In my America, criminals like Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder would never be allowed to run the country. We would not be $18 trillion in debt and rushing to dig the hole deeper. We would not allow our national security agencies to target innocent U.S. citizens while aiding and abetting known enemies and protecting the illegal invasion of our nation.

In my America, we would not reward crime or perversions and prosecute patriotism or decency. We would not allow any politician to divide this nation down racial and socio-economic lines, pitting American against American for benefit of the anti-Americans. We would not allow race-baiting as a means of forcing every American into global communism. We would not allow politically motivated opinions to override the facts and we would never let political expedience trump fundamental constitutional right and wrong!

In my America, the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not some twisted global communist idea of “social justice” in which wrong is right and right is wrong run by some corrupt organization of greed driven inept lawyers. Judges uphold and enforce the law, rather than subvert the law for political favor with the overt intent to dismantle the rule of constitutional law altogether.

In my America, politicians are pillars of the community, not the biggest parasites on earth. They don’t make decisions based on self-preservation through corrupt political expediency, but rather on the true will of the vast majority of the people they are elected to represent, and always within the confines of upholding the principles and values set by our Founders in our Charters of Freedom.

In my America, we don’t place civil personnel in harm’s way and leave them for dead in toilets like Benghazi. We don’t expose our most elite fighting forces to unnecessary risk under insane suicidal Rules of Engagement, or set them up for failure by placing them under the command of or serving beside known foreign terrorists who shoot them in the back or take them out in missions like Extortion 17, Afghanistan.

In my America, we don’t waste American lives to capture and detain foreign enemy terrorists just to later trade them for known American traitors to the U.S. Military. We don’t negotiate with known terrorists and we don’t provide foreign aid and comfort to our enemies. We don’t topple foreign governments just to install known terror organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

In my America, free market capitalism and simple supply and demand regulates economic growth. We don’t allow criminal politicians the power to choose economic winners and losers on the basis of how special interest groups vote. We don’t rob from some to provide for others who are unwilling to earn, at the expense of freedom and liberty itself.

In my America, a lie is a lie and the liar has no friends. Decency, honesty, moral fortitude, family, freedom and liberty reign supreme. Indecency, dishonesty, immorality, perversions and attacks on the family will land you in jail or an early grave.

In my America, English is the only official language of this nation and those who can’t speak it at least enough to swear allegiance to it, can’t be a citizen, ever. Illegal is illegal and law breakers aren’t welcome.

In my America, we don’t allow the worst society has to offer to rule the roost and we don’t trust the fox to guard the henhouse. People unable to govern themselves in a decent, honest, morally sound and pro-American fashion, would never be allowed to rule over anyone else.

In my America, the fifty sovereign states and 300 million sovereign citizens have authority over the Federal Government. The Federal government has NO authority beyond that which the U.S. Constitution assigns, and to the degree that the authority is used only to protect preserve the rights of the people and their states.

In my America, we would accept no excuses from members of congress for refusing to protect this country from a runaway Executive and Judicial branch. We would hold every member of congress fully accountable for allowing the total destruction of this country to go unchallenged, no matter what party they belong to.

In my America, every citizen would know and fully comprehend their fundamental rights, that they are not from our Founders, but are instead a gift from God Almighty, inalienable by the likes of criminal career politicians in any branch of government.

Most of all, in my America, 300 million legal American citizens would not sit on their asses and do nothing about the total destruction of a once great nation! In my America, people would do whatever it takes to right this ship, no matter the cost.

What the hell is wrong with my fellow “Americans?”

No, this is not my America right now! And unless a majority of Americans wake up and stand up against all of it, this will never be my America again.

It’s time Americans realize that we cannot stop any of the evil gripping our nation without confronting all of the evil gripping our nation. There is no room for negotiation. There is no time for cowardice or complacency. There is no excuse for allowing the greatest nation ever known to mankind, to slip into an abyss, never to rise again as a free sovereign people.

This is not my America right now…. How could it possibly be yours?

If you share my sentiments and are willing to stand up and do something about it, write me! If not, God help us all!