wethepeople.jpgFebruary 17, 2009
By JB Williams ©2009 USA

For almost eighty years now, Washington DC has wasted the labors of the people under the false pretense of taking care of them. Over the last seventy years, America has gone from the most peaceful prosperous free nation on earth to an increasingly violent bankrupt example of world class political corruption. In the next two years, irreversible damage will be done.

The people responsible for bringing the greatest nation on earth to the brink of third world status now control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government and they are using their unbridled power to ram pure global secular socialism down the throat of every American.

They just passed the biggest leftist spending spree in world history without a single bi-partisan supporter across the aisle. Obama’s promise of bi-partisanship was just one of many campaign lies. Not a single legislator or American voter was allowed to fully read the bill before being forced to vote on it. Obama will sign it in to law today, before anyone knows what the bill says.

They bribed three leftist New England senate RINOs in order to pass their bill aimed at stimulating government growth through record debt. Even seven House Democrats had to vote against the Marxist measure. The little RINO support they got, they bought. They had NO interest in a bi-partisan bill.

The first thirty days of the new Democratic Socialist regime has confirmed one thing. The anti-American left is coming after every freedom and liberty as fast and as hard as they can and only a united right, ready to fight, can stop their rush into global disaster. Investors are fleeing the market again today, well aware of Obama’s agenda to nationalize everything.

Primary Goals of Obama’s Dictatorship

  • Grab grasp and control of all primary economic sectors – banking, health, energy, technology, transportation, communication and food (all of which is addressed in his so-called stimulus bill being signed into law today)
  • Erase US borders – provide amnesty for all illegal aliens living in the US and their families not yet here. Concede sovereign authority over US constitutional law to the UN. (This too is set up in the leftist stimulus bill)
  • Silence the last remaining voice of pro-freedom dissent currently heard only at talk radio (under the Fairness Doctrine proposed by John Podesta at the George Soros organization, American Progress)
  • Eliminate Second Amendment rights for American citizens while setting up a one million member civilian army loyal to Obama rather than to the people and their constitution (Early funding for which is provided in the stimulus package as well)
  • Continue to bankrupt the free market capitalist system, driving average American families into an economic corner where they will welcome Democratic Socialism in an effort to avoid life in a soup line (Watch as investors continue to flee from the market for safer havens abroad)
  • Buy state sovereignty with federal bailout funds, reversing the bottom up system of self-governance affirmed in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Constitution, establishing the federal government as a top down dictatorship

The Bernie Madoff of Politics

Bernie Madoff robbed thousands of private investors out of billions. The nation, Washington DC elites and their press are rightfully prepared to lynch him in Public Square.

So, what should we do with Washington DC elites who have robbed generations of American citizens out of trillions in hard-earned property against their will? In Madoff’s case, knowledgeable investors made bad decisions to invest in what turned out to be a multi-billion dollar scam.

But a handful of Democratic Socialists in Washington DC have forced American citizens to throw trillions into the black hole of insane federal waste and they are not changing their ways, they are accelerating the practice with a heavy hand.

There is zero bi-partisan congressional support for what they are doing and 70% of Americans oppose what they are doing, according to all related polling data.

Welcome to Obama’s Thugocracy. Thuggish Chicago corruption, DC style…

Freedom Fighters MUST Unite

Traditionally speaking, those who love their freedom also love their independence. But in this case, individually, they are no match for the massive power of the new federal dictatorship. An individual tax revolt will land you in prison, penniless.

Freedom fighters MUST unite and fight the current onslaught of heavy handed Marxism together. They must learn to fight as a unit. Alone, they are powerless and vulnerable. But united, the left is truly NO match for America’s most productive members of society.

Tools of Revolt

As demonstrated by the passage of the leftist spending spree, Washington DC Republicans are completely powerless to stop what is coming hard and fast. Freedom fighters must remain engaged with their representatives and keep them fighting the battles they can, if for no other reason than to keep the record clear on who is behind this open slaughter of American principles and values.

But we can not rely on Washington Republicans to accomplish anything of any great value. They simply do not have the power now and frankly, not all Republicans are Republican, must less constitutional conservatives.

We must adopt effective use of the tools we have.

