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The unparalleled desperation of political conflict aside, one need not look far to realize that this country is not America right now. This is not the country I grew up in and these are not the people loved and respected the world over, all of my life.

Although America has always been the great melting pot born of immigrants from all corners of the earth, it was once a Christian nation, founded upon strict Judeo Christian principles and values of Life, Liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness.

In America, Christmas is not about retail sales numbers, but rather the birth of Jesus Christ. Easter is not about the Easter bunny, but rather the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation for those who believe.

In America, the most diverse nation on earth since its birth, it is what united us that made us the greatest nation ever known to mankind, Life, Liberty and the freedom to define and pursue happiness free from government interference of any kind, on behalf of any socio-economic lobby.

In America, we laughed at the little things that made each of us different and celebrated the fundamental reverence for personal freedom that once made us all the same. Freedom and liberty is a colorless concept.

Today, we celebrate only that which divides us. We make light of, or even deny our founding principles and values. We belittle, attack and fine those who have dared to dream and achieve their chosen destinies. We prop up those who contribute nothing of value to society, and it is these folks who stopped melting into American society decades ago, becoming nothing more than takers in society.

In America, children are raised by two parents, a mother and a father who stay together through good times and bad, because that’s what is best for their children. Once a parent, life is no longer just about you. In America, the father is the head of the family responsible for making sure the family finances are adequate so that the mother can concentrate on the most important job on earth, raising the next generation of decent Americans.

Women have an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But once they choose to mother a child, no job is more important than raising a decent human being.

America has citizens from all over the world that came here seeking freedom, liberty and often life itself. They came from all walks of life and all religions, but they all understood why America was born upon the Judeo Christian principles of freedom, free will, individual rights. They all understood that those benefits of freedom applied to everyone, no matter race, creed or color.

A shared desire to be free is what caused people to come here and melt into society as One Nation, one people. In America, politicians are a necessary evil afforded very limited powers and every individual is the king of his own destiny.

In America, kids don’t raise themselves with electronic babysitters (TV and Video Games) that teach them to devalue human life, win at modern warfare, and take that which they did not earn, but feel no less entitled to.

In America, kids don’t shoot kids no matter how many guns the family might own. Kids don’t disrespect their parents, their teachers or other kids.

America is a nation of God given Rights protected by man-made laws, not ambulance chasing lawyers proficient in undermining the law. Law enforcement actually enforces laws, legislators make laws and judges provide equal justice under the law.

But in this country today, judges invent laws, law enforcement breaks laws and lawmakers live above the law. These people were once the pillars of our communities. Now they are the biggest criminal parasites in our communities.

In America, citizens are in the charity business, not government. Government is never the solution to anything. It is in fact, most usually the problem. Still…

Obama & Co. want to go (VIDEO) forward. They are not the first of their kind. Hitler used “forward” to march his youth movement in a direction that brought total shame to Germany, ending in a World War and the death of Hitler and his movement. Obama has a similar “youth movement” of easily manipulated children.

Obama was selected by only half of American voters, counting millions of fraudulent Obama votes. That’s far from a “mandate.” Hitler was elected by nearly 90% of Germans who also thought “forward” was the right direction to march.

The word “forward” was also the communist campaign mantra of Joseph Stalin, the most brutal leader in modern Russian history. Once on the road to hell, forward is the last place you want to go. When you are being driven like sheep, off a cliff, forward is the wrong direction.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is also calling for a Stalin styled “leap forward.”

The direction that men like Putin, Stalin, Hitler and yes, Barack Hussein Obama, want to lead the world is not the direction that the people of the world want to go. Some think that it is and that’s why they follow like sheep being driven to slaughter. To a lost soul, the allure of a Marxist utopian promise full of instant gratification, unearned riches and a false sense of freedom, is all-powerful.

Marxism is a “democratic” process which Marx himself called “the road to communism.” Hitler, Stalin and Obama were all highly popular political figures, until their intended destination became clear. They all promised “hope and change” and they did indeed deliver change. In the end, they all became wanted men of a different sort, once the people lost all hope.

But for those who are not morally lost and emotionally bankrupt, the promise is seen only for the lie that it is. That’s where I come from…

Forward down the road to hell we go! The nation is more divided than ever in history. The nation is more immoral and unethical than at any time in history. The nation is more fiscally broke than at any time in history. The nation is more hate-filled than at any time in history. It is more violent than at any time in history and it is in fact, more racist than at any time in history.

On this road, why on earth would anyone want to go forward?

Sometimes you have to admit you were wrong and reverse course in order to survive the hell you are creating for yourself, others and future generations. Going forward on the road to hell requires no intellect or courage. Admitting we were wrong and immediately reversing course takes intelligence and courage.

Our decisions will never be any better than the information used to make them. False information will lead to bad decisions and even worse consequences every time. When on the road to hell, STOP rushing forward!

One does not have to be a genius to figure out what’s wrong with America. It isn’t America right now and it will never be America again unless and until we reverse course, returning to the principles and values of a once great nation.

No politician can do it. Preachers can’t do it. Judges won’t do it. Only the American people can do it because America is not just a geographical location, or an idea, it is the sum of its people.

If evil is the will of the people, then an evil nation we will have. If freedom, life, liberty and the individual pursuit of individual dreams and goals is the will of the people, then such a nation we will have. Led by honorable veterans, our nation can become great again. Protected by professionals committed to the restoration of the free constitutional republic, we can become America again!

With massive unified support from Americans, we can become America again. Until then, we will go forward on this road to hell and no citizen will escape the coming wrath

 JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots UnionVeteran DefendersArchives E-Mail:· JB.USPU@gmail.com