March 1, 2009
JB Williams
©2009 USA

13 to 25 million illegal migrants live, work, attend school, receive free health care, and feed at the public trough in America today, all at enormous expense to national sovereignty, national security and American taxpayers, most of whom are Republican. Another 40 million wait in Mexico, for Obama’s promised green light at the border…

That’s the good news!

According to Obamanation leaders, free unfettered American citizenship by illegal immigration is now a global “civil right.”

High on the list of leftist Obama priorities is the effort to legalize all of it. If Obama, Pelosi and Reid get their way, today’s illegal migrants will be tomorrow’s legal DNC constituents, making certain that Democrats can win every national election from this point forward.

Obama won the 2008 election by some 7 million votes. Add more than 10 million new union dues paying DNC voters to that number and tell me how American taxpayers will ever be a voting majority again?

Under the misleading title “immigration reform,” Obama and his leftist 111th Congressional cabal will attempt to guarantee leftist federal rule for generations to come, by bringing more than ten million new constituents into their fold.

It’s as easy as rubber stamping millions of illegal aliens, forcing them to join the labor unions and introducing them to ACORN who will gladly explain all of their “civil rights.”

Americans need to ask themselves a few very important questions?

  1. What attracts illegal migrants to our country?

At a time when unemployment is skyrocketing to an all time high, is it the promise of employment? – Or is it the free quality education, free health care, free food stamps and endless promise of free taxpayer funded benefits from the federal cabal, through which Washington leftists have turned America into the land of free milk and honey for anyone interested today?

  1. Why penalize employers?

Immigrant workers do indeed accept many jobs that Americans no longer want. If picking fruit paid $40 an hour, plus full union benefits, Americans would be happy to pick fruit for a living. Of course, they would not be happy with the natural consequences of such conditions, grocery bills ten times higher than today.

And, if people are allowed to freely migrate to this country, but are not allowed to seek honest employment, guess how they will feed their families? Check the crime rate in “sanctuary cities” for the answer…

  1. Who should we penalize?

How about starting with the Washington DC leftists who attract them here with free gifts from the public trough? Isn’t their support for illegal immigration a direct offense to their sworn duty to uphold and protect the people of the United States and their constitutional sovereignty? Don’t their actions make the “rule of law” a sad joke?

How about fining every public school caught taking in students who don’t belong in this country to begin with? How about setting up INS field offices in every hospital emergency room, and deporting every illegal as fast as they are healthy enough to leave the hospital?

How about fining grocery stores for cashing illegal food stamps?

Instead, the Obamanation is hell-bent on simply rewriting immigration laws to accommodate their political interests. Countless DNC sponsored bills and amendments are working their way through the leftist congress, all of them aimed at full “amnesty” for illegals, including voting rights. Guess why?

The Other Side of the Debate is a leading immigration reform organization working hard to stop insane leftist efforts to erase American borders and rubber stamp millions of new DNC voters. They have issued a detailed report here,

I encourage every freedom loving American taxpayer to save and read this comprehensive pdf report.

Silent Consent is Golden

Many Americans know that we have a Usurper-in-Chief currently residing in the White House. They have already witnessed the unbridled attack on American principles, values, prosperity, liberty and sovereignty through multiple legislative initiatives already signed into law.

For many years now, the silent consent of the silent majority has allowed the loud, often vulgar-mouthed anti-American left, to advance its anti-American agenda as if completely unchallenged.

Evil is prevailing in America because good decent honest Americans are not yet in the mood to stand and fight for their country. At this late stage, I have no idea what it will take to get them in the mood to fight, but whatever it is, I sure hope it happens soon, while there is something left to save…

When Freedom and Liberty are no longer worth Fighting For

Quite frankly, I have a very low opinion of the average American today and my opinion is getting worse by the hour.

  • When the left attacked the unalienable right to life, the right sat silent…
  • When the left attacked freedom in order to buy votes with free stuff, the right sat silent…
  • When the left attacked freedom of religious expression and all things moral, the right sat silent…
  • When the left attacked free political speech via political correctness, the right sat silent…
  • When the left attacked free enterprise and free market capitalism, the right sat silent…
  • When the left referred to American soldiers as “terrorists” and terrorists as “freedom fighters, the right sat silent…
  • When the left accused American soldiers of terrorizing terrorists and promised terrorists “civil rights,” the right sat silent…
  • When the left spends trillions in new taxpayer debt on leftist socialist programs aimed at buying even more votes in the coming elections, the right sat silent…

At what point will the silent right find its voice? What infringement upon fundamental American principles and values is the one that will break the camel’s back?

The Silent Majority are Wimps!

The silent majority pays most of the taxes in America. They own most of the private weapons in America. They are the most independently prosperous and powerful people in the nation, still, they are losing their country to a less armed, less economically capable, anti-American left…

Why? – Because they went from right to complacent, to tolerant, to politically correct, to wimp, all in just the last 40 years or so.

The majority are silent because they are political cowards. They have lost their will to stand and fight for what they know is right, even when confronted with the most far left attacks in US history.

Thomas Jefferson warned that, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

The American right is fearful of its government today. They dare not stop paying their taxes, even though the years of right-side tolerance for leftist notions has left them in a state of taxation without representation on a catastrophic level.

They dare not sign their name to any petition, join any resistance organization, email the wrong politically incorrect message, or God forbid, invest money in any effort to revolt against an increasingly out of control federal gorilla, for fear of leftist retaliation.

They fear a constitutional convention to enforce Amendments Nine and Ten, because the other side might over-power them at the convention and that could make matters worse.

Some even fear Martial Law, if they speak out too loudly against the New Democratic Socialist regime in full control of their nation today.

Yet it is not these things that left control of their nation in the hands of anti-American thieves. It is their own apathy, complacency and fear, which has kept them silent so long that they dare not use their voice today.

But tell me, what voice will they have after Obama, Pelosi and Reid rubber stamp millions of illegal aliens, give them voting rights, erase the borders, bankrupt the treasury, buy off the 50+% of American voters who have not paid any taxes in years, and use the press and academia to indoctrinate the coming generations, against free market economics and individual liberty?

The Right Cannot Afford to Remain Silent

There comes a time when even a coward must fight. The risk of dying for freedom becomes less offensive than the risk of living in bondage. Are we at this point yet?

Day in and day out, email after email, I hear from the silent majority, of all the reasons why they dare not fight the runaway power of today’s left. They write me about all the ways the left has us cornered and why the future is completely hopeless for every American who foolishly still thinks America can return to freedom, liberty and prosperity.

I have never heard such a cowardly bunch of sniveling bunk in my entire life. This, from the most productive 50% of Americans who pay 97.01% of all federal taxes, yet have NO representation in Washington DC today…

It makes me want to puke. Worse than that, it makes me want to sell everything down to the shirt on my back and move to a new promised land of freedom and liberty abroad, where I can sip a tropical cocktail on a sugar white sand beach and enjoy watching the cowards of the American right sink on a ship they never should have allowed the anti-American left to drive in the first place.

As America leaps headlong into unchallenged socialism, many parts of the world that have already learned the failings of socialism and communism are marching towards free market capitalism and civil self-governance. There are options today and we are watching as many private investors opt out of Obamessiah’s Marxist economic change

Maybe I’ll join them, since it appears I’m one of only a few left in America, who is still willing to fight and die for freedom and liberty. Maybe the American dream must be found elsewhere in the world now.

Maybe you should do the same. Maybe the top 25% of Americans, who currently pay 86.7% of all federal taxes, should just take their money and set up shop in a country that rewards productivity, independence and free market investment! Imagine what we could do with all the resources currently confiscated by the fed, in a country hungry for free market investment?

Who would Pay for Obama’s Socialism then?

The twenty million new democrat voters rubber stamped at the border? The 50% of American’s who have not paid federal income taxes in years?

Obama says he is “investing in our future” with trillions in taxpayer money not yet confiscated via punitive taxation. The dictionary defines investment as to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

Yet every Obama guided taxpayer investment has caused private property, savings and income potential, to plummet. Investing in socialist spending has NEVER brought a “return” on investment, and it never will.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once pointed out that socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.

I assure you, if the top 25% of American income earners, those who pay more than 86% of all federal income taxes, take their money off of the table, socialists just ran out of other people’s money, and the march towards socialism will be over in America…

That’s what gutsy patriots would do. But who knows what today’s silent majority will do. So far, they remain silent, recklessly hoping against all hope, that the left will not drive them and their nation into third world status.

What will it take for them to grow the spine to stand and fight? What will it take?
JB Williams John Adams – “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.”