Ron Paul didn’t do as well with Republican voters in South Carolina as he had done in Iowa and New Hampshire. But he’s still the king of Twitter. (And tweeters, of course, are the people who in one day faced down Hollywood and forced leading senators to withdraw their online-piracy bills.) Natalie Jennings of the Washington Post reports:

NBC’s Chuck Todd might have summed up Thursday’s events best with this tweet:Ron_Paul_2007_R_Tx

Books about this campaign will have chapters simply titled: “January 19th”

Mitt Romney faced mounting pressure to release his tax returns as reports surfaced Wednesday night he might have assets in bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

The Des Moines Register declared that Rick Santorum actually got more votes than Romney in the Iowa caucuses.

Rick Perry announced he would suspend his campaign in a morning news conference.

Newt Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne, said in interviews with ABC and The Washington Post that the former speaker had asked her for an open marriage.

And Gingrich exploded at moderator John King within the first few minutes of the CNN debate that night.

And yet, through it all, Ron Paul maintained his lead on the@MentionMachine leaderboard this week. We measured tweets from Wednesday at 7 p.m. through Friday at 4 p.m.

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