans respected success and revered men like Romney who used their freedom and liberty to create, produce, earn and own things. Romney represents the real American Dream. Obama represents the Marxist utopian dream.

Obama comes from an era when too many Americans think the world owes them something more than the freedom and liberty to make their own dreams come true. Obama believes in government, not the free American spirit.

Of course, people hooked on the seven deadly sins hate Romney and love Obama. Obama’s campaign is based on all seven, a false sense of pride, deep seeded envy, greed aimed at the earnings of others, gluttony of free stuff, a lust for every sexual perversion on the planet and in the end, sloth, the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

Romney represents the exact opposite, a moral family-oriented self-made success story that self-help books once used as examples of what made America the greatest nation on earth. But today, Americans have been trained by union teachers to despise these things and political scumbags like Obama pander to the lowest common denominator in their smorgasbord of special interest malcontents.

Romney is not gay, he’s not a minority, he’s not personally destitute, he’s not on his fourth wife, he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol or hang out with morally bankrupt misfits or Marxists looking for access to the hard earned assets of others. This makes him a “greedy capitalist pig” – according to Marxists.

Of course, the type of people who would support a Marxist Muslim with a blank résumé don’t like Romney, he stands for everything they stand against. — But what about the rest of America?

In every walk of life, success is predictable on the basis of who a leader surrounds himself with. Obama surrounded himself with Muslims, Marxists, criminals, thugs and perpetual malcontents and as long as his success is measured by these misfits, he will be the most “likable” individual in the race, at least for them.

However, the 2012 election is not an election of special interest issues. An increasing number of Americans are realizing that this particular election is based upon one issue, national survival.

It is on that basis that I seriously doubt that this election will be decided by the beauty contest the media has promoted. Most Americans are not asking what government can do for them, but rather what government has been doing to them.

As a result, Americans are not likely to go with the most “likable” candidate, but rather to most “able” candidate. Key to that decision is the expectation that Romney will continue to surround himself with successful good old fashioned Americans, like Rep. Paul Ryan. In stark contrast to Obama surrounding himself with losers and misfits, Romney knows how to succeed, how to create success.

Will I agree with everything Romney and Ryan want to do? I have never agreed 100% with any administration in my life. But I know where our odds are best in 2012, so do most Americans and most know how to play the odds.

When it’s all about survival, you surround yourself with survivors, people with a track record of surviving and overcoming adversity. It’s not a time for “likable” but otherwise “incapable” and useless friends.

Obama’s media and pollsters are going to be disappointed on Election Day 2012, when Americans choose to rescue themselves with successful people instead of losers who have run the most failed administration in history. Americans of all political persuasions are going to choose “change” again in 2012, this time, from Marxism bankrupting the nation, to FREEDOM and self-generated prosperity.

Losers who want a president “just like them” will vote for Obama, the likable party animal.

But people who want someone better than themselves, someone with a track record of success, will forgo the beauty contest and vote for their own survival this time around. They will elect turn-around specialists to turn this thing around.

The choice has never been so clear… One issue, survival…. One option, the successful survivors…

LATE ADDITION: As I prepare the full distribution release of this column, news is breaking of a video clip from a Romney fund-raiser, recorded by someone who is obviously not a Romney supporter and released through Mother Jones, the longest standing Marxist publication in America. Obama’s news media jumped on the Mother Jones story and the clip will no doubt become part of an Obama campaign ad. Romney said nothing that needs any apology. What he said is 100% true. Approximately 47% of society is dependent upon federal funds for their existence. In fact, America now has more people living on federal funds than people paying federal income taxes. Romney is right, that 47% will never vote for anyone that threatens their gravy train. Of course Mother Jones readers are among that 47% Romney spoke about. Romney’s problem, America’s problem, is that the takers now outnumber the givers in America. 87.3% of all federal income taxes are paid by only 25% of the working population. Romney is right, that 25% who pay the lion’s share of taxes in America are no match for the 47% who depend upon federal funds for their very existence and will vote for Obama no matter what. Never apologize for telling the truth!

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots UnionVeteran DefendersArchives E-Mail: