“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.”  Hippocrates (c460-c.377 BCE)

My heart bleeds today…  It’s sad to see a giant, a champion in the world, the world superpower being brought down to her knees, brick by brick, by those who are supposed to nurture and protect her, by those who were supposed to bring improvements and make her stronger.

A few months ago, I had feared this would happen a few decades later.  Little did I know how close this was and that it’s happening right now, in front of our eyes, as Americans look on idly, impassively as if under the effect of an overdose of anesthesia.

However, as the month of July hits its final days, Americans not yet used to their new financial devastating situation have found the way to mentally and actually get into vacation mode regardless of the innermost crisis the country is undergoing.  

July 21st, 2011, will remain a sad date in American History, but a glorious day in the personal political agenda of president Barack Hussein Obama who has succeeded in closing NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, a 30-year old chapter of American science advancement and progress in world History.  And at the same time, he has stopped altogether the American era of human space exploration.

Thankfully, records showing these news are there to refresh our memories:  “In a far-reaching restatement of goals for the nation’s space agency, NASA administrator Charles Bolden says President Obama has ordered him to pursue three new objectives: to “re-inspire children” to study science and math, to “expand our international relationships,” and to “reach out to the Muslim world.”  Of those three goals, Bolden said in a recent interview with al-Jazeera, the mission to reach out to Muslims is “perhaps foremost,” because it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their scientific accomplishments.” He then added that “better interaction with the Muslim world would ultimately advance space travel.”  Really.  

NASA’s Space Shuttle program, actually called Space Transportation System (STS) was the US government’s manned launch vehicle program from 1981 to 2011.  A manned space vehicle has a human crew and possibly passengers, unlike robotic space probes or remotely-controlled satellites.

Speaking in terms of painstaking scientific progress, this decision is Obama’s stabbing in the back of NASA’s neck -thought some bullfighting terminology could be quite ad hoc in this case.

As the Atlantis crew returned from a 13-day trip after they had delivered supply and spare parts to the International Space Station to American astronauts who will continue to live there, but who will from now on, have to rely upon Russian spacecrafts and private companies for future transportation.  In the words of Governor Perry of Texas, our astronauts are now good for “hitchhiking”.  

Closing this high-level American scientific endeavor results also in roughly 4,000 of our top scientists, researchers, physicists, astronomers and others to become unemployed.  I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s also a humiliating situation for the intellectual cream of the crop in our country.  

Don’t be surprised if in the near future you might hear that Muslim governments are opening space center(s) and offering wonderfully paid jobs to our unemployed scientists.  And I truly hope I am mistaken.

Masterful stroke coming from a leader who succeeded in being chosen as the highest ranking civil servant in America and who took the oath of office of the President of the Republic of the United States of America.

As a reminder, the text of the oath, as set down in Article II, Section 1, of the US Constitution, that reads:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

In direct contrast to Governor Perry’s concerns, Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, presented a more optimistic approach to the final Atlantis’ landing, arguing that this “chapter is by no means the end of human space flight,” he said, and continued:  “It is the beginning of the next generation of scientists, engineers and unforeseen discoveries.”

However, despite Congressman Olsen’s remarks, yesterday was the end of America’s 30-year chapter of science advancement and an almost incomparable progress that had placed America as the uncontested leader of the pack on Earth, in the record time of barely over 200-years since her birth.

Congressman Olson said he is committed to securing NASA with resources for the next generation of human space flight.  But it’s obvious that in this, he does not see eye in eye with this president.

In yet another surreal moment, at a White House meeting with the press, press secretary Jay Carney said the president “has tremendous regard for the (space) program and for all the folks at NASA who participated in making it such a tremendous success. And he looks forward to NASA’s future and moving forward with space exploration in the future.”  Sure.  The fact is that he just closed it.  Actions speak louder than words, after all.

In an interview, as shuttle ends, NASA Administrator said in an interview that he was “incredibly thrilled and … especially happy for the employees…  who have made this program possible for the last 30 years…”  As we see, Charles Bolden’s tone has changed…  

All that said, true to his word, Mr. Obama has now made sure to bring down America’s scientific advance as his quiet, untold, contribution so that “…  it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their [poor] scientific accomplishments.”  

The question is simply when will Americans realize the damage this president is bringing to their nation, as he advances his liberal, progressive, socialist, pro-Muslim agenda?

I may be wrong.

But what if I am not?

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international political adviser, global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. She can be followed on Twitter and on her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.