North Carolina Tom Wallace as he spoke at an Answering Muslims conference in North Carolina. Listen to the program HERE (mp3 download link) and below are the “show notes” from this program.

The Situation In Charlotte

There are about 24,000 to 30,000 Muslims in North Carolina, about 10,000 Charlotte area, and about 15,000 in the Raleigh/Durham area. You may see the Qur’an van driving around Charlotte. It is being used to publicize Islam to the community. The organization that is doing has its headquarters in Charlotte, but it is setting itself up as a franchise across the nation. They distribute the Qur’an to the people. There is also a very large Islamic academy here in Charlotte and a number of mosques in the area. We are also seeing the real face of Islam in North Carolina. Recently two people were arrested as they were planning terrorist activity in the Raleigh area. Four years ago seven people were arrested for similar things here in North Carolina. Just before July 4th, a young man was arrested in Morganton, NC. He had converted to Islam and embraced ISIS. He was planning to kill 1,000 people on July 4th. Fortunately he contacted an FBI undercover agent and was arrested.  Morganton is small-town America.

Is Islam In The Bible?

There is a passage that presents the idea of Islam. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Galatians 1:8 We are warned that there will be those who will say that an angel from Heaven delivered them a message. If the message is not in line with what has already been given we know that it is wrong and that person is to be accursed. I believe that is exactly what happened 600 years after this was written. According to Muhammad, the angel Gabriel appeared to him with the message of the Qur’an. This should be a warning to us and tell us that there is no doubt about the god of Islam. He is not the same as the God of Christianity.

The Muslim Point Of View

Muslims believe that god, Allah, began to reveal is message to his prophets. One of those prophets was Abraham. Abraham had two sons that we know a lot about, Ishmael, the first born, and Isaac, the son of promise. Muslims believe that Allah’s revelation begins with Abraham. They believe that this revelation was given to the Jews, but that the Jews corrupted the message, the Old Testament. They believe that because of this Allah had to find a new prophet, Jesus, through whom to give the new revelation. They believe that His followers corrupted the new revelation, the New Testament. They believe that 600 years after Christ Allah called the final prophet, Muhammad. They believe that the Qur’an is the last testament. They believe that the Qur’an has remained pure for today.

Two Important Words

We need to understand the difference between apologetic and polemic. The word apologetic means to defend. In a courtroom the defense attorney is the apologist. Polemic means to point out the error of the other side. In a courtroom this would be the prosecuting attorney. We will be looking at the arguments to defend our faith because Islam makes some false claims concerning our Bible, our Jesus, and our God. We need to present an apology (defense) to counter this false teaching. We will also look at the errors of Islam (polemic) to show that their faith is not of God.

