GOP Nominates Trump for President
Erdogan channels Hitler with fake coup
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This week, the GOP finally made it official. Donald Trump is the 2016 Republican nominee for President. Despite incredible opposition from the establishment and globalists, Trump bested them all and now represents the people in his quest for the Presidency.Meanwhile in Turkey, Recep Erdogan appears to have orchestrated an abortive coup, and is using it as a pretext for mass arrests and persecution. Kemalism (i.e., Turkish secularism) is facing a dire crisis from the megalomaniacal Turkish leader – who is both an Islamist and leader of a NATO country!


Topics of Discussion:
  • GOP Nominates Trump for President
  • Erdogan’s fake coup and crackdown on Turkish society
  • Fox News ousts chief Roger Ailes
  • North Korea reactivates agents through radio code
  • Munich terror attack…

& more…

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