I posted the following links to point out that I have been writing about the so-called “Arab Spring” since its inception in early 2011, (twenty-two months ago) and correctly predicted that it was all a strategy for rise to power by the Muslim Brotherhood. It had nothing to do with democracy and freedom, as many of our liberal friends were so cleverly duped.


I’m not bragging. I’m lamenting.

If it was so obvious to a lay person like myself, who has merely studied the Muslim Brotherhood as an amateur writer/blogger, then it certainly was obvious to the insiders of our government who are supposed to be well-informed from the inside, with access to classified information.

The edicts and manifestos of the Muslim Brotherhood are well-known and they are unchangeable. Their basis for existence is to conquer, meaning to establish an Islamic caliphate in the western hemisphere and to destroy Israel first, and later, the United States from within, as the grand prize. Hamas is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The man who heads al Qaeda today, Ayman al Zawahiri  found his support roots from the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Egypt, Tunisia and Libya started their uprisings, it was all generated by the Muslim Brotherhood, followed by our president’s call for the removal of Mubarak and Ghadaffi which only hastened their departure and the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate takeover. In essence, we supported the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe Mr. Obama must have known this all along. If not, he and/or his advisors are plain stupid.

Immediately thereafter, the arms blockade from Egypt into Gaza was lifted enabling the shipment of more advanced armaments to be used by Gaza militants against Israel. Those shipments have resulted in stepped-up barrages of rockets destined to kill Israelis citizens at random.

Now, as Gaza and Israel embark on a so-called peace, Hamas is rearming to the hilt, soon to be capable of sending 50,000 rockets into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as is Hezbollah to the north.  When they start, that’s when all hell will break loose and Israel’s existence could be on the line. That’s the unwavering goal of these militant groups. They have no other goal. To them, it’s the will of Allah. Conquer. Establish Islam.

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Lying is part of war. The Gaza Palestinians gained their land back from Israel in 2005 under a guarantee of peace, only to elect Hamas a year later, whose objective is to destroy Israel. The rockets have been raining over Israel ever since.

Muhammed, the Prophet, declared that “War is Deceit.” Therefore, never believe anything that comes from the mouth of an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their words are carefully selected and spoken in order to deceive you and me, while they go about pursuing their deathly agenda. When Dictator Morsi, of Egypt, tells you that he will honor the treaty with Israel, he is employing “Taqiyya,” using deceit to accomplish the long-range goal.  He is lying. He is playing chess with the U.N. and the world community.

Any official can lie publicly then embark on another path behind closed doors.

Any official can say we supportIsrael, then shrug shoulders after Israelis destroyed.

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