ernestmcdermonOpen Letter to Your Senator:  Will the Obama Administration Approve Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Soldiers Who Were Killed and Wounded by Major Hasan?

By Ernest McDermon, Atlanta, Georgia

One of our occasional columnists is sending this letter to his Senator, who happens to sit on both the Senate Armed Forces Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. We thought our readers might consider sending a similar letter to their Congressman or Senators:

Dear Senator:

I believe that the jihad inspired attack on our soldiers at Ft. Hood, TX this past Thursday is but the latest in a long line of Islamist attacks on the United States and our Armed Forces.

It is reliably reported that Major Hasan yelled out “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great”) immediately before launching his attack at Fort Hood.  Additionally, both in Great Britain and the United States, reports are surfacing that Major Hasan attended a mosque in Great Falls, VA at the same time that Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour (two of the 9/11 terrorists) attended, and at the same time that a radical Islamic cleric was the imam of the mosque.

I do not believe this is merely a “coincidence”, and it is highly likely that the beginnings of Major Hasan’s nascent Islamist thoughts began in that mosque, and it is possible that he was recruited as an Al Qaeda “sleeper” by the two 9/11 plotters that he would certainly have known.

Subsequent to the 9/11 attacks, I would venture the guess that Major Hasan failed to disclose on any of his Security Clearance questionnaires the connection with the al Hijarh Islamic Center, the radical imam, Anwar Aulaqi,  and the fact that two 9/11 hijackers were known to him.  I suspect that a review of any security questionnaires that he has completed since 9/11/2001 will disclose that he deliberately lied about his association with known terrorist organizations or members of Al Qaeda.

It is also being reported in the media that Major Hasan planned this attack carefully, obtaining two semi-automatic pistols each capable of carrying multiple rounds, and he apparently carried multiple magazines of ammunition for rapid reloading to inflict maximum casualties in close quarters against unarmed military personnel.  The soldiers he killed and wounded were then in preparation for movement to overseas combat theaters within days or a few short weeks.

I believe that he chose his target deliberately to disrupt the flow of replacements to forward areas, and to inflict not just physical harm to our soldiers, but also instill the fear of fighting against the Islamist jihad in our soldiers both in the US and overseas.

As a Physician and a Psychiatrist, having counseled returning combat veterans and soldiers about to deploy, it can be argued that Major Hasan knew his actions would have a Psychological Operations effect on our soldiers’ morale and “will to fight” well beyond the boundaries of Fort Hood.  He knew that this type of “sudden jihadist” attack on US soil would cause a distrust of fellow Muslim soldiers worldwide, and… for US soldiers of the Muslim faith, instill a feeling of them being under suspicion and a desire to adhere closer to the core tenants of Islam…and jihad.

It appears that both the Obama Administration and Army Chief of Staff General Casey are trying to downplay this watershed event in the war as simply a “criminal act”.  It is not.  Major Hasan’s actions are treason, and he should be considered an illegal combatant under the terms of the Geneva Conventions.

Unfortunately Major Hasan’s actions cause problems for the Obama Administration politically on a variety of fronts:

Major Hasan’s immediate supervisors are indicating that they had already identified him as a problem for having argued with his patients about the United States’  “waging war on “Muslims”.  They did not report this further up the chain of command for fear of retribution for the perception that they might have singled him out for disciplinary action because of his Muslim beliefs.  The command environment that exists currently at Ft. Hood appears to have the unhappy consequence of minimizing security threats posed by hidden jihadist sleepers, and not encouraging supervisors to report up the chain of command soldiers who harbor, and in Major Hasan’s case, express sympathies with the enemy.  This environment of (for want of a better word) deference to the sensibilities of Muslims, has resulted in the loss of 13 killed and 30 wounded soldiers.

General Cone should not be considered for further promotion, and probably relieved of command for failing to properly secure the Fort Hood installation in wartime.

General Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army is working to treat this event as a “criminal act” and not a wartime “terrorist attack”.  This foolish, “politically correct” thinking is what lead to the 9/11 attacks: a failure to properly identify, and react to, a deliberate attack on the United States by an Islamist terrorist with the tacit support of Al Qaeda.

The Obama Administration’s heart is not in the fight against the Islamists and their efforts to impose Shari’a Law worldwide by force.  The Administration’s attempts to classify the War on Terror as “overseas contingency operations”, and attacks like this as “man caused disasters” shows a weakness of character at the highest levels of the Obama Administration.  The current President is not interested in defending the nation, but is solely interested in transforming our society into a Socialist State.  Mr. Obama does not want any distractions like the combat deaths of 13 US Soldiers this past week on US soil to cause distraction from his political agenda.

I ask that as a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that you consider the following actions on behalf of Georgia and our Armed Forces:

1.  Support Senator Joe Lieberman’s efforts to classify this event as a terrorist attack.

2.  Ask that the command at Fort Hood approve recommendations for the award of the Purple Heart to the 13 soldiers killed and those who were wounded.  I believe that this will be a major political issue nationally by the end of this week after the first funerals are held and the families realize their loved ones haven’t received Purple Hearts.

3.  Inquire as to whether or not the Army plans to charge Major Hasan with treason, and if not, why not?  He is a Field Grade Officer, afforded special considerations, deference and pay.  His actions betray not just his fellow soldiers, but all United States Armed Forces Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers.

4.  Inquire as to whether or not Major Hasan lied on any Security Questionnaires since 9/11 about his involvement with Islamic extremists.

5.  Conduct closed door hearings on the security ramifications of the loyalties of Armed Forces members of the Muslim faith.  Are there any others like Major Hasan that our Commanders are aware of, but aren’t reporting for fear of retribution as being “culturally insensitive”?

6.  Review the security posture of our US based forces.  It seems that the Obama Administration has dialed security down to the point that we’re losing active duty service members on US soil.  Regardless of what the Obama Administration would like to believe, our Nation is at war…our US based military installations should be secured as if they are at war also.  The recent intrusion at the South Carolina nuclear weapons storage facility without reaction from the base underscores the urgency of this review.

Ernest McDermon, Atlanta, GA