I got to thinking about sensitivity training after reading that someone has suggested sensitivity training for the rodeo clown who donned an Obama mask and was promptly fired and then banned from ever working as a rodeo clown in that particular  state again.

A couple of things:  For a couple of years of my misspent youth, I worked as an announcer for a rodeo and as a track announcer for a quarter horse race track. 

I have the greatest respect in the world for rodeo clowns.  They save lives at great risk to their own personal safety.  The whole while they entertain the spectators which, in turn,  lessens the feeling of danger amongst the onlookers until the critical moments of exposure to that which presents the danger is past.

There is no more public figure than a President of the United States.  As a public figure, having fun poked at you goes with the territory. Having a “thin skin” AND finding oneself a public figure is not a good thing.  Either you thicken your skin or you get the heck out of your public job.

Poking fun at public figures is far more American than apple pie ever was. It is one of the ways Americans maintain the playing field on an even keel. “All men are created equal” … remember?  

I have lived under every Presidents since FDR and I can say with no hesitation, Obama is the most sensitive of them all.  Even worse are his minions, his henchmen, that cohort of leftists/socialists/statists/collectivists/Marxists and communists who construct a phalanx around Obama to protect him from the proletariat. (Or as we like to refer to them down here… “the great unwashed masses.”)

One must remember that Liberalism is an authoritarian philosophy.  To be a good liberal you must get in line — and STAY in line.   If you get out of line you WILL be punished.

One of the favored ways of punishment is by isolating the offender from the group by the use of labels like racist, extremist, etc.

All tyrants know it is much more acceptable to keep the proletariat in line than to bring them back into line.  Often the later is extremely difficult requiring the spilling of large quantities of blood.  

All despots attempt to avoid such messy solutions to problems when one can avoid the problem altogether by … brain washing the masses.

Yep.  That’s what I said:  BRAIN WASHING.

The manner in which the Obama administration governs has been described as “soft despotism.”  One of the most often used tools of the “soft” despot is sensitivity training, known by plain speaking folks as plain ole brain washing.

Sensitivity training is, when stripped of all the hyperbolic build-up, nothing more than “thought reform” based on the Communist Chinese technique of brainwashing from the Korean War era. 

It is good, I think for all Americans to understand that communists are social engineers.   They continually seek to change things like laws, institutions, and primarily — society.  

Remember, Obama promised “change.”  He meant it.  It was not JUST a campaign slogan.  Social engineers, like Obama, actually believe they can change society and in so doing eradicate wars, racism, hate, even squash prejudice.  The end result they are so sure they can attain is summed up in a word in little use today — Utopia.

Utopia is an imaginary place, an ideally perfect state; especially in its social and political and moral aspects. 

No.  It doesn’t exist and never will — not on this earth, anyway. BUT — with brain washing, with sensitivity training, the communist state can compel you to believe that Utopia IS attainable and you will act accordingly.

After four and a half years of the Obama administration,  we see a boy praying to Obama rather than God.  Does that tell you anything? Are you not alarmed?   You may read the article and view the video here:

I worry that this young man’s prayer to Obama is a sign of things to come in America.  Primarily — the replacement of God with “The State.” 

It is a fact of life that those pushing a radical agenda always go for the young and nieve FIRST. Getting access to them, indoctrinating them, brain washing them,  renders more foot soldiers for their cause and draws them ever nearer to attaining their end goal.

An integral part of reaching the Marxist/Communist goal of a take over of America is conditioning the citizens in “group think” and directing that group think in the direction they would have them go.  To do that sensitivity training is a must. There must be brain washing.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how someone firing a clown nearly a thousand miles away sparked the thoughts in this commentary.  Good thing I’ve not been brain washed.

Uh …

© J. D. Longstreet  

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