Spencer Raley | Immigration Reform Blog

Illegal immigrant proponents like the New American Economy (NAE), made up of open-borders advocates like Michael Bloomberg and Julian Castro, have taken a new approach in pushing their agenda: sensationalizing the contributions of illegal aliens with supposedly comprehensive studies while refusing to even acknowledge the immense taxpayer costs.

In their Texas “report,” The NAE parades the narrative that providing a path to citizenship for illegal aliens could contribute as much as $3.2 billion to the economy annually, and that adding another 20,000 legal H-1B workers could bump the total up to $5.5 billion. What it fails to mention, however, is that these same illegal aliens alone cost taxpayers$9 billion or more, with a figure far higher when all immigrants, like H-1B visa holders, are included. For example, educating Limited English Proficiency students cost the Texas economy $7.5 billion annually, and the state already faces a critical shortage of LEP-certified teachers. Adding to this already-unmanageable burden would be disastrous.

The story is similar across the nation. Examining only the contributions made by illegal aliens paints a pretty, but highly deceptive picture. An honest look at illegal immigration in the United States reveals that the costs far outweigh the contributions.

Another agenda the NAE openly advocates is using the influx of immigrants, legal and illegal, to pad the Electoral College with people who might be sympathetic to their causes. Even though they are legally ineligible to cast a ballot, illegal immigrants are still counted in the Census, which in turn apportions electoral votes to the states. The NEA provides a state-by-state map that shows how adding additional immigrants could possibly swing elections.

Promoting legal and illegal immigration as a means to create voting blocs that will fundamentally change the unique cultures of each state is concerning. Immigration is a tool and privilege that was originally intended to further America’s interests, not transform them.

The United States’ economy and culture deserve the protection of our government. Reducing the national debt and protecting the American worker starts with reducing immigration rates to reasonable levels and enforcing our existing immigration law.