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The front runner Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would ban the entry of all Muslims into America “until we find out what is going on.” Up until then I just like Trump for his outspokenness and is utter disregard to political correctness. From that moment on I became a fan and an ardent supporter.

This surprised my own fans. Many ex-Muslims like myself have and Islamic name in their passport and concerned about being denied entry into the US. One person wrote, “I import about $10M of US goods every year and travel to the US quite regularly. I have a Muslim name, but am an apostate and an agnostic. How does one know if i am not a Muslim? Will my word be enough? If Ali Sina was not a US resident what would he have to do to prove himself an apostate? This is a very important question. Any answers from Trump lovers.”

This friend was upset by Trumps remark and while thanking me for this blog to help him leave Islam he expressed his disdain of all religions and particularly of Islam. However he was “quite shocked that you are supporting a Neanderthal like Trump.”

Let me first say that being a Neanderthal is no insult at all. Scientists have recently discovered that the only humans who do not have Neanderthal genes in them are the sub-Saharans. Unless you belong to these races, please let us be more reverential of our ancestors.

Now, in regards to the question I say that if I were to become the supreme leader of the free world I will build a big beautiful wall between Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries and will make Muslims pay for it. Unlike Trumps wall mine will have no doors and no windows and will be as tall as the stratosphere so no plane can fly over it. I have been calling for the secession of all ties with Muslims for years.

When you stop Islamic expansion Muslims turn to each other and will start killing one another.  This is not such a bad thing after all considering the alternative which is killing us.  Eventually the survivors will come to their senses and will leave Islam.  If we keep them at bay at least we will be saved. Leave Muslims alone. Build the wall and don’t peep inside.  Let them do what they do best. i.e., killing each other.

I support Trump’s proposal wholeheartedly even if it may prevent me to travel to USA. The point is not to ban Muslims, because it would not be practical in the long run, but to raise an important and ignored issue that there is a problem with Islam and we need to address it.   We have been ignoring this problem for 1400 years and Islam has kept growing. The very first people who had to address this problem were the Meccans. They didn’t and as the result the world is paying the price.   Time has come to get to the bottom of this problem and nothing more than a crisis will do it.

The key in Trump’s speech is “until we find out what the hell is going on.”   Well you and I know what the hell is going on but the world does not. It is up to us to explain it to others. The problem is not people, but the ideology, the religion that inspire these people.   The problem is the Quran and the belief in a psychopath mass murderer.

Once the problem is understood the solution will become very easy. All we have to do is show Muslims that Islam is a lie. Nobody wants to believe in a lie. We left Islam, not because we are smarter. We just had the chance to learn the truth. If others are given the same chance most of them will leave Islam too and the rest will be so demoralized that they give up their insanity.

I believe this is the beginning of the end of Islam. People cannot sit forever like ducks waiting to be killed by a slave of Allah. Backlash is inevitable and the anti-Muslim sentiment has been steadily on the rise. I rather have people like Trump and Wilders who want to bring the problem to the forefront and discuss it than wait until vigilantes butcher Muslims in the streets.  Muslims are victims of their ideology. We have to fight that ideology and Trumps plan is the best way to do that. Once Muslims are banned entering America the world will have no choice but to discuss the problem of Islam.   That means the end of Islam.   Islam cannot stand scrutiny. It is a religion based on lies. With scrutiny it will be destroyed.

This is the best thing that can happen to Muslims. Freed from the claws of this demonic faith, Muslims will stop their insanity and will begin to build their countries. Instead of brainwashing their children with hate and teaching them the Quran they will send them to real schools to learn science.

Fourteen years ago I said Islam will fall in one generation, about 30 years. It is happening. So instead of condemning Trump let us welcome his plan. Sometimes cure can be painful. There are sacrifices to be made. I am a Canadian and this proposal may also affect me. But I am willing to do my part and instead of crying and attacking Trump I will gladly work with him and help him and the world to understand the problem is Islam so together we get rid of it.

We may be harassed for a time because of our name and where we come from. But wouldn’t you rather go through this now so your children can leave in peace than shift the problem to them?

The problem of Islam will not go away until it is resolved. I know of no painless surgery.

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.