James Simpson DC Independent Examiner  

World Net Daily has just reported on the poisoning death of Los Angeles coroner Michael Cormier. It has been revealed that the 61 year old Cormier died on April 20th, the same day the LA Coroner’s office released their autopsy report on the death of Andrew Breitbart.

The coroner’s office has not revealed as yet whether or not Cormier participated in Breitbart’s autopsy, but his death is being treated as “suspicious” and the timing is raising questions.

Breitbart also died on the eve of big events: the unveiling of his new Breitbart.com format, along with the first of promised exposés on President Obama’s past, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s revelations about Obama’s forged birth certificate. Breitbart’s autopsy claims he died of a massive heart attack, and no foul play was suspected, but many question whether his death was accidental.

KTLA TV reporter Elizabeth Espinoza said that detectives were investigating possible arsenic poisoning in Mr. Cormier’s case. A toxicology report will take five to six weeks.