November 9, 2008
By JB Williams ©2008 USA
Obama is touting an armed “national civilian security force” to rival the U.S. military and mandatory “community service” for all children. Obama’s paid “digital brown-shirts” dominated the internet throughout the 2008 election cycle silencing or countering all anti-Obama news stories, often before they even came out, resulting in the election of a man people know literally nothing about.

A sense of civic duty and voluntary civil service has always been a good American idea. Involuntary service forced at gun-point, is something quite different.

Obama has no personal military, intelligence or security experience and his “community service” experience is limited to ACORN, Annenberg and Woods Fund “community organizing” of the Black Panther thugery sort. Obama mentors like Saul Alinsky and William Ayers, taught him all that he knows about civic duty.

But Obama knows something his voters don’t!

As he marches his 63 million mindless minions into unbridled Marxism, it will become impossible to man the U.S. Military through conventional voluntary means. Young American patriots have always been willing to volunteer to risk life and limb for freedom and liberty, but what about for Marxism?

How many young Americans will volunteer to put their lives on the line for Obama’s global socialism? American soldiers have fought and died to spread freedom and end Marxism all over the world. Now they are going to fight and die to defend it here at home?

There was a mass exodus of military personnel at all levels under Clinton, because young men and women trained in the time honored tradition of God and Country, freedom and liberty, would not take orders from a Commander-in-Chief that wrote about how he “loathed the military” as he dodged military service by taking classes at Oxford during Vietnam.

You can only imagine the military reaction to an Arab Commander-in-Chief while soldiers are dying in an ongoing war against radical Arab Islam. You can imagine how many “God and Country” freedom fighters will take orders from a man who has spent his life in a consistent effort to destroy the same constitutional republic that soldiers volunteer to defend.

Democrats to reduce Military Spending by 25%

Democrats now in full control of all branches of government propose reducing the size and power of the U.S. Military by at least 25%, while the nation is at war. More after we retreat from that war…

Once we refuse to fight tyranny and terror abroad, and “change” America to tyrannical One World socialism at home, they are right. A military sworn to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution they aim to dismantle, is counter-productive to the cause. The new mass exodus of true patriots will be welcomed by the new administration.

Hence, the need for a new “brown-shirt” civilian security force to exact Martial Law on an immoral poverty stricken society, operating at the Command of the new “Black House,” as Obama supporters like to refer to it.

Our all volunteer forces are sworn to defend the Constitution and the people against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. The new National Security Force will instead be sworn to support and defend Obama’s administration as it works to effect the kind of “change” that is a direct attack on the Constitution and the people. Not a small difference…

Re-instating the Draft

For all practical purposes, voluntary military service will end on January 20, 2009, unless Obama fails to answer the Supreme Court’s demand for a birth certificate by December 1st, leaving the Electoral College unable to certify the Nov. 4th election on December 13th.

Americans won’t volunteer their lives in defense of Marxism. People in the military now, will not re-up. They didn’t sign up to defend Marxism. They signed up to defend freedom. The nation just voted against freedom.

The increased threat of homeland terror attacks inherent with the withdrawal from the fields of battle abroad will drive a need for better security at home. As patriots will not volunteer, they will have to be drafted, forced into service, either in Obama’s new military – fighting in defense of international socialism now, – or as a member of Obama’s new National Civilian Security Service, aka “brown-shirts.”

The collapse of America’s financial system, a direct result of past Democrat economic policies consistent with liberals Cloward-Piven Strategy, will cause civil unrest in all major cities across the nation and Obama knows it, even if his voters don’t.

But, unrest in the streets will be easier to control with the use of mandatory community service, ACORN style of course. People can’t resist if they are forced to support the cause via mandatory civil service.

The all volunteer military will soon be gone, replaced by Obama’s “brown-shirt” military, forced to serve via a draft, making it a crime not to serve.

Re-education Camps

People unwilling to serve in the new Marxist government under the mandatory draft must be re-educated. We have seen Obama supporters across the country become belligerent towards anyone willing to disagree. There will be no tolerance for those mounting an insurgency against Obama’s Marxism. The mob has spoken and the rest must accept it!

You were labeled a “racist” if you failed to march in lockstep behind the Obama campaign. Biden told you that you were “unpatriotic” if you resist their right to confiscate more of your hard-earned property, for the greater common good. You will be a “traitor” if you refuse to be drafted into Obama’s national community organizing effort.

You must be punished and you must be taught a lesson! You must get your thinking right and that’s why the “Fairness Doctrine” will be used to silence “Redneck Talk Radio.” The aim is not to get their message out. It’s already out… That’s how they got 63 million voters. The aim is to silence dissenting views and Obama just announced his “Fairness Doctrine” head of the FCC, life-long leftist lawyer Henry Rivera.

This is the New America

According to Obama, this is all for your own good. You failed at individual freedom and he was elected to mandate a greater common good.

Obama will come after your property and your guns. Then he will draft your children into his new civic services community. He will replace an all voluntary military loyal to the people and their constitution with a National Security Force loyal to “change.”

63 million Americans wanted “change.” But they never stopped to ask what kind of change Obama had in mind. They will learn soon enough, the hard way…. as change is a comin’!

And so is the second American Civil War….