By Eric Cornett, Right Side News

Today we learned that Barack Obama has a plan.  It’s not the one you think, if you’ve watched his ad that debuted the day after the first Presidential debate.  The plan I’m referring to was clever and diabolical, and I’d be surprised if he came up with it himself.  In retrospect, it seems obvious.  Show up for the debate and let Mitt Romney have his day, practically unopposed.

Let Romney bring his “A” game take lots of notes (we saw B.O. doing this while alternately looking bored and annoyed).  The very next day, bright and early, get to the studio for makeup and fitting into his shiniest suit.  Use Mitt Romney’s own proven method of outlining his plan point-by-point to effectively tell the American people just how he’ll save the day while slamming Mitt Romney who is not able to offer a rebuttal in real time.

When I saw the ad for the first time, I about fell out of my chair.  I looked up to see a slick and polished Barack Obama in a lengthy ad using Mitt Romney’s own effective style touting his own plan for America.  This is the Barack Obama that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was lamenting the absence of last night.  This is the Obama of 2008 that did not make an appearance at the first presidential debate.  Full of outright lies and distortions, the ad desperately seeks to convince those who missed the shellacking last night that their Chosen One hadn’t waddled through his first outing against Mitt Romney like someone trying to climb Mount Everest without oxygen.  Which is pretty much what Al Gore offered by way of an explanation for Mr. Obama’s lack-luster performance.

The ad describes in point-by-point fashion just what Mr. Obama’s grand plan is for our weary nation.  It also perpetuates the same oft-repeated 5-trillion dollar lie that Romney debunked to his face.  In the polished Madison-avenue piece, we see the President seated in what looks like a living room in his most expensive suit selling his familiar brand of socialistic snake oil via a website set up by the Obama campaign just for the occasion.  With the details revealed, one is left to wonder why, if this is such a well-crafted map to the future, did the President wait four years to tell anyone?  The answer, of course, is that this is nothing new, just more of the same failed agenda that has brought America to its knees under his failed attempts at leadership.

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It amazes me just how arrogant this man can be when it comes to his belief that through media, all things are possible.  Barack Obama expects that most people who did watch his embarrassing debate outing will be so overwhelmed by his magnetic charm and charisma that they will permit this mulligan.  Since the ad will run in prime time on every channel, more voters will see it than the actual debate.  Many will figure this is how it went during the debate and forget all about just how clueless B.O. appeared the night before.  Best yet, for Obama, is that it’s easy to debate someone who is not there, which is, after all, what gave Mitt Romney such an advantage last night.  For all intents and purposes, Barack Obama simply did not show up for the debate, and sent the empty chair instead.  But now we know why.

Mitt Romney will need to counter this absentee form of debate, but the momentum will have shifted.  Now he’s on the defensive again, and time is running short.  The gloves must come off as time is running short.  No longer is this a gentlemen’s game, it’s gone to a new level, Chicago-style.

Eric_CornettEric Cornett, Right Side News

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