America Under an Isis Imposed Caliphate


ISIS, also known as ISIL, the most radical of Islamic groups now rampaging and murdering through Iraq has declared that one day their flag will fly over the White House. Consider for a moment what America would be like if that were to happen.

What education would be offered would only be for men. Schools for female children – forget about it. For these thugs/animals ignorance is control. And yes, they are animals, but far more terrifying than rabid dogs.

To women who like to wear jewelry take note, it is impossible to see what jewelry you are wearing under the choice of two colors of burkas you will be required to wear – blue and black. Ditto makeup. Oh yes, and forget about taking walks or jogging without a male member of your family present. And if you could do that it sure would be hot doing so in a burka that covers you from head-to-toe. And driving is definitely out of the question.

All who like to listen to music be it Beethoven, Jazz, Rock, Country, or hymns you can forget about that. No dancing either. Art like music is considered decadent and offensive to the religious sensitivities of these folks so say goodbye to art museums. As to museums that feature say goodbye to them as well as history will be that which they write.

Like the church or synagogue you attend? They will all be replaced by mosques. It will be one religion for everyone with Allah being the only god to be worshipped. The Bible will be outlawed and replaced by the Koran. If you won’t accept this then off with your head! And as to the doctrine of “Separation of Church and State” forget about that as there WILL BE mandatory prayer in the schools (called madrassas). Oh by the way, you atheists will no longer have the freedom to deny the existence of God for to do so would cost you your head.

Men who want to divorce their wives will simply be able to accuse her of adultery and she will be stoned to death. No alimony. Probably fewer lawyers too deal with divorce cases.
Homosexuality will not be tolerated as it is deemed to be deviant behavior by Islam.

Like to enjoy a Budweiser after work or wine with a meal at your favorite restaurant, that will no longer be possible as alcoholic beverages will no longer be available. Imagine all those jobs, union and otherwise at Anheuser Busch that will be eliminated. Wineries will likewise be gone. And those who supply pork sausage and ham products will no longer be able to engage in that line of work.
And to all who have lost loved ones and have the Christian cross or Star of David placed on their grave marker get ready to see all of these desecrated and removed.

So, what would America look like under ISIS? As I see it, the above tells only part of the story. Yes, we will lose all of the above but more than that we would be losing the liberty and freedom our forefathers deemed worth fighting and in some cases lost their life defending. That is the price they paid. What price would be willing to pay to insure we remain free from these Islamist terrorists who, given the chance, would impose a Caliphate and their perverted version of Islam on the rest of the world? Without question, something worth thinking about.