  • Our vote is meaningless until 2010, which will likely be far too late to save anything.
  • Our money is indeed very meaningful however. They can’t continue to promote socialism they can’t pay for. A full scale nationwide tax-revolt is in order. But it must be well organized and widely supported.
  • Our states must become the central front in the battle against tyrannical federal power. Get behind all state efforts to reclaim states rights and sovereignty.
  • And in case all else fails, our Second Amendment rights MUST remain intact. That’s what they are for…

Half of Americans, which happens to largely be the taxpaying half, did NOT agree to this socialist spending and leftist power grab. It passed into law without a single taxpayer representative in agreement. Democrats largely represent the non-taxpaying population today.

Democratic Socialists had the congressional votes to make it law against the will of almost every American taxpayer and every taxpayer representative in Washington DC. But they do NOT have the power to fund what they are spending, without the silent consent of the American taxpayer.

Pay attention… Half of the nation lives under tyrannical taxations without any real representation while the other half enjoys full representation without any real taxation. This cannot stand!

Yet if one taxpayer refuses to pay for their Marxist spending spree, he will go to jail. However, if ten million taxpayers refuse to pay, we have a whole new ball game here…

Legitimate tax revolt organizations are popping up all over the country in response to the massive Pelosi – Reid – Obama power grab of 2009. Two organizations worth looking into are Freedom Works at http://www.freedomworks.org/ and The American Taxpayers Union at www.ntu.org/. There are many others forming, so I recommend doing a little individual research into which ones offer the highest odds of collective success.

Next, under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Constitution, which were based upon provisions in the Articles of Confederation which state, “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”- A growing number of state legislatures are taking offensive measures to protect the states from rapidly deteriorating state sovereignty.

Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, South Carolina and Georgia have all introduced bills and resolutions declaring sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment. Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine, and Illinois are considering similar measures. Every state needs to do the same. Together, the states can and must send the fed packing…

If you live in any of these states, get personally involved and get behind your state legislators in their effort to reclaim state sovereignty and states rights, before Obama’s fed finishes nationalizing all power under his leftist Chicago Thugocracy. If your state is not pursuing it yet, get involved with your state Republicans and make sure that they introduce similar legislation.

Last, never – ever allow anyone to take away your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. That includes what the left terms “assault weapons.” I assure you, we do NOT want common street thugs like Bobby Rush, a former Black Panther who did jail time for violent crimes and is now the lead sponsor of HR 45, and Obama thugs, to be the only well armed people in this country.

There are several new gun-grabbing bills already introduced by leftist members of Pelosi’s congress. HR 45 introduced by Chicago Machine thug Bobby Rush, seems to have the most steam at present. You can view that bill here… (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-45)

But there are several attempts to grab your guns being rushed through congress today and all of them will have to be watched and thwarted.

When all other efforts fail, only your guns will stand between you and those who hope to enslave every taxpayer in this nation.

Times are Going to Get Rough

Leftists have worked for almost a hundred years to create the perfect storm that would end America as we have known her. Freedom is in its eleventh hour now and only the people can protect and preserve it.

The powers that be in Washington DC do not want freedom for the people anymore and they are using trillions in taxpayer funded free-stuff to buy favor with the half of Americans who foolishly think they will not end up with any part of the bill in the end.

Washington Republicans are completely powerless to stop it. Only the people can stop it now, but they have limited tools and limited time in which to do it.

As Obama signs another trillion dollar leap into nationalizing a multitude of industries, Republicans work across the nation, from California to Kansas, to force governments to tighten their belts for a change.

To keep freedom from shrinking any further, government entities must be forced to shrink. Government layoffs MUST happen, beginning with one of the most overtaxed states in the nation, California.

Freedom Fighters Unite

Freedom is always being challenged by those who hope to enslave both the productive and the non-productive members of society, in the false name of some alleged greater communal good.

But history has shown that there is NO waste like government waste. There is no GDP that government cannot outspend. In order to be all things to all people, government must take economic freedom from the only people who can fund it, you!

Are you seriously going to continue sitting in silence, funding the most evil administration initiatives to ever pass through the people’s halls of leadership?

Must they take everything you have before you fight for what you have earned? Must they come for the guns they made you register, before you will stand and fight back?

The time to unite and fight is now, while we still can. The time for petty ideological differences has passed. We must focus on the most important issues now, personal freedom and individual liberty to self-govern. If we fail to unite on the common fundamental American principles and values, there is no hope of uniting at all.

Divided, we are falling. United, we can stand again.

Think about it! Then get involved…
JB Williams
http://www.jb-williams.com/ John Adams – “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.”