January 16 and the sunlight shines full glare on the Statist State.  Mark Levin’s Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, is on the bookstands today.  

Throwing statism into the disinfectant of sunlight couldn’t have happened at a better time because it answers a sincere question so many are asking: “How close to the cliff edge is America in its promised fundamental transformation?

Too close for comfort,  and no one makes the Cassandra call to save America more clearly than Mark Levin.cover011612

Though massive research took him through the tomes of certain classical philosophical works, including Plato’s Republic, Thomas More’s Utopia, Thomas Hobbe’s Leviathan, and Karl Marx’sCommunist ManifestoAmeritopia is written in a language understood by the layman.

Eloquently and elegantly written,Ameritopia’s lucidity tells readers where they are in real time now, how they got there and how to follow the faint light hovering over the figurative Rabbit Hole to escape the tyranny of Utopianism.

You don’t have to be a Constitutional lawyer or expert in order to understand the long energy draining road to Utopia, but throughAmeritopia’s pages, you can find the way out.

Ameritopia, the place, is chillingly already here, but the question that matters most is: Is Ameritopia here to stay?

“Utopianism is the ideological and doctrinal foundation for statism,” Levin writes.  “While utopianism and statism or utopian or statism are often used interchangeably, the undertaking here is to probe more deeply into what motivates and animates the tyranny of statism.

“Indeed, the modern arguments about the necessities and virtues of government control over the individual are but malign echoes of utopian prescriptions through the ages, which attempted to define subjugation as the most transcendent of man.”

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America gets through all the white noise and confusion aimed at contemporary patriots, and points out to them with certain clarity the “perilousness of their surroundings”.

How far along the long winding road has Ameritopa taken the United States of America?

Levin writes that “it is neither prudential nor virtuous to downplay or dismiss the obvious—that America has already transformed into Ameritopia.

“The centralization and consolidation of power in a political class that insulates its agenda in entrenched experts and administrators, whose authority is also self-perpetuating is apparent all around us and growing more formidable.  The issue is whether the ongoing transformation can be restrained and then reversed, or will it continue with increasing zeal, passing from a soft tyranny to something more oppressive.”

In other words, Levin is asking, “In the end can mankind stave off the powerful and dark forces of utopian tyranny?”

In dragging statism out into the antiseptic of sunshine, the erudite author leads readers to distinguish between ghosts and harsh reality.

It is thanks to Levin that the word statism has been removed from the back of the closet and placed where it rightfully belongs, into the everyday lexicon of the People.

Nothing defeatist or doomsayer about Jack E. Levin’s son Mark: “No society is guaranteed perpetual existence.  But I have to believe that the American people are not ready for servitude, for if this is our destiny, and the destiny of our children, I cannot conceive that any people, now or in the future, will successfully resist it for long.  I have to believe that this generation of Americans will not condemn future generations to centuries of misery and darkness.”

Mark Levin,  who was close to President Ronald Reagan as advisor to several members of his cabinet, remained steadfastly by Reagan’s side and saw firsthand his vision of the shining city on a hill.

Even as we were looking up from the Rabbit Hole trying to find the light, along comesAmeritopia: The Unmaking of America. God bless Mark Levin for providing us with both flashlight and map to keep making our way along an ever darkening path.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

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