Listening to talk radio these past few weeks it seems everyone in the conservative camp is wondering just when presidential candidate Mitt Romney will take the gloves off and start defending against the unending stream of attack ads aimed against him. Some on the right and most on the left have speculated that the Romney campaign is simply in disarray and unable to mount a credible response.

Others are wondering just why Mitt Romney has remained such a good sport through all the vitriol that has been spewing from the Obama campaign. Perhaps the answer is that Mitt Romney is simply the better man, both in terms of job qualifications as well as character.

Mitt_Romney_by_Gage_Skidmore_6The 47 percent recording has been played incessantly by the mainstream media and who knows just how many times on Youtube. The media narrative tells us, as Barack Obama himself did last week in Ohio, that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the 47 percent of Americans that are victims. Unspoken yet implied is that Mitt Romney is therefore heartless and downright mean.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Yet Obama stated that he saw no victims during that recent campaign appearance as he looked out into the crowd of rabid Obama hero worshippers. The real victims in America are those who are suffering under the continued failed policies of our current president. Many if not most of those victimized receive government assistance in one or more forms, and attribute their “good fortune” to being swaddled in the Great Safety Net of Mr. Obama and his great compassionate society (Mark 2.0 version)

In reflecting on the now-infamous 47 percent remark Mitt Romney made to his supporters and donors, his intent is clear. Whether or not he knew or cared he was being recorded is immaterial. As a businessman, Mitt Romney knows full well that it is pointless and fiscally irresponsible to waste marketing dollars trying to target the wrong demographic. The 47 percent that Romney referred to are the percentage of the voting public that would never be swayed to vote Republican this November, no matter how much time or money was spent trying to persuade them to do so.

Clearly, President Obama knows this as well as the mainstream media, yet they are using Romney’s words to their advantage. No doubt the left would rebuke claims that these words were taken out of context by exclaiming, “you did the same thing with the you didn’t build that!” remarks. For Mitt Romney to come out now saying anything of the sort would only fuel a firefight of childish name-calling.

Mitt Romney is simply above this petulant, adolescent behavior. He is an accomplished businessman, successful former Governor, devoted husband and father as well as patriot and a leader in his church. He’s successful, intelligent and a shrewd judge of affairs.

Perhaps he has reasoned that if America cannot accept him as the better candidate on the basis of his credentials, then so be it. He’s submitted his resume to the American Board of Directors, the People. He’s provided credible and compelling positive references to his work ethic and character for our consideration.  With the upcoming debates, he will “interview” for the job of President in full view of the world.

Mitt Romney is a professional and knows how to put his best foot forward when going for the most important job in the land. He trusts that America will see his potential and fearlessness to stand on his record of success. He trusts all of us to do the right thing come November 6th.

Ignore the attack ads. The campaigning is over. Mitt Romney has made his case just by showing up as the best man for the job. It’s up to America to chose success over demonstrated failure, freedom over government regulation, and pride over apologies for our nation.

Should our voting electorate hire the wrong candidate in November and not elect Mitt Romney to lead us back to greatness, the loss won’t be his alone. It will be America’s loss.

Eric_CornettEric Cornett, Right Side News

Writer/Photographer/Graphic Artist

Eric is a writer and professional photographer in charge of the Right Side News graphic design projects.  Devoted father of four and husband, Eric is proud to be head of a traditional nuclear family in times where proclaiming such is politically incorrect.