“Apparatchiks of the Democratic Party”  

I have lived through a lot of presidential election cycles since FDR and I must tell you, this one is, indeed, strange — to say the least!

For the first time in my memory, the Mainstream Media is in open assault in the GOP candidate for President.

The so-called “fourth estate” (A nick-name for the press) has dropped all pretense at being non-biased and have thrown their lot in with President Obama and the democrats and have turned all their fury loose on his challenger, Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate. 

The MsM has finally lost the little respect that still remained among the public for their  vocation.

What we are witnessing here is a slobbering love affair between the media and Obama. It is profane and it is vulgar.  I COULD say it is dishonorable and insulting, but, you already know that. And, frankly, I’m not entirely sure they even understand what “honor” is, anymore.

If I still had my press credentials, I’d tear them up out of pure unadulterated shame.

It is common knowledge that the MsM is, far and away, left-leaning around the globe.  But here in the US, they’re “leaning” no more.  For all intents and purposes they are now apparatchiks of the Democratic Party.

We saw the press “set-up” an ambush of Romney last week all because he dares tell the truth about the Obama Administration’s disgraceful handling of the Libyan consulate/embassy attack.  How dare a republican candidate for President point out that THEIR man — Obama — had screwed-up!   The fact that Obama had, indeed, acted as the narcissist that he is, and even went so far as to attend a fund raising affair while the Ambassador HE sent to Libya was being murdered and dragged through the streets of Benghazi — well, that was beside the point.  The point, so far as the media was concerned, was that “Obama be shielded and protected” and that Romney be made to look as though he was unduly attacking a President who was deeply concerned for the welfare of the Ambassador and the three other men employed by the State Department who also lost their lives.

Problem is, the American public could see for themselves on their own TV sets just how concerned Obama was.  He was in full campaign mode speaking and raking in the dough at a fund raiser!  So much for “respect” for those folks on the front lines of the diplomatic service risking their lives in Obama’s name. 

It was disgusting behavior by the President.

And then the MsM began to “play” with polling data to make it seem that the Romney campaign was in a death spiral.  They cherry picked polls and data to prove their “facts.”  Then they began what seemed, for all the world, as a coordinated attack on th Romney Campaign by the “elites” of the media. 

Within the past few hours of this writing, they are now lambasting Romney for having said that supporters of Obama were dependent upon the government.


Yep!  Romney, again spoke the truth — and he is being pilloried for it by the MsM.

Somehow, all this simply points to another truth concerning the MsM.  They are, indeed, elite.  They are insulated form the unwashed masses out herein the hinterlands who already know that what Romney said about the government dependent hordes supporting Obama for President is TRUE!

Yeah, I know having the temerity to utter such a truth makes me a racist.  While I’m at it, I may as well solidify my position as a racist by uttering another truth.  Once Obama is ejected from the Oval Office, it will be a cold day in Hell before another black man takes up residence at 16000 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Obama and his socialist agenda has done immeasurable harm to the ranks of black politicians everywhere.  It will be generations before they are able to regain even a portion of the trust we, in the proletariat, once had for them. 

As for the MsM — they are on the way out.  They have only hastened their exit with their willful undisguised assault on an honorable man such as Mr. Romney. Their sad unrestrained debauched behavior in reporting on this election cycle has earned them derision , distrust, and distaste by honorable men and women in — and out — of politics in America as well as the general public — the consumers of their untrustworthy reporting.

It was apparent over the past few days that even folks on the left side of the political spectrum in America cringed at the abusive manner the MsM was/is attacking Mr. Romney. They, too, are repelled at the demonstration of rabidity on display in the ranks of the MsM’s elite.

We warned months ago, that this would be  the dirtiest campaign in America’s history and we have been proven more than a little prescient.  We also warned that Romney would have to fight and win over Obama, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media in America to gain the Presidency.

In my opinion, the American electorate has already decided for whom it will cast its ballot(s).  That small (but increasing) number of Independent voters, nationwide, may well be the “ace n the hole,” if you will, as the deciding factor in this election.  We can only pray that they are as disgusted with the behavior of the MsM as we are and will cast their ballots for decency, for honor, for just “plain ole respect.”  If they do — Romney will win and maybe, just maybe, there will be a slim chance that that precious quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality will have, at least, A CHANCE  of rebirth in a nation so badly mauled by the incompetence of another leftist social experiment — America’s first black President.

Obama must not be allowed to fail.  The MsM has taken it upon themselves to insure the success of the Obama Administration.  Unfortunately, Obama’s abysmal failure is writ large across America — and the globe — with the smoke, fire, and murder of Americans in the diplomatic service.   THAT must be minimized by the MsM if their fairy tale of a successful Obama Presidency is to survive. They seemed to have missed entirely the American public’s conclusion that success within the Obama administration is — and has been for a very long time —  comatose or worse.  Their efforts display only how “out of touch” with the American public the MsM really is.

One can only hope the American voter will be as angry as this scribe at the MsM’s machinations — their less than crafty plot to insure Obama’s reelection — and will vote their anger at the ballot box successfully showing Obama the door AND giving the MsM the back of America’s collective hand.