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Whenever liberals are confronted on the field of ideas you can guarantee to illicit an autonomic tone of snark, condescension and uppity indignation in their ideological retort.  Why?

Because at its core tenet, liberalism is dependent on blame-casting.

As such, this does not come as a surprise:mark-cuban-1

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was invited by the Clinton campaign to sit in the front row at Monday night’s debate.

“Just got a front row seat to watch @HillaryClinton overwhelm @realDonaldTrump at the “Humbling at Hofstra” on Monday,” Cuban tweeted. “It Is On!”

A Clinton aide later confirmed that Cuban was, in fact, invited by the Clinton campaign. “He has the best seat we have access to,” the aide said. (read more)

Fortunately, in this election we have a candidate in Donald Trump who is adept at cutting through their primary weapon with an approach unfamiliar to most traditionally republican voices.

Donald Trump’s opponent is weak when confronted and needs group-think reinforcement if she is going to deliver a successful outcome for her fellow travelers.

It is not by accident that for this election the most effective spear tips utilized by our team are the razor sharp intellectual and articulate members of the new conservative movement: Ann Coulter,  Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Miller, Steve Bannon and a host of smash-mouth, take-no-prisoners, anti-establishment change agents are on point.

This is a learned election where we provide no quarter, no apology and stand up against all adversaries within both wings of the UniParty.   This election is for all the marbles.

The era of the enlightened UniParty, Romney/Bush pearl-clutching, Dana Perino cocktail-class republicanism is dead.

Decades of righteous indignation have risen in the form of a new majority resolve, COLD ANGER.  As a hero years before his time, Andrew Breitbart, so succinctly put it:


There’s a reason why the DNC is desperately leaning on racial politics, necessary division and Hollywood’s limo-liberal elitist voices.  Their message is fraud, their candidate is weak, and they are finally coming up against a challenger willing to push-back with a veracity they are unaccustomed to.

Behind that candidate, massive elements of an enthusiastic electorate have woken to the ‘gaslighting‘.  The Monster Vote is stirring like a gloriously disconcerting untamable beast.

Traditional liberal arrows of ridicule and marginalization are no longer generating the necessary guilt and shame response.  Their own strategies have been used against them.  A new-era republican is actually taking the argument to their constituency on their turf.  These are disconcerting times for generational progressives.

Many political followers may find themselves in uncomfortable terrain.  The Deplorable Vulgarians are indeed at the gates, and no-one knows quite what to do about it.

Paradigms have shifted.  They have become the flea; we have become the furnace.

Clinton’s distracting Cuban jesters are moot fools, with no more effect than paper chaffe fired toward a rapidly descending and delightfully unavoidable Fat Man.


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