Five Myths Of Islam

  • Popular Myth No. 1 – Islam is a Religion of Peace
How many of you have heard this myth? Most, if not all, of you have. Our presidents, including President Bush, have told us this. It is a lie. The technical definition of the word “Islam” is to submit or to surrender. One who is surrendered or submitted to Islam is called a Muslim. Muslim means the surrendered one. Are there Muslims for Jesus Christ? If we take the definition of the word “Muslim,” all who are submitted to Jesus Christ could be called Muslims. Of course the word has come to mean submitted to Islam. ISIS gives us a good look at what Islam really is. Their Caliph has told us what they are all about: Oh, Muslims, Islam was never for a day of the religion of peace, Islam is the religion of war. Your Prophet was dispatched with the sword. I came to you with slaughter, he said. Where did he get this? Did he just invent this? It comes from the Qur’an and the Sunna. I will say more about these sources later. You can tell what something is by what it does. We have 1,400 years of history we can look at to see what Islam does. Islam has a history of bloodshed. We call this the tears of jihad. Islam is an equal opportunity destroyer. It is not just after the Jews and Christians, it is after anyone who is not a “believer.” This even includes Muslims who do not practice Islam the way these people do. Let me teach you a new word, “kufar.” Let me warn you that I have just taught you a dirty word. This is the word that the Qur’an uses for you and me as unbelievers. This word means excrement. Muslims believe we are the filth, the evil that is in the world. Once the world is rid of the kufar there will be peace in the world. This is the doctrine of Islam concerning peace. We must be converted from kufar to Muslim, or subjugate us, or they will kill us. The subjugation, or slavery, is only give to the people of the book. The book is the Bible, and only Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians are the people of the book. In the name of Allah Islam has slaughtered 120 million Africans, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, and hundreds of thousands of Jews over the course of its history. Do you see what I mean that it is an equal opportunity destroyer?
  • Myth No. 2 Allah and Jehovah are the same God
When a Muslim says this to me here is my response. “Wonderful, that is great, so your god has a son.” Their face will change and they will respond “for Allah hath no son.” Then ai say that we don’t have the same God because my God has a begotten Son, His name is Jesus. Don’t let Muslims get away with saying that their god is the same as our God. He most definitely is not! Muslims believe that Allah gave us the Bible. They believe that Allah is the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  • Myth No. 3 The Prophet Muhammad is greater than Jesus Christ
Muslims believe in Jesus, and revere him as a great prophet, but no prophet is greater than Muhammad. Every good Muslim will say at least three times a day when they pray, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” We will discuss this later.
  • Myth No. 4 The Bible is Corrupted but the Qur’an is Pure
If we are going to get Muslims saved because “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” If they don’t trust this book, how do we do that? Again, we will look at this later.
  • Myth No. 5 Muhammad received revelations from the Angel Gabriel.
To understand how this all supposedly came to pass we have to study all of the Islamic scriptures. These include the Qur’an and the Sunna. Most of us are familiar with the Qur’an. You most likely think that this is their only holy book. It is only a portion, about 14% of their scriptures. The majority of their doctrine comes from the Sunna. The Sunna is made up of the Hadith and the Sirah. The Sirah is the biography of Muhammad. There are  over 600,000 Hadith. These two scriptures give us the acts and the words of Muhammad. The Qur’an gives us the words of Allah. To a Muslim both the Qur’an and the Sunna are of equal importance. You go to the Qur’an to see what Allah had to say and you go to the Sunna to see what Muhammad had to say and what he did. Muhammad is the example that Muslims are told to imitate. An Overview God warned us that some would come telling us that an angel gave them another gospel. Six hundred years later Muhammad shows up telling us that he received another gospel from an angel. If you study what Gabriel said in Luke and in Matthew, we learn that the One who is to be born will be the Son of God and that His name is Emmanuel, meaning God with us. The Gabriel of the Bible tells us that Jesus is God in the flesh. The Gabriel of Muhammad tells a different story. Surah 39:4; Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son, He could have chosen whom He pleased out of those whom He doth create: but Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah, the One, the Irresistible. Remember, the Qur’an was given word for word by the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an call those who say God has a son liars. When we look at the account of Muhammad, we see that the “angel” is called a “jin.” this word means spirit. It could be an angel or a demon. Muhammad feared that it was the latter. According to Muhammad, the jin wakes him up while he was asleep in a cave and tells him to read something. Muhammad responds that he can’t read or write. He actually thought he was going to be killed by this spirit. Muhammad asked if wondered if he was a poet (prophet) or if he was possessed. He even considered killing himself to gain rest. How was he convinced that it was the angel Gabriel? Muhammad’s wife told him to wake her up when the jin appears. The next time the jin showed up Muhammad woke his wife and they did what husbands and wives do. This caused the jin to leave. His wife said to rejoice because if the jin was a demon he would have stayed to watch.

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  Segment Two

How Does A Muslim Get Saved?

The first thing you must understand is that it is something they earn. They must merit Allah’s pleasure. The problem is that Allah is not like Jehovah. One of the attributes of Jehovah is His immutability. He is the same today as he was yesterday. Allah is the capricious one. He can not only change his mind, he can change his very nature. Muslims live their lives in fear, not knowing if they have earned enough favor with their god. It is a “I hope so” religion. There is one way, and only one way, a Muslim can guarantee his salvation. He must die as a martyr for Allah in jihad. There are 7 blessing promised to the martyrs. They are not found in the Qur’an, but in the Hadith. Some Hadith say there are 6 blessings and some say there are 7.
  1. He is forgiven from the moment his blood is shed.
  2. He will be shown a palace in Paradise.
  3. He will be spared the trial of the grave.
  4. He will be secure on the day of judgment.
  5. He will receive a crown of dignity.
  6. He will be married to 72 virgins
  7. He will be able to intercede for 70 of his family members so they can go to Paradise with him.
I was speaking to a Muslim on number 6 and he pointed out that I don’t speak Arabic and in the Arabic you could interpret the virgins as raisins. I said, you mean that if I am a Muslim, and I die in jihad, I can go to Heaven and have 72 raisins? At this point he wanted the subject changed. The 7th blessing is hardly mentioned. It explains why Muslims do what they do. This is why Muslim mothers will pick a child to be the martyr for the family. Do you now understand why we see mothