Tough economic times have motivated most my wife and I to cut expenses and magazine subscriptions was one of those which provide immediate savings.

According to Pew Research,

“despite being the richest country in the survey, nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) say they had trouble putting food on the table in the past 12 months. This is up from just 16% who reported such deprivation in 2007, the year before the Great Recession began.

Americans’ reported level of deprivation is closer to that experienced by Indonesians or Greeks than it is the British or the Canadians. In fact, the percentage of Americans who say they could not afford the food needed by their families at some point in the last year is three times that in Germany, more than twice that in Italy and Canada.”

Although we are not part of that 24%, we do feel the squeeze. One way to make our dollar go further is bundling our magazine subscriptions for significant savings. We do not want to do without these, as they provide valuable content that saves us money, provides health and fitness information plus provides fulfillment in our lives.

Magazine subscriptions offering discount coupons of 15% and bundling packages is the best deal I found.  You can create your own package from a large selection of magazines based on both differing and mutual interests. They are offering a 15% coupon by using coupon code “mom15per”” in addition to that.

My interests are

  • DIY projects — so I don’t have to pay a contractor and that saves at least 50%
  • Men’s health and fitness – for increased energy, good cholesterol, blood pressure, and to live longer

My wife interests

  • Home magazines for decorating ideas and cost savings, as she keeps our home beautiful
  • Food magazines for healthy recipes, cooking techniques, new offers on free samples, money-saving coupons, and free offers.

Common interests

  • Gardening and yard maintenance

Let me give a good example of saving money in tough economic times on food:

Eating healthy is expensive with 2lbs of lettuce costing 6 dollars or a red pepper for 2 dollars, so we took a course and using a DIY project from a magazine, we built raised beds and are now harvesting fresh cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. We will enjoy our garden for years to come, eat healthier and save money on our grocery bill.