Right Side News received the following letter to the editor concerning media coverage of Ron Paul and some of the comments left by our readers.  Right Side News encourages our readers to write letters to our editor and we welcome opposing views.  We do not endorse any political candidate.  

Ron Paul and Name Calliing, by George Bekmezian

The following was inspired by a comment in the feedback of a recent article in your site titled Ron Paul Has Already Won.

Resorting to name calling is neither productive, impressive, or appreciated.

Not sure if you are simply ignorant or one of those anti-Ron Paul trolls, but either way I wish you would change. Ron Paul has done more for protection of individual liberty in this country than any other individual in recent (30+ years) history. Ron Paul is not perfect, but he has a solid platform he stands on which the honest voter would not simply dismiss with a derogatory comment.

Ron Paul has a sound fiscal policy. He has stood alone for over 30 years educating any who will listen of the dangers of the Fed and the potential problems with our monetary system. He was laughed at for his positions 12-15 years ago as he vocally warned of an impending crash.

Now people ask, why didn’t others see this coming? Ron Paul has a sound domestic policy. His plans to beging shrinking the size of the federal government by eliminating and/or consolidating a number of government agencies are a great start. Additionally, repealing the dangerous Patriot Act (which I supported at the time) and the even more dangerous provisions included in the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act are critical to protecting the individual liberty of every American.

Ron Paul has a sound foreign policy. I know many hate or even loathe hearing talk about blowback – the CIA defined term which essentially says that our foreign policy has unintended consequences. I was numbered among those who vehemently opposed this idea just 4 years ago. However it is undeniable. I don’t believe it excuses heinous acts of terrorism undertaken by our foes, but it does mean we can do things differently to reduce the risk in he future.

His idea that we use military force as a last resort should not be disregarded so quickly. Bringing troops home and allowing other countries to work out heir own disputes should be a approach by Americans who have sacrificed so much by way of blood and money as a result of current, ineffective foreign policy. Finally, the war on drugs, a grand failure o epic proportions. What we have accomplished by his so-called war is certainly arguable.

Drug use is rampant throughout this country, particularly troubling among the poor in inner cities. The demographics of this population turns out contains a high concentration of minorities. These minorities are suffering the most as a result of this war. The other aspect of the drug war which we aren’t allowed to talk about is how this war provides illegal funding for equally illegal CIA and other nepharious government activities. So please think twice before you call this great American fighting for such noble causes petty, derogatory names.