There is only one path to peace with the Palestinian people – the destruction of Hamas and the severe sanctioning of all their sponsors.

DESTROY HAMASFrom the start, Hamas’ hostilities emanating from Gaza were, in essence, a fundraiser. The fall of the Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government and the closing of smuggling tunnels from Egypt denied Hamas a major source of revenue and munitions. Qatar now sends most of their money to al-Nusra and ISIS because they get results while Hamas was stuck in the mud going nowhere.

And the results are impressive. Al-Nusra and ISIS conquer vast territories, pillage, rape, terrorize, expel and/or butcher their enemies while Hamas is bottled up in Gaza unable to achieve anything. Even the Qataris and the Turks don’t like wasting their money on a group incapable of delivering results.

The recent pledge of $47M in aid to Gaza and the arms deal recently approved for Qatar from the US administration show that these fundraising efforts are quite successful.

When American taxpayers fund the UN or deliver aid directly the Gaza, they are funding Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas skims their substantial cut off the top of every dollar that enters Gaza, whether it’s from UNWRA, the US, the EU or Qatar and their ilk. That’s how they fund their terror and that’s how their leadership gets filthy rich in the process.

And don’t fool yourselves into thinking that the Palestinian Authority is any better. Their goals are the same as Hamas – the destruction of the State of Israel and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic caliphate to which we will all be subservient. They are just better dressers and therefore more presentable. Take away their expensive suits and canned talking points and they are the same as any other Islamic extremists bent on world domination.

We must stop equivocating. We all know that when you send mixed messages, those on the receiving end hear only what they want to hear. What are the Islamic extremists hearing from us?

Go ahead, take Iraq and Syria. Take all of North Africa. We’ll give lip service to a call for peace, but we really don’t mean it. We won’t do a thing to stop you. Your people are your own to abuse in any way you think best serves your greater goals. We’ll even offer every resident of Israel and Jews throughout the world as human sacrifices to your blood-stained gods if you’ll only leave us alone.

I have sympathy for the Palestinian people, but there is a limit. At this point, I have very little patience or compassion for them.

It is a difficult lesson that everyone eventually must learn. You cannot help those who do not want to be helped. You cannot save people who are bent on their own destruction.

Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas knowing full well who and what they were.

The populace attends their hate-filled rallies by the hundreds of thousands chanting “Death to America” and “Slaughter the Jews”. When Israelis die, whether by their hands or by the hands of fate, they celebrate and pass out candy and cakes in the streets.

They allow Hamas to shelter terrorists and store missiles in their homes where their children sleep. They allow the launching of missiles from schoolyards, parks and beaches where their children play. They allow the use of public institutions as cover for tunneling into Israel with the sole purpose of mass slaughter of innocent Israelis. They allow pervasive indoctrination of their children, filling their souls with hatred and bloodlust.

  • They choose hatred over mutual respect.

  • They choose violence over tranquility and safety.

  • They choose chaos over civil order.

  • They choose squalor and misery over prosperity.

  • They choose destruction over creation.

  • They choose bloodlust over the welfare of their own children.

  • They choose war over peace.

On multiple occasions, Palestinians had the opportunity to create a new Singapore – prosperous, innovative, peaceful and free. Instead, time and time again, they choose to dig a vast pit, fill it with excrement and jump in. And then they cry out for the world’s help and blame Israel and the Jews for their self-inflicted plight.

When you voluntarily walk hand-in-hand with evil, don’t expect things to work out well for you and yours. I have just so much sympathy to go around. At the moment, my sympathy is for me and mine.

And yet, we should offer the Palestinian people one last chance to make the correct choice for peace.

  • We must urge the Palestinian people to throw off their Hamas masters.

  • We must sanction and isolate all financial and diplomatic sponsors of jihad.

  • We must allow and enable Israel to destroy Hamas.

  • We must call for regime change in Gaza.

  • We must replace Hamas with a government intolerant of jihadi ideology. And if that means again placing Gaza under Israeli administration, so be it.

And we must support Israel to the hilt without any further calls for restraint or caution. Israel does not require instruction on these subjects from anyone.

Israelis send their sons and daughters out to fight and die in a war not of their choosing. They fight and die in a struggle that should be shared with all free nations.

They stand their ground while others, including the US, give up the fight and go home. They fight and die so that we don’t have to.

They are the razor’s edge on the sharp point of freedom’s spear.

Hannah Szenes