The first time we seriously saw Barack Hussein Obama was with the Clintons.  A couple of years later, when he became a candidate to President of the United States, liberal America was mesmerized in front of this man making all efforts to charm whoever was looking at his smile.   Everybody was distracted on so many fronts.  The get-rid-of-Bush-ASAP-front got busy adoring their new idol.  The in-disarray-GOP with luminaries McCain and Palin busy with their petty infights got distracted as well.  

Rick_Perry_Islam_Friend_or_FoeAnd, there was no thorough investigation about Barack Hussein Obama’s past -the now unimportant birth certificate, for starters, was a great omission. “Unimportant” because even if there was an authentic birth certificate, at this point, nothing could change the fact that Americans made the most serious mistake in their history and that this man is not only an inadequate president but also the most anti-American.

The brutal reality is that now we are entering in full swing the electoral race and, hopefully, Americans’ fresh memories and the lessons they must have learned, will not fail them.

In recent days much has been written, analyzed and said about Texas Governor Rick Perry.  It is becoming a heated debate -and for some very good reasons.

In the current context of American politics, Americans are desperately looking for, hoping for, expecting, that one of these days their golden knight will appear galloping on his black horse to save them from the bad spell they are under.

Thus appeared Governor Rick Perry, of Texas.

Whether this is symptomatic or not, it’s important to record that Rick Perry’s father was a democrat.  When Perry graduated in 1972 from Texas A & M, he was commissioned in the United States Air Force, he left the Air Force with the rank of captain, returned to Texas and went into business farming cotton with his father. In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat from a district that included his home county of Haskell.  Later on, Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas. In 1989, Perry announced he was joining the Republican Party.  

In 2009, the Economist published a lengthy, inquisitive article on Texas:
“His statistics are a lot less rosy. Texas has the highest proportion of people lacking health insurance of all 50 states; the third-highest poverty rate; the second-highest imprisonment rate; the highest teenage-birth rate; the lowest voter turnout; and the lowest proportion of high-school graduates. Mr. [Elliot] Shapleigh, [Democratic state senator for a district centred on El Paso,]  is not surprised that these figures are so terrible: Texas spends less on each of its citizens than does any other state. Being a low-tax, low-spend state has not made Texans rich, though they are not dirt-poor either; their median income ranks 37th among the 50 states.”

Meanwhile, In a November 2001 speech, Perry said that “What occurred on September 11th was not merely an attack on thousands of innocent lives forever lost…nor was it just an attack on America…it was an attack on freedom-loving people the worldwide.  America will endure this struggle because She is not alone.  Wherever the lamp of liberty is lit, citizens of this world stand ready to defend freedom, to defeat the tactics of terror, and the tyranny of fear.  Our cause is not against a particular faith, we know each day people of the Muslim Faith make invaluable contributions to our respective societies that show the best of mankind.  We must stand united despite differences of religion or culture, we must stand together in our common humanity, we must stand ready to defend freedom wherever it is threatened, and wherever it is thirsted for. The economic currency of freedom is trade.  Free trade lifts the tide for all the boats in the harbor, expanding opportunity where commerce freely flows.  Texas is at the forefront of the free trade movement.  If we were our own nation, we would represent the world’s 11th largest economy.”  

As we all know by now, the ruling factor that’s behind America’s political leadership, is the law of business profitability above and beyond anything else -the one invisible and invincible weapon that brings down what we otherwise would have considered the stronghold of ethics, moral, family values, patriotism and religion.

What does this exactly mean?

It simply means that our main problem with Governor Perry is and will be the Muslim issue.  So let’s deal with it as usual with my traditional and unapologetical political incorrectness.  

When Perry says “September 11th was not merely an attack on thousands of innocent lives forever lost…nor was it just an attack on America…it was an attack on freedom-loving people the worldwide.”  Is almost like hearing Obama saying “the war in Libya is no war…”  They are both equally delusional.  And the American people would do well to see this sooner and not later.

Yesterday, Daniel Greenfield in these same pages, wrote that  “Perry was asked if he was comfortable with the way that some people talk about the problem with terrorism — their concern to say that the real problem is “Muslims” or “Muslim countries.”  “The radicalization of Islam is a great concern,” Perry said. “Islam of and by itself is one of the great religions, along with Christianity and Judaism.”

Really?  Let’s read a few lines by a man who has greatly influenced the modern rise of militant Islam, the Indo-Pakistani Abu’l A’la al-Maududi:

“Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and programme…”

The issue with Islam is that it is not only pertinent to the terrorists, but also to the silent Muslim society at large, who therefore, become ‘ex-officio” accomplices to the crime.

The root cause of Muslim radicalization is Islam itself.  Any stoning happening in Pakistan, Iran or Nigeria -has nothing to do with America or the West.  It’s all about Islam.  Bin Laden’s advocacy and promotion of jihad as his foreign policy method -is based on the Koran and the Hadith [which are traditional Islamic schools of jurisprudence important to understanding the Qur’an.]

