“[Yates’] lawless refusal to defend the executive order that President
Trump issued related to immigration – a lawlessness which resulted
correctly in her firing by Trump.”

— JW President Tom Fitton to Breitbart, May 9, 2017

Dear Editor/Broadcaster,

In the Breitbart article linked HERE, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton lends his perspective to the growing controversy generated by Sally Yates’ congressional testimony …

Along with his revealing take on why the Trump Justice Department is refusing to comply with a JW Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for Yates’ emails while at Justice:

“The default position of the bureaucracy is secrecy, and that tends to be the case no matter who’s in office. You need proactive appointees and a proactive administration to force transparency on the agencies. I don’t know what the interest is in the Trump administration in protecting Sally Yates’ emails, which makes me think there really is no interest. We’re just facing a Justice Department that’s used to telling us no.”

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