Donald Trump

J.B. Williams

According to years of voter attacks on political correctness by American conservatives fed up with having their voice silenced by Alinsky-style ridicule tactics alleging politically incorrect language, eventually labeled “hate speech” by the leftists trying to control public opinion, voters were in search of a real plain-talker willing to say what they had been thinking for years…

But when that candidate arrived on the political scene, many were not so welcoming of the plain-talker who had no concern for political correctness at all.

The 2016 HOT BUTTON issues for many American conservatives are as stated all over social media for years now:

  • Free-market economics vs. centralized Marxism
  • National Sovereignty and Security
  • Enforcement of existing Immigration Laws
  • No “amnesty” for illegal invaders
  • No “jihadist resettlement” in the USA
  • The Rule of Constitutional Law
  • An end to “political correctness” silencing free speech
  • States and individual rights
  • Real plain-talking Americans vs. double-talking politicians

Yet, when the most politically incorrect plain-talker since Ronald Reagan entered the GOP primaries and became the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, many who had been complaining about political correctness for years seemed all of a sudden, turned-off by his plain-talk.

The fact that many inside the Beltway RINO types were opposed to Trumps somewhat brash, unapologetic demeanor and bombastic personal persona was no shock to anyone. Their go-along to get-along do-nothing nature was in part, responsible for the rise and power of the unbridled Obama administration, unchallenged by congressional Republicans, even when Republicans controlled both congressional chambers.

But the fact that many so-called “angry conservative activists” were somehow turned-off by the take-no-prisoners and often angry plain-talk of GOP nominee Donald Trump, was a bit harder to figure out.

For years they had been begging for a “real leader” with real executive credentials and an unapologetically pro-American message, which offered no quarter to those who might have a very different future in mind for America. The people wanted to “make America great again” and had been actively engaged in trying to make that happen since 2008… But when the time came to stand united with the “make American great again” nominee, they were all of a sudden, worried about his political incorrectness on the stump.

These folks had lost all faith in D.C. politicians on both sides of the aisle, in the judiciary and in the newsrooms across America, even the once bastion of conservative news, Fox. They were indeed looking for an “outsider” to ride into town and clean house. They said they wanted someone who stood for the same things they did and would not compromise on those principles, or even apologize for them.

However, when just such a person showed up on the scene, they became worried by his irreverent and often visibly angry tone.

Those of us old enough to remember, will recall that the same concerns focused upon Trump today, were also the focus of criticisms of Ronald Reagan 36-years ago, when Reagan became the outsider GOP nominee in 1980. Reagan was often referred to as a “war-monger,” someone with “no national security or foreign policy experience” who was “angering America’s enemies” around the globe, via his often heated rhetoric and unapologetic “America first” ideology.

Reagan, a registered democrat most of his life, would later be recorded in history as one of the best presidents of our time. But upon entering the national political scene, he was most often ridiculed in a fashion almost identical to the criticisms targeting Trump today.

Like Trump, Reagan was feared by status-quo politicians and policy experts on both sides of the political aisle. He was mocked by media personalities as just a “cowboy” from “Hollywood” who had a powerful persona, but was “just an actor.” Reagan was, in the estimation of his many critics, “poorly qualified” to lead the United States and would “lead us into WWIII.”

Of course, in hindsight, all of Reagan’s critics were wrong. He turned out to be a fantastic U.S. President and in the end, was revered and loved by millions here and around the globe, on both sides of the political aisle.

I have been writing columns and essays for almost 25 years now, with more than 3000 published. Over those years, I have received literally hundreds of thousands of reader emails and comments on that body of work. I have also worked as an activist through The U.S. Patriots Union, Veteran Defenders of America, The North American Law Center and, and now co-host TNALC Radio, a two-hour LIVE broadcast every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET, with co-host and NALC Lead Counsel Stephen Pidgeon.

I point this out because I have many years of experience, both in research and writing, but also as it relates to public sentiments as received from readers over those many years, on many topics.

The 2016 election cycle is unlike any I have ever seen before. Clearly, mass dissatisfaction among all American voters of all political stripes is the driving force in the 2016 elections, on both sides of the aisle.

On the left, avowed Marxist Bernie Sanders is within reach of upsetting the Hillary Clinton campaign in his bid to force the Democratic Party all the way to the socialist left, as Trump and his supporters have already executed a somewhat hostile conservative takeover of the Republican Party in the GOP primaries.

Caught in the crossfire of these movements are a number of media personalities who errantly find themselves on the wrong side of the battle lines, after a contentious and sometimes vicious primary season. Media personalities like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, both once two of the most trusted men within Tea Party and Patriot group circles, find themselves on the outside looking in now. Main stream darlings like Megyn Kelly at Fox News, have also lost their luster. In all cases, they bet on the wrong horse in the primaries and then they became increasingly vicious in their assaults on the man who would in the end, become the GOP nominee, the choice of the people.

In their attacks, they were not only attacking Trump, but everyone who was supporting Trump, many of whom were once their loyal fans. They grossly miscalculated in these decisions, as did the RNC elite’s and the “expert” RNC strategists. In every case, they misinterpreted Trump and his supporters and they are paying a price for it today.

As I watched events unfold, it became clear that 2016 was fast becoming, at least an opportunity to turn America in a pro-American direction. Indeed, leftists would hate it and even many RNC insiders would not like it, their inside the Beltway games threatened by a real no-nonsense outsider intent upon upsetting the D.C. applecart, by whatever means necessary.

While I remain out of the business of endorsing candidates, I am no less, in the business of presenting real facts and information to American voters in an effort to give them the information they want and need in order to effectively reclaim control over their runaway Party’s, government and country.

The New American RevolutionIn that light, I have just co-written and released a book that I believe will help every American to understand all of the following…

  • Why Trump?
  • Why now?
  • Who has been destroying America?
  • How have they been destroying America?
  • Why have they been destroying America?
  • What is the true state of our union?
  • How can America be saved by “the people?”
  • What are “the people” doing in the 2016 elections?


Trump is indeed the most politically incorrect candidate since Ronald Reagan. In the book TRUMPED – The New American Revolution, we explain why the time for a politically incorrect outsider is right for America, and how past partisan leanings and affiliations really have nothing to do with it.

The book is not about Trump, the person. It is about “the people” responsible for the New American Revolution that is happening in his name, behind his campaign.

People who have already bet on Trump will want the book to hold all of the facts supporting their decision. People who are still on the fence in the 2016 election, will want the book in order to understand why they must get off of the fence right away.

Even those who “hate Trump” or currently support Clinton or Sanders will want the book as well. We took great care to place information in this book that almost no other American could or would ever put in a book available to the general population. The “secrets” behind the counter-revolution to destroy America are laid bare – and the New Revolution to reclaim America are carefully defined and backed by fact.

The time for all Americans to stand together, unapologetically, without regard for political correctness, or how people “feel” about truth and the very real need to take our country back without providing any quarter to America’s enemies, need to read TRUMPED – The New American Revolution – and they need to read it well before the general election in November.

TRUMPED was written by the people, of the people and for the people. It is not a campaign advertisement. It is the whole truth behind the Trump Revolution and like Trump, there is nothing politically correct about it!