And while liberals have a pathological approach to Muslims, giving them the same courtesy they give other religions, it would be lethal to selectively forget that at the time when the perpetrators crashed the airplanes against the Twin Towers on 9/11, or when just before they blow themselves in the middle of unsuspecting innocent civilians worldwide, they scream: “Allah Hu Akbar!”

Leaders and especially those aspiring to become America’s president, would make a monumental mistake if they choose to believe anything else other than what the Koran and the Hadith expressly say, that it is the “divinely ordained duty of all Muslims to fight non-Muslims in the literal, military sense until man-made law has been replaced by Gd’s law, the sharia, and Islam has conquered the entire world.”  (From “Virgins? What virgins? and other essays”  by Ibn Warraq, Prometheus Books, 2010.)

Mr. Perry’s political and business interests should not be dictating his political decisions.   Businessmen-turned-politicians, together with a paralyzed pseudo-conservatism in America, are becoming a tremendous liability for our country.

Unfortunately, American veterans have immediately supported Perry -they do it at their own risk.  However, it is still time to say “we were wrong,” if their goal is to save America after they look at the Annex below -showing an impressive list of mosques or masjids and other Islamic associations throughout Texas.  Naturally, this is not only Perry’s doing, but also the Bushes’ and others. Regardless, when a man is friends with the world leader of the Muslims, the Aga Khan, there is a lot of potential to make mega billion business.

Once, a Holocaust survivor was asked what was his foremost conclusion of his experience in 1940.  He clearly said:  “When someone tells you he’s going to kill you,  believe him.”

Sadly, liberals, and pseudo-conservatives alike, as Bloomberg, the Bushes, Cheney, Perry and more, experienced 9/11 and yet, for unknown reasons that I partly attribute to their heavy personal business interests in the wealth of Muslim princes and leading figures, decide to dismiss the lesson, forgetting that when they are hired to fulfill  their political role is to defend America and not Islam.

And it is the duty of the American people to mature and think in terms of survival.  And, if any candidate does not show he/she is not able to think America first and foremost, then let’s wait for a better candidate.  If we make room, the right one will come forward.  



EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill  Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global  strategist and the former CEO and founder of BenadorAssociates. You can  find Eliani at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.






Islamic associations, mosques or masjids, in Texas

Islamic Association of Carrollton                                                           (2/99)
P.O. Box 116406
Carrollton, TX
Phone: 972-466-1191

Islamic Center of Momin                                                                                                  (11/97)
P.O. Box 142763
Irving, TX
Phone: 972-554-0200
Islamic Society of Texas
1817 Independence Dr
Grand Prairie, TX
Phone: 214-641-7131

Islamic Society of Irving
230 1/2 E Grauwyler
Irving, TX
Phone: 214-721-9136

Islamic Association of North Texas                                                      (3/99)
840 Abrams Rd
Richardson, TX
Fax: 972-231-6707
Phone: 972-231-5698

Muslim Marriage Service                                                                                                  (4/94)
13618A Co. Rd. 748
Rosharon, TX
Phone: (713)-595-3450, 595-2126

Islamic Mosque at Texoma
PO Box 2666
Sherman, TX
Phone: 903-786-3395

Masjid Ansar Allah
4410 Second Ave
Dallas, TX
Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam
2604 S Harwood St
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-421-3839

Masjid Ansar-Allah
3455 Roberts Ave
Dallas, TX
Phone: 817-654-1947

Islamic Association of North Texas
840 Abrams Rd
Richardson, TX
Phone: Mohammad Sulaiman

Islamic Women’s Association for Palestine                                        (5/94)
IWAP, P.O. Box 741805
Dallas, TX
Phone: (214)-669-8882;  Fax: (214) 669-9597
Notes: Membership: $15 per year (individual)/$25 per year (family)

Islamic Asociation for Palestine (IAP)                                                   (2/96)
P.O. Box 743533
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-669-9595
Fax: 214-669-9597

Islamic Services Foundation
Box 742342
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-907-9007

Tyler Masjid of Al-Islam                                                                (11/98)
702 St. Peach St
Tyler, TX
Phone: (903) 592-2755
Notes: Iman Leroy Abdul-Haqq

East Texas Islamic Soceity                                                                     (2/99)
10529 State Hwy 64 East
Tyler, TX
Phone: 903/566-0606
Fax: 903/561-5880

Islamic Society of Arlington
100 Madinah Dr
Arlington, TX
Phone: 817-461-8415
Phone: 817-738-6205

Al-Qur’an was-Sunnah Society                                                              (8/94)
1526 S Center St.
Arlington, TX
Phone: 817-548-3134
Fax: 817-548-3135

Islamic Society of Denton                                                                        (10/98)
1105 Green Lee St
Denton, TX
Phone: 940-484-1871
Phone: 940-380-9544 (Imam: Ahmed)

Islamic Association of the Mid-Cities                                                    (3/98)
P.O. Box 897
Hurst, TX
Phone: 817-282-2114
Fax: 817-457-1497

Notes: President: Amin Jhaveri (1998); New Islamic Center (1998)

Masjid Ansar Allah
PO Box 883
Fort Worth, TX

Masjid Hassan                                                                                            (7/96)
1201 E Allen Ave
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-927-9871
Phone: 817-467-0948

Islamic Association of Terrant County
4801 Fletcher Ave
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-737-8104

Masjid Shakir Dawan Inc.                                                                        (7/96)
2605 Ennis Ave
Fort Worth, TX

Masjid Al-Seddiq
2432 New Robinson Rd
Waco, TX
Phone: 817-662-5054

Islamic Society (ISGH N Zone)
11815 Adel Rd
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-537-1946

First Talim Masjid Muhammad                                                               (3/96)
505 East 401/2 St
Houston, TX

Masjid Muhammad
505 East 40 1/2 St
Hoston, TX

Islamic Center (ISGH S Zone)
14561 S Main
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-729-7666

Islamic Society (ISGH NW Zone)
1209 Conrad Sauer Dr
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-464-4720

Islamic Education Center                                                                         (7/98)
2313 S. Voss Rd.
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-787-5000
Fax: 713-787-5000×106

Masjid Muhammad
11830 Corona Ln
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-498-6666

Houston Masjid of Al-Islam                                                                     (2/96)
6641 Bellfort Ave
Houston, TX

Islamic Society (ISGH SE Zone)
8803 Old Galveston Rd
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-947-0394

Islamic Society of Greater Houston                                                      (3/96)
3110 Eastside Dr
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-524-6615
Fax: 713-524-2045

Itreb Forusa
11111 Brooklet Dr#220
Houston, TX

Islamic Center (ISGH SW zone)
10415 Synott
Sugarland, TX
Phone: 713-495-3403

Galveston Islamic Society
2642 Gerol Dr
Galveston, TX
Phone: 409-744-4129
Phone: 409-763-0706

Islamic Society of Triplex, Inc.                                                    (12/96)
1270 West cardinal Dr.
Beaumont, TX
Phone: 409-842-5349
Phone: 409-727-1572
Email: (Mazen Ba-abbad)
Notes: Is PO Box 771, Beaumont, TX 77704-0771 still valid?

Islamic Center (ISGH SE Zone)
1503 Lakewood Village
Baytown, TX

Islamic Community of Bryan/College Station (ICBCS)                    (9/98)
417 Stasney St.
College Station, TX
Phone: 409-846-4222
Fax: 409-846-2193
Email: (Dr. Zillur Rahim, Amir 97)
Notes: Fundraising for a Full Time Islamic School. ISNA Affiliate.

Islamic Center of San Antonio
11216 Javalin Trail
Helotes, TX
Phone: 512-695-5373

Masjid Luqman                                                                                           (9/97)
1702 Hayes Street
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-224-5767

Islamic Association of Bexar County                                                   (9/97)
8671 S.W. Loop 410, #597
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-623-3551

Islamic Center of San Antonio
PO Box 290402
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 512-927-3887
Phone: 512-561-9137
Islamic Society of Kingsville
PO Box 949
Kingsville, TX
Phone: 512-592-7870
Phone: 512-595-0688

Notes: Muhammed Al-Musleh, Pres.
Rio Grande Valley Islamic Center                                                          (12/96)
501 E. Pike Blvd, P.O. Box 421
Weslaco, TX
Phone: 210-969-8549
Phone: 210-630-6663 (Mohammed Farooqui)
Phone: 210-968-4283 (Akram Rana)
Phone: 210-380-1227 (Hassan Ahmad)
Phone: 210-668-1939 (Aleem Ansari)
Email: (Mohammed Farooqui)

Austin Mosque                                                                                            (1/98)
1906 Nueces St
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-476-2563

Notes: Austin Mosque is also known as Islamic Center of Greater Austin.
Notes: Austin Mosque also operates Peace Elementary School (full-time
Notes: Islamic School), and Muslim Cemetary, for central Texas Muslims.
Muslim Center
PO Box 18812
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-441-6031

Islamic Center of Amarillo, Texas                                                          (6/97)
601 Quail Creek Dr.
Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806-358-1615
Email: (Nazre Mawla)

Muslim Center
PO Box 5842
Lubbock, TX
Phone: 806-762-5979

Islamic Center of the South Plains                                                        (3/97)
3419 LaSalle Avenue
Lubbock, TX
Phone: 806-797-8026
Email: (Lena Shoukfeh)

Islamic Association of West Texas
4604 Tammy Cove
Midland, TX
Phone: 915-699-5208

Muslim Association of West Texas
PO Box 9386
Midland, TX
Phone: 915-694-5814
Phone: 915-697-7064
Islamic Center of El Paso
1600 N Kansas
El Paso, TX