November 14, 2008
Right Side News has received a press release from Andy Martin, who is heading to Honolulu tonight to prepare for a historic court hearing on Tuesday, November 18th in an attempt to pry open those mysterious sealed documents that are suppose to contain President-Elect Barack Obama’s original birth certificate.  Barack Obama has refused to provide this critical document to clear up huge questions regarding not only WHERE he was actually born, but WHO his parents are.  The American People……WE the People, demand to know.  Barack works for the us as a public servant, you and me.  He is our Employee.  Barack has promised “transparency”.  Well, keep your promise!

Below is Andy Martin’s press release, and Right Side News does not endorse Andy Martin or Philip Berg and does not support either claim over the other.  We just want the truth and we hope Andy Martin can get these sealed court documents opened so the people will know Barack Obama is who he says he is.

(NEW YORK)(November 13, 2008)  Obama author Andy Martin heads for historic court hearing in Honolulu. Martin will arrive in Honolulu Friday evening to prepare for a  historic court hearing in the Circuit Court Tuesday, November 18th at 10:30 A.M. “Some people want to run up the white flag and kiss Obama’s fanny,” Martin says. “In the words of John Paul Jones, ‘I’ve just begin to fight.’ Unless and until Obama releases records about his past-his birth certificate, college files and similar information-he lacks legitimacy. I do not think any American owes loyalty to Obama’s radical socialist revolution, which is bent on destroying our way of life. Why will Barack Obama not release his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate?”
We have submitted our reply Memorandum of Law for consideration by the Court in conjunction with the hearing scheduled on November 18th. Because of the size of the document (25 pages), we did not include it as part of this e-mail. The Memorandum of Law is posted on all of our blogs, see below. The best viewing may be at
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