YouTube ShooterI haven’t searched the web or Youtube in knowing her social media was taken down almost instantly. The only thing I know is she shot up Youtube (subsidiary of Google/Alphabet) and it appears it was over demonetization (I always misspell that).

I am writing this to say that I don’t believe her actions were an act of jihad but instead the acts of a muslim woman who is angry at being silenced.

Let’s consider Youtube’s banning gun videos. Yet’s consider how many jihadis are created by Youtube’s lenient policy toward muslim men sharing the good of sharia and why jihad is Mohammed’s demand.

And you think they demonetized a muslim woman over jihadi info? Really?

I contend she was demanding change in islam, in sharia. Some info posted shows she was angry over censorship, well sharia censorship is easy to spot in the Nobel Peace Prize winning woman, Malala Yousafzai who recently returned to Pakistan, after the Taliban had shot her in the head. Their reason was that she was promoting women be educated.

Now imagine if Youtube demonetized Nasim Aghdam over this…..

Can you see why they didn’t want employees talking to reporters? Can you see why they’d erase her social media accounts everywhere? This isn’t something they do with jihadis, this is something they do in promoting islam, in being “sharia aware” and compliant.

So I’d strongly suggest everyone step back and apply reason to this, for to me if this woman is protesting censorship by a company we know hasn’t censored jihadis in the past, we have a pretty good indication their motives weren’t she was a jihadist.

God Bless you, and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman