Unborn BabyFor every other animal that may be in its mother’s womb, we realized that the animal inside the womb was the same type of thing as the animal outside the womb. Why should it be different for human beings? It would be dehumanizing to use dissociative language like “clump of cells” in this instance. Unfortunately however, this particular fetal life in the womb is treated as less than human—it isn’t given the full rights of “Personhood” in the United States. 

Men Have Aways Caused Abortions

“Men started it. Men oppress with it. Men can end it.”  Yes, nobody thinks it, but that’s exactly what happens when a child is aborted. Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women – Brian E. Fisher … explains it all.

Fisher makes certain things clear from the “get-go.”

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women‘ Reframes National  debate on the subject of abortion.Fisher points out the female gender is under attack. He also points out he never uses the term “pro-choice”, unless it is used by someone else in a quotation. He specifically uses the terms “pro-abortion” or “abortion proponent.” Not attempting to upset those favoring abortion, the term “pro-choice” is incorrect. “Pro-choice” means one is in favor of having options. “Pro-abortion” means one is in favor of the legality and practice of abortion.

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women‘ Reframes National  reframes national debate on responsibility for abortion.

Abortion as the Ultimate Exploitation of Women: A Conversation with  Fisher dispels common myths many have about abortion. Trevin Wax, of Kingdom  People, has a heart-to-heart discussion with Fisher.

Pro-Choice A Non-Sequitur

The term “pro-choice” was invented to avoid using the term “pro-abortion.” Former abortionist and founder Bernard Nathanson, NARAL-National Association For The Repeal of Abortion Law, led efforts called “pro-choice.”  This is nothing but a “Madison Avenue euphemism.” Most abortion activists wanted to remake abortion vocabulary. Abortion historian Cynthia Gorney explained it as: “…taking attention off the abortion procedure and loss of life, and instead make the issue about women’s rights.”

Exactly what pro-abortion men want our culture to believe, is abortion is wholly a woman’s choice. Actually, early feminists were passionately against abortion knowing it harmed all women.

Fisher did not invent the words, “…ultimate exploitation of women.” Alice Paul, devout feminist, was the original architect of the ERA, Equal Rights Amendment. She coined that phrase to describe abortion’s decimation of females. Unfortunately time, marketing, and money changed feminists’ view.

Blackmun Clearly Mishandled Roe

Abortion by definition is conclusive willful termination of a human life. Justice Blackmun, Roe author, said to recognize the personhood of the unborn he would have had to rule the opposite of what he did: “…if this suggestion of personhood is established, the fetus’ right to life would be guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.”  “Personhood” is specifically defined by Embryo: A Defense of Human Life – Robert P. George and … Christopher Tollefson.

Half the 57 million aborted since Roe was enacted was male, which directly impacts the male gender. 

Fisher says much of the “eugenics” populace decided the only way to control Black population was by controlling fertility.

Women are victims of abortion, just as thousands of men who mourn the loss of children they had no legal right to protect. That’s not even including family members of either gender who have been gravely wounded by abortion in the family.

What Changed Abortion Laws?

Nineteenth-century doctors, and press, knew abortion was heinous. Feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton stated: “Abortion is to be classed, as with the killing of newborns,  as infanticide…”. In 1859, Robert Horatio Storer, M.D., was the leader in the doctor’s crusade against abortion. He was chairman of the American Medical Association, AMA, specifically on criminal abortion.

By 1880, almost every state and territory had made it a serious crime to induce abortions. Storer was credited with saving thousands of lives from abortions. Most don’t realize ramifications of the offspring of these survivors, and the offspring of offspring for the three generations Storer watched from 1857-1922.  

Snipers in Syria kill pregnant womenSnipers in Syria are engaging in a new sport. On one day more than six pregnant women were caught by sniper fire and on another day two eavily pregnant women were targeted. They survived but their unborn babies died, one suffering a bullet to the brain.

“The women were all shot through the uterus, so that must have been where they were aiming for… This was deliberate.

It was hell beyond hell,”  said David Nott. He says snipers in Syria choose different parts of civilians bodies to target. Then, the target changed to killing unborn children. It’s obvious this pre-born died in pain from his obvious scream.

Right To Destroy

The majority of male abortion ‘advocates’ had motivations like personal sexual behaviors. But on the societal level, the two primary drivers are population control and eugenics. In 1914 this was a perfect lead-in for Margaret Sanger, having an agenda of birth control and eugenics.  By this time, Sanger had already announced her “right to destroy.”

A 1943 Planned Parenthood list of goals: “…foster selective pregnancy….and…seek to offer the eugenically unsound means to avoid bringing offspring into the world whop would become social liabilities…”. In 1966 three years after Sanger’s death, Planned Parenthood adopted abortion legalization as corporate policy. The “right to destroy” was realized in 1973 with the “Roe v Wade” decision.

Despite current population growth, current trends show it’s slowing and will negatively decline during our lifetimes. The Population Research Institute, PRI, has produced a list of 70 population control abuses in 30 countries. Women are usually victims of sterilization, forced abortion, sex-selection abortion, infanticide, or Depo-Provera injections without informed consent.

Abortion is just the “get out of jail free” card for sexually aggressive men. One half of all pregnancies are aborted. Fisher reports over 5.2 million pregnancies/year. If most  couples are using contraception, there are 2.6 million killing their babies before birth. The math for the killing is straightforward.

Remember how slavery existed in America for 250 years? It was legal then, because the law thought slaves were only 3/5ths of a person. Science proved that common thought over 100 years ago. It’s done with preborns today. The book gives pertinent details.

Congressman Chris Smith at the recent March for Life in Washington, DC, spoke to participants on: Abortion is the Ultimate Exploitation of Women and Children. If one accesses ABORTION: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women – Online For Life, one can actually get a free copy of the book.

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