Border Crisis
Was told this is a sign “of our times”? – Unverified and Anonymous Source from Canadian Border
This is the solution everyone’s talking about. It’s a solution that appears perfect and simple. Experts have yet to debunk what many speculate as THE definitive guide to solving the problems our government causes.
A wall really wouldn’t be needed if Illegal Immigrants were able to understand and follow rules. Ideally, Illegal Immigrants would understand and follow rules. Unironically, only those that break or don’t understand rules come to America Illegally. No Illegal Immigrant who understands and follows rules comes to America Illegally, they apply for and receive full citizenship by following the rules thereby becoming an American.
Do YOU believe that the following statement to be true, fair and equitable?

Having rules is a good thing.

It is your sovereign right to have rules.
You respect the rules of others and expect that your own rules are followed.
If you did not answer yes and cannot attest to the above statement, you need not to worry about your identity any longer. It is no longer neutral, fluid or questioning. You are most certainly not a citizen of the United States.
(Maury is in the middle of filming his next season with the new format “in the case of being a citizen of the united states…. you are NOT a citizen!” It’ll air on Telemundo and the pilot teases a past country leader)

Simple Quiz to Determine Your Political Party

Continue reading below for party affiliation pocket guide.
When others break the rules you respond by…


  1. Providing sanctuary and political representation in direct opposition to those that support rules?
  2. Exposing rule followers to unknown risks and threats and blocking rule enforcers from deterring the rule breakers from violating the rules of rule followers. Thereby making it very difficult to continue following rules and cohabitate with rule breakers.
  3. Abandoning existing solutions you once championed in favor of no solution with also no rules. Similar symptoms include leaving existing things in place and claiming any new versions or expansions are immoral. (an abandonment from reality essentially)
The feedback we’ve been getting from true democrats and conservatives is that this guide has given their political career a second chance and think it should really help to clear the confusion plaguing the swampland loaded to the brim with entirely fake news!
If you are an American citizen and believe yourself to be in the democrat party but still unsure of where you stand, do not panic. Everyone is feeling that way. That is why we put together a definitive guide to help bring you back to reality with the rest of us. 
You can be absolutely certain, without a doubt, the only possible thing you can do now is VOTE YES to the above. Help the foreign “rule challenged” people by building a huge, clearcut boundary so those that don’t understand the rules can’t accidentally break America’s rules. It will also make those that break rules, the “Rule Breakers”,  dig or climb a barrier in order to achieve their desired rule breaking. Once the rule breakers succeed at breaking the rule as desired, the rule breakers will seek sanctuary wherever provided. This would require rule followers to abandon sanctuary areas as they seek refuge to areas with rules and delineated border markings that aren’t totally made up and patrolled by toy drones. 
This has left many wondering if the Democrat party has any idea where this all will end or what, if any, intention of there is for a solution. Many Democrats feel rather unassured that Chuck and Nancy would consider compromising with the president and going ahead with what they’ve agreed to in the past. 
Thankfully this is America and there are rules for which sovereign citizens of the country have written into law and those rules are what were established thereby creating this thing in endless demand called America. While the millions flee countries all around the world to flood into the geographic area originally included within the defined borders as determined by the rules within our constitution you must ask why anyone would desire the geographic reason as being vastly superior to all others. Why wouldn’t immigrants migrate to a geographic area this is not the greatest option available? One could only conclude that this geographic area is great and consists of great people and great rules which is commonly known as the United States of America. The standard of being great is a great standard and most citizens think that’s just great for America. Why would anyone on this planet want to destroy the most sought after and desired country in the world?
Unfortunately the lack of rule following the dramatic increase in rule breakers and repeat rulebreakers entirely void of rule followers.. coupled with a democratic party representation extending beyond American citizens has really thrown the qazi-Americans for a loop and that is what lead to the creating of the greatest and most helpful quiz for those unsure if they’re from the North Pole, quiz and guide for reassurance that they would like to vote in favor of the wall and reopening of the government.
I hope those questioning their identity, who they are, who they represent and what (if?) rules are good and should be followed were able to find this useful. The citizens have also decided who, through a national election, we’d like to look to lead when in doubt or unsure. His name is Trump and he is on a mission to make America great again. How could anyone oppose? Everyone wants in but its the rules agreed upon for the people and by people that really allowed America to exist and the following of those rules is what keeps it thriving.
At times we allow the government to be filled with tyrants which, if they refuse completely to follow any rules and turn against the people… presents a difficult situation where you would hope their power wasn’t something that they would above and refuse to acquiesce but it does happen. Look no further than those leading the remnants of a corrupt “Democrat” party coming off a fresh defeat in their own rigged election, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
I suppose you could allow those two to boss you around and tell you how to vote if you are in Congress and confused but hopefully this has laid out the basics well enough to understand the differences between being an American and being a rule-breaking, possibly American, anti-American with no solutions and no substance other than pure hate in your heart for Americans wanting to make things great.
Everyone’s hoping for the best! The only thing standing in the way of America’s greatness those few Americans and the antiamerican democratic party.
Pure insanity would have fewer contradictions than the Democrats and I believe we are now witnessing the total disclosure and self-destruction of tyranny disguised as a political representation for a party that advocates for democracy. Now that, most will tell you, is definitely not true as they’ve demonstrated for all to see. The establishment media ran the operation along with their deep state pals within the government and now that’s being exposed as well.
Need you any more information in order to see what is a plain sight? If you do need help seeing what is in plain sight… consult the real Donald Trump for real-time updates. Very simple and practical. Everyone but the political establishment and corporate media stay up-to-date common sense reality via his tweets. Otherwise, we’re left to take the opposite narrative presented in disinformation campaigns 24/7 with no purpose or sense. The drive-by’s view the past purely out of what they got right and simply disregard anything inconvenient that proves they’re purely fake and no longer knows what it is to be real.
This isn’t the power struggle the left claims to be fighting. This a friend who is helping you ride out your panic attack. it’s a concerned neighbor waiting patiently by your side as the doctors attempt to end your endless psychosis episode because it will soon start causing serious brain damage putting you on permanent life support. Nearly everyone is praying that you’ll snap out of it and the doctors won’t need to declare a state of emergency surgery in order to block whats triggering the psychosis.
The silver lining that’s developing across the working class, minorities and really all Americans except a the bicoastal elites and swamp rats is a coalition of Americans who are all coming together to say American Lives Matter and those are the lives that makeup America and who follow the rules. The epidemic of drugs and massive suicide rates are indicators that we have many who are suffering and America has been sick. In need of a doctor to prescribe a tough dose of reality.
Robert Mueller’s office was not contacted prior to publication, therefore, we cannot verify or make any sort of guarantee as it relates to the position his office takes on our article at this time. However, we felt that the appointment and therefore existence and legal authority behind Robert Mueller’s witch hunt are lacking any real basis. In fact, there’s actually not a single person in America who can verify the legitimacy and accuracy to Mueller’s special counsel at this time. Appointed based upon fake news in search of a fake crime made up by fake news. We may need to track him down and get an on the record interview with that guy one day! Just to be sure he isn’t a Russian agent or something crazy like that!