I have been writing about the incremental intrusion of Islamist ideology into the United States for the last decade. Inch by inch, so that it’s hardly noticed – al-gore-current-tv-al-jazeera-450x337and at the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood – fundamentalists are accomplishing their long range mission of establishing Islam as dominant in the U.S. and eventually, the only religion on earth, which may take fifty to a hundred years. Their main obstacle is the United States. 

Many folks only worry about terrorism. In fact, terrorism is a distraction. We have constantly been warned about stealth infiltration of our country by scores of experts and scholars including Daniel Pipes, Paul Sperry, Steve Emerson, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and many more. Such infiltration includes our schools, banks, justice and penal systems, media, and the government itself.  The manifesto documents of the Muslim Brotherhood specifically refer to destroying America: From Within.

Repeat: From Within. Their words. 

Another key element of stealth jihad is the communication media from which to unleash the propaganda machine. Just as in all totalitarian uprisings, propaganda is an essential element for creating mind change. Propaganda is most effective when people have no idea they are being brainwashed. 

Earlier this year, cable channel, Current TV decided to sell out. Ratings were poor and two prospective buyers were competing. The founder of Current TV was former Vice-President, Al Gore. 

One prospective buyer was conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck. The other was Al Jazeera, the Islamist-Arab based television news giant. 

Mr. Gore elected to sell the television network to Al Jazeera.  

Immediately, Time-Warner pulled out from being a sponsor.     

We all acknowledge that Mr. Beck is a controversial figure; many love him, many don’t. But no one can deny that he is a loyal countryman who loves America. 

Al Jazeera has a history of anti-Americanism, who support Hamas, who received funding from the Muslim Brotherhood, who has espoused anti-Israel propaganda. Arab publication, Al Monitor, wrote on January 23rdQatar has dedicated Al Jazeera, the country’s most prized non-financial asset, to the service of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In other words, the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood is now entrenched in our country. And our own former vice-president let it happen. 

In recent years, Al Jazeera portrayed a new image of “moderation.” Opinion: That was a ruse to alter its image so it could negotiate into a deal within America. Remember the prophet, Mohammed’s decree; “War is deceit.”

Now, thanks to Mr. Gore, who apparently cares nothing about the future of America, the fundamentalist Islamic world will be able to reach out to 40 million-plus viewers, half of whom will be young and impressionable Americans. 

Islam is not “just another religion.” Fundamentalist Islam is an ideology and a form of government with its own set of laws (Sharia) evidenced by every nation in the world where Islam dominates. 

Television is a powerful force in mind bending. We know such forces exist in media stations in America, including NCC, Fox and MSNBC. Americans can enter into debate on issues, but we shouldn’t have to worry about our enemies enjoying a platform intended to eventually bringAmericato its knees.

The only retort Americans have at this point is to implore companies from sponsoring programs on Al Jazeera. Perhaps, with lack of support for sponsors, they will get the message: You’re not welcome here. 

Like him or not, Glenn Beck is an American. Al Jazeera is anti-American. The choice for Mr. Gore was a no-brainer.

Sadly, the choice was made by a no-brainer.

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