It matters not a whit what you call it — it still amounts to amnesty for eleven million illegal aliens in America.  IllegalImmigration

This “new” immigration reform from both the US Senate and the US President is utterly ridiculous.  But in the end, it will be rammed down the throats of the American public simply because the US government has gone rogue and is no longer responsive — nor responsible — to the US citizenry.  (And some people still wonder WHY Americans are arming themselves???)

The Heritage Foundation released the following statement on January 30th, 2013:

“America’s heritage of immigration has fueled our nation’s strength and diversity, yet our immigration system has become so politicized and dysfunctional that it causes untold personal tragedies, strains the fiscal capacity of public services in many states, and prevents many from pursuing the American Dream. Complex, comprehensive legislation based on back-room deals never works, and the Senate immigration proposal announced this week and echoed yesterday by President Obama—to the extent that it repeats the mistakes of the past—will further polarize Americans, fail to solve the real policy problems, and make matters worse.

Immigrants come to our country for freedom and economic opportunity. We are concerned that many aspects of the framework for comprehensive reform will undermine the very foundations that make for America’s exceptional success. Policymakers should refrain from committing to such broad statements before the actual legislative language is available for public review. A proposal that would grant individuals who are in this country illegally a pathway to citizenship violates the rule of law and is unfair to those who have obeyed our immigration laws.

The Heritage Foundation believes that America’s immigration system must be reformed through an open and public step-by-step, problem-solving approach that unites Americans and creates a system that welcomes immigrants, protects our sovereignty, encourages assimilation, and expands opportunities for everyone. Once such common-sense reforms are in place and working, lawmakers can determine how to respond in a fair, compassionate, and constitutional way to those who have come to our country illegally.” SOURCE

Let’s just blow away some of the smoke and call it what it is:  What we have here is a HUGE payoff by the Obama Administration to the Hispanic community for their vote in the November election.  That’s one side.  On the other side is the GOP trying like hell to convince the Hispanic vote to shift to their side by offering them citizenship in the country they broke into.

If you, like me, don’t like what the Senate and the President are proposing, well, stuff it!  It doesn’t matter. The decision has been made — and a bill WILL be passed to offer illegals amnesty. 

Look.  The poor, hapless, dumb, republicans cannot, for whatever reason, understand that the GOP has lost (if they ever really had) the Hispanic vote.  Heck, the Hispanic vote is a “natural” for the Democrat/socialists, anyway … always has been.    The republicans cannot get it through their heads that agreeing to and passing this comprehensive immigration reform simply adds eleven million NEW VOTERS to the democratic side of the tally sheet.  It is lose, lose, for the republicans.  And it is lose, lose, for America as that will place the democrat/socialists in a position to rule America in perpetuity… forever!

Oh, and don’t count on the border being secured, either.  Yes, I know it is supposed to be a key part of the Senate bill.  But here’s the thing:  How are you and I going to know the border is secure?  Take their word for it, huh? 

Consider this for a moment:  The only way that the American borders are going to be sealed is when a rogue US government decides to seal them  — not to keep illegals out — but TO KEEP US CITIZENS IN!!  Then — and ONLY THEN — will the US borders be sealed.

America’s old hippie government, years ago, bought into the globalist “world without borders” agenda and they will never agree to securing America’s borders. But they WILL lie to America and swear the borders are secure when, in fact, they are not.

That part of the Senate bill means absolutely nothing.  Obama’s “proposed” bill doesn’t even include a provision for securing the border first. 

Those of you who support open borders do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to beat us about the head and shoulders with the old saw that says America is a nation of immigrants.  See, we already know that — because our ancestors were immigrants, too.  Mine came into the country, legally, in 1789 through what was then Charles Town Harbor and were assigned a place in the 96th precinct of the state of South Carolina.  Notice – they came into this country LEGALLY!  That is all we expect of any who want to immigrate to America.  Do it legally and we will welcome you with open arms. Do it illegally and we want you caught and deported forthwith!  Unless, of course, you are a prospective democratic voter. 

America’s biggest problem with illegal immigration is not with those who illegally break into our country and help to bleed it dry, but with our government which refuses to uphold the laws already on the books.  Had those laws been enforced we would not be in the situation we find ourselves today.  Plus, the problem of what to do with these 11 or 12-plus million illegal aliens would not be a problem, at all, if the government would simply follow the laws on the books today.

The bottom line for Americans to ponder is… what do we do with a government that refuses to uphold/enforce the nation’s laws and tramples on the constitution at will? 

Well, let me ask you – suppose you had a business and an employee consistently refused to follow the rules of the workplace.  What would you do to that employee?  See?  The answer used to be simple. You’d toss them out at the next election.  Unfortunately, our elections have become something of a pro forma showcase these days.  Just going through the motions while the results are fore ordained.  Nowadays “the fix” is in before the first ballot is dropped into the box.  The ONLY way we are ever going to get relief from this problem is to clean the house in Washington.  But, how to do that now? Huh? When your vote no longer counts, how, exactly, do you do that?   


My friend and fellow blogger, Alan Caruba, recently said in his piece entitled “A Crisis of Governors:”   “What, in fact, Americans are witnessing is a failure of government at both the state and federal level. The nation has managed to elect too many people to public office that are so clearly inept, incompetent, and untrustworthy, it poses a threat to the republic.”  SOURCE  

Alan, as usual, is spot on.  America’s most dangerous enemy, at the moment, is its own government! I would add that, in my opinion, America’s second worst enemy, at the moment, is its own ignorance. It was through the ignorance of the American electorate that these pitifully inept, power hungry, politicians were elected to office to begin with.

Not to worry.  The democrat/socialists are going to get their eleven million new voters.  Count on it.  And it makes absolutely no difference what YOU think!

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