Well, with the laundry list of political legal eagles lining up to claim that anchor babies like Marco Rubio are Natural Born Citizens too, one must assume that the RNC intends to place an anchor baby on the ballot with Romney and they are prepared to burn the Constitution to do it. Apparently, they are prepared to lose in November too….

In the latest RNC effort to redefine Natural Born Citizen, clearing Rubio for the GOP ticket, once respected Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson enters the fray. Thompson wastes no time regurgitating the same lies that have protected Barack Obama from “birthers” concerned with Obama’s real birth place for four years now.

In a they did it, so can we, attempt to forever eliminate Article II Natural Born Citizen requirements for the offices of President and Vice President, Thompson repeats lies told by Heritage Foundation and left-wing lawyers for the Obama-nation in an overt attempt to silence the truth, that Marco Rubio and Barack Obama are both constitutionally ineligible for office, according to well-known constitutional history.

These legal eagles seem to have trouble defining anchor baby and Natural Born Citizen, even though the definitions and history are 100% clear on both.

An “anchor baby” is a child born in the U.S.A. to parents who are not legal U.S. Citizens at the time of the child’s birth. Under the 14th Amendment and subsequent immigration and naturalization laws, the U.S.A. grants that child “naturalized citizen” rights at birth and then that child becomes an “anchor” upon which the foreign parents can apply and usually receive naturalized citizenship as immigrant Americans.

Contrary to false statements made in Rubio’s bio, his parents did NOT “immigrate” to the United States in 1956. They did not begin their immigration and naturalization process until more than four years after Marco’s birth, more than fifteen years after they took residence in the U.S. Therefore, they could not confer upon Marco that which they did not possess at his birth, U.S. Citizenship.

While our immigration and naturalization laws currently offer general citizen rights to “anchor babies” like Rubio, born in the U.S. to foreign parents, the 14th Amendment has no bearing at all upon the definition of Natural Born Citizen or the Article II constitutional qualifications for the office of President and Vice President.

A citizen is either naturalized under the 14th or Natural Born to legal citizen parents, exempt from all immigration and naturalization laws and amendments. It is not possible to be both and Fred Thompson knows it!

In simple terms, a Natural Born Citizen of the United States is a child who inherits maximum citizenship rights from their citizen parents at birth, including the rights reserved for only Natural Born Citizens, like holding the office of President or Vice President. Obviously, if someone received citizenship via 14th Amendment immigration and naturalization statutes, they cannot possibly be a Natural Born Citizen.

Now, either legal eagles like Fred Thompson know this and choose to lie, or they don’t know it, in which case they are legal beagles rather than legal eagles. You decide…. But know this…. Ignorance is quickly solved with information. Ignorance in the face of information is something quite different.

The outright lies (intentional or unintentional) presented by Fred Thompson and others are as follows…

  1. 1. “First, this is a legal question. Therefore, the test with regard to a question such as this is, “What would the Supreme Court likely hold if the question were presented to it?”

FALSE – It is not a legal question for judicial usurpers to dictate definition upon their political agendas. It is a Constitutional question. The American people, NOT the Supreme Court, are the final arbiters of what is or is not constitutional. Nobody above a 3rd grade reading level needs a lawyer to explain the true meaning of three simple words, Natural Born Citizen.

  1. 2. “I think that he is a charismatic politician with a bright future. He is also untested on the national stage. I can see arguments for and against him. But I won’t sit back and watch him get caught up in a bunch of foolishness that misleads people about his eligibility to be President.”

FALSE – Thompson refers to the TRUTH about Natural Born Citizen and Marco Rubio as “foolishness.” He accuses people desperately trying to force the TRUTH out into the open as “misleading people about eligibility,” against anchor babies like Rubio, Jindal, Obama and others. Yet the TRUTH is readily available, obvious and on record. Anchor babies, children born to foreign parents receiving their citizenship via the 14th Amendment, are NOT Natural Born Citizens. To suggest otherwise is beyond foolishness, it is a treasonous lie.

  1. 3. “The answer is the English common law, which formed the basis for our own legal structure, opinions of our Founding Fathers, U.S. court decisions, and the 14th Amendment.”

FALSE – While it is true that our Judicial System was patterned after British Common Law and British court systems, it is FALSE to state that our Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights and system of self-governance were based upon British Common Law. Our Founders placed ALL faith in the people, not government or the courts, which they had seen corrupted from top to bottom in England. They entrusted ALL of our fundamental rights as “Endowed by our Creator” under Natural Law or the Laws of Nature, NOT British Common Law, which they had just separated from in the American Revolution.

  1. FALSE – Thompson goes on to use 14th Amendment “naturalization” cases to define Natural Born Citizen, when in fact, the 14th mentions nothing at all about Natural Born Citizens, clearly a special type of citizen in the minds of our Founders, or Article II requirements for high office. In short, Thompson takes the lawyers only road to redefining Natural Born Citizen as nothing more than 14th Naturalized Citizen, or “anchor babies.” It is an outright lie!

Keep in mind that “anchor babies” and the 14th Amendment did not exist at the passage of the Constitution. That the Founders had to exclude themselves from the Natural Born Citizen requirement in order to hold office, as none of our Founders were Natural Born Citizens even though most of them had been born on what would later become known as U.S. soil.

In the long and distinguished list of active destroyers of the Charters of Freedom, lawyers and judges lead that list.

In a November 1804 letter to Mrs. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson wrote – “But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the legislature and executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch.”

At no time in history has judicial despotism been more visible than it is today and it has been going on since the passage of the Constitution.

Readers MUST ask themselves several key questions and answer those questions as honestly as possible.

  • Is there any chance that Fred Thompson does not know that our Founders borrowed the term Natural Born Citizen from Vattel’s Law of Nations, along with almost everything else they created? Include Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, Glenn Beck, Heritage Foundation, American Thinker, Newsmax, the RNC, the Supreme Court and many others when asking this question?
  • Is there any chance that these people don’t know that eight attempts were made by congress to alter or abolish the Natural Born Citizen clause prior to the election of Barack Hussein Obama?
  • Is there any chance that these folks don’t know the difference between Natural Law (as-in Endowed by our Creator) and British Common Law (laws based upon the treasonous acts of the judiciary and political shifting sands), or that the latter is the rule of man via judicial despotism and tyranny?
  • Is there any chance that these political experts don’t know that 14th Amendment anchor babies are not Natural Born Citizens, or why the Founders chose “only Natural Born Citizens” for the highest offices in our land?
  • If you believe that all of these people simply lack all of this knowledge, can you trust these people to protect and defend our inalienable rights as Endowed by our Creator?

Consider these questions very carefully, do your own homework, and draw your own conclusions. Is it possible that all of these Republicans are ALL wrong? YES! The question is WHY?

For me, there is NO chance that these intelligent people lack the knowledge that Natural Born Citizen was borrowed from The Law of Nations, based in Natural Law NOT man-made laws, and that “naturalized” citizens are NOT “Natural Born Citizens.” There is no chance that they don’t know why our Founders reserved the highest offices in our land to only Natural Born Citizens, free from any foreign loyalties or entanglements.

Even the U.S. Senate got it right in a 99-0 Resolution declaring John McCain a Natural Born Citizen as the natural son of American citizen parents, no matter where he was born. Do you still believe these people don’t know? Why are they all lying?

I was an enthusiastic supporter of Fred Thompson for President in 2008, proving that even I get fooled once in a while.

Fool me once, shame on you…. But fool me twice, and the buck stops with me!

Are you willing to be fooled any longer? Or are you ready to protect and defend the Charters of Freedom as they were written and intended?

Time will soon tell. If Rubio appears on the ticket with Romney, it will signal that there is nobody left in politics that cares at all about the Constitution. Voters will face a choice between two unconstitutional tickets from the RNC and DNC in November, or a 3rd party protest vote that will re-elect Barack Obama for certain.

Where is Ron “Mr. Constitution” Paul or his son Rand, both of whom have been entirely MIA on this matter? People willing to let Article II fall, will let all of it fall as long as it doesn’t interfere with their personal agenda.

How much longer are you willing to be deceived? Do you feel better being deceived by your friends rather than your known enemies? Are you really willing to give up your Constitutional Republic without so much as a whimper?

If anything in our Founding documents is worth fighting for, everything in those documents is worth fighting for. Lose Article II and you will lose The Charters of Freedom altogether. We are playing for all the marbles now. Don’t even blink….

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots UnionVeteran DefendersArchives E-Mail: JB.USPU@gmail.com