Rough Riders
Original title: “Colonel Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at the top of the hill which they captured, Battle of San Juan Hill.” US Army victors on Kettle Hill about July 3, 1898 after the battle of “San Juan Hill(s).” Left to right is 3rd US Cavalry, 1st Volunteer Cavalry (Col. Theodore Roosevelt center) and 10th US Cavalry. A second similar picture is often shown cropping out all but the 1st Vol Cav and TR.

Nelson Hultberg

The primary season is over. The real campaign now begins. Can Donald Trump make good on his promise and “make America great again?” If he handles Hillary Clinton like he handled the GOP aspirants to the nomination, then we will be swearing in a most unusual President of the United States on January 20, 2017 – a veritable “force of nature” who does not back down, who unfortunately is bombastic and crude, but also undeniably a patriot of the highest order. Not a Washington or a Jefferson for sure, but perhaps a Theodore Roosevelt without the “progressive idiocy” that poisoned the Rough Rider’s intellectuality.

Whatever else may be said about The Donald, no one can deny that he loves America even in face of the obvious, but tolerable, narcissism. No one can deny that he possesses that vital verve and dominance of personality that is required to be a leader. The energy that emanates from the man is overwhelming, yet also scary because we fear that eventually it will surely careen over the cliff of social propriety and dash our hopes that finally there is a mountain of a man who has the fortitude to attack the contemptible PC world of Washington, D.C. We have had to endure so many pikers, so much humbuggery, so much perfidy over the past 80 years that our tolerance is played out. We as Americans need a Rough Rider who will charge up San Juan Hill and take back our country.

The main question with Trump is which persona is truly inside him, Theodore Roosevelt or Citizen Kane, one of his favorite movies. Is he more Rough Rider or Randolph Hearst? My biggest fear is that Donald Trump will somehow stick his foot in his mouth so badly that Hillary, the Dragon Lady, will win the presidency this November despite the fact she’s hated by 60% of Americans and will plunge the country into an abyss from which we will never recover. But Trump does not back down. So let’s investigate the latest imbroglio involving the Trump University lawsuit and the presiding judge, Gonzalo Curiel.

Trump vs. Gonzalo Curiel

I believe Trump is telling the truth about the “Mexican-American” judge. This jurist is clearly prejudiced in the case, and the primary reason is almost certainly the fact that he is of Mexican heritage. With Trump proposing to build a wall and painting Mexicans in terms that are unflattering, the judge has allowed his heritage (and a natural pride in such) to affect his legal judgment. How does one justify this provocative claim? Numerous reasons. As The Conservative Treehouse tells us:

Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of La Raza Lawyers Association, the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Latino Judges Association, and the National Hispanic Prosecutors Association.  Link

The Hispanic National Bar Association (that Curiel is a member of) calls for a boycott of all of Trump business ventures, including golf courses, hotels, and restaurants. They salute NBC/Universal, Univision and Macy’s for ending their association with Trump, proposing that other businesses and corporations should follow their lead and take similar actions against Donald Trump’s business interests. This can and will make a difference, says Cynthia D. Mares, HNBA National President.  Link

“The attorney group leading the lawsuit against Trump is heavily involved in Democrat politics and have paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 for ‘speeches’. Link

“The Judge in the lawsuit is an open borders immigration activist with direct ties to San Diego La Raza, and has openly engaged with them on their political endeavors …including scholarships for illegal aliens.  Link

“The Trump lawsuit relies (in part) on testimony from a former disgruntled employee of the Trump Organization who went to work for notorious #NeverTrump activist Glenn Beck.  Link

“The Judge then ‘accidentally’ releases court records which provides the media with the names, locations, and contact information of the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case, which fuels the media narrative.  Link

“After the ‘mistaken’ release, Judge Curiel reseals the court records.”  Link

Judges Are Humans

Our liberal media is aghast at Trump’s assertion, but are succumbing to their usual obtuseness. Human beings allow their heritage and their prejudices to affect their judgments and evaluations all the time. This is human nature. And judges are humans with all the weaknesses inherent.

Contrary to what collectivists tell us in the pundit / professorial halls, judges are far from pristine advocates of objectivity. They are venal, subjective, collectivist, illogical, and tyrannical. But our liberal talking heads (and an embarrassing bevy of mealy mouth Republicans) are excoriating Trump while blanking out on the fact that judges are quite capable of ruling unfairly because of the defendant saying or acting in a way to antagonize the judge. This happens all the time in today’s courts.

A brilliant account of the bias and corruption of our modern court system is Paul Craig Roberts’ and Lawrence M. Stratton’s, The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. Our judges have become captives of a nefariously subtle collectivism and moral relativism instilled into them during their formative school years (age 10-25), which propels them into a morass of subjectivism and naked ambition favoring the demise of capitalism and all who represent it. And unfortunately, Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a prime example of this ideological degradation.

Of special shame in this latest crisis of the Trump phenomenon are the GOP quislings, such as Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Marco Rubio, et al who have rushed to pile on Trump with their craven chorus of sycophancy to the establishment.

Admittedly Trump would have been far better served by not bringing up the judge’s Mexican heritage affecting his judgment in the case. It was a true thing to say, yes, but not in today’s PC world if you’re running for President. However that is not what this Rough Rider is made of. He does not back down. He has all the fervor and courage of Theodore Roosevelt, but thankfully not the misguided and dangerous progressivism.

My hope is, though, that Trump lays off the “bias and ethnicity of the judge” issue going forward, and the media grows bored with it in a couple of weeks. It’s not a winning issue; Trump’s advisors need to let him know this strongly. He needs to turn his attention toward hammering Hillary on her weaknesses, her life of corruption, her “crookedness.” Trump needs to keep talking about restoring jobs, opposing illegal immigrants, ending imperial hubris, and making America great again. These are the winning issues that will get him to the top of today’s San Juan Hill – victory in November and a new era of common sense conservatism in Washington