On December 5th, 2012, I wrote the following:US halfstaff sunset

“Rest assured that at some point, in the not too distant future, there will be an incident in which large numbers of people will be victims of gun violence. THAT will be the catalyst, the trigger, to unleash the gun control tsunami. The Obama Regime never allows a good crisis to go to waste, even if THEY have to create the crisis. 

The Obama assault on the Second Amendment is coming as surely as day follows night. If you don’t believe that — then you’re kidding yourself.” 

There is absolutely NOTHING I can say that will ease the pain and suffering of the families of the killed in Connecticut. NOTHING.

Nothing will bring their loved ones back. They will live the remainder of their lives with that pain and that loss.

All we can do now is offer our support and our prayers.

Understand, I am a father and a grandfather. I have Grands about the age of the children murdered in Connecticut. I was stunned, shocked, horrified when the news broke. How is it possible for one human being to be that cruel to children, the most defenseless among us?

The country is in shock today. We are overcome with emotion. This is precisely the moment we should avoid making decisions that will undermine our constitutional rights.

As a country, we have “issues” with the treatment of the mentally ill. Until we decide, as a nation, to stop allowing the mentally ill to live among us rather than in institutions where they can be treated, and looked after, and we can be protected from their unpredictable behavior, we can reasonably expect more such incidents of violence at various and sundry places across the country.

This is NOT a gun control problem. This is a problem with mental illness that we, as a nation, have refused, thus far, to confront. So, as nearly always happens, the problem is confronting us.

Even as we grieve for the families in Connecticut suffering such profound loss today, we must be on guard that we do not allow those with certain political agendas to advance their policies that would, in the end, bring even more harm to the nation.

The sad truth is this: A person intent on murder WILL find a manner, and a method, and a weapon — of some kind — to fulfill his deadly intent.

We have noted a number of times the rage just beneath the surface in America today. It is not surprising that every so often that rage will find a way to the surface and always with horrendous results.

America is a country in distress today. The massacre in Connecticut is not the illness, it is only a SYMPTOM of the illness.

Lord knows, I have no answers. But one cannot help but notice the speed with which we are moving into the future. Is this what “future shock” looks like? Are we moving so quickly we are unable to cope and therefore we feel helpless, hopeless, frustrated, and some among us lash out?

God help us if we allow ourselves to be compelled further, by fear, into surrendering our freedom in a frantic bid for security and safety. For it is now certain that those in authority over us will seek to restrict our freedom, even more, in the weeks and months ahead.

My family will continue to pray for the families of those murdered in Connecticut. Too, we will continue to pray for our beloved country as she continues to wind her way through the valley of the shadow of death.

J. D. Longstreet is a conservative “Carolina Boy.” A Southern American (A native sandlapper (South Carolinian) and an adopted Tar Heel — A North Carolinian) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First.”  J. D. Longstreet is a very proud direct descendent of several Confederate soldiers.  He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.  Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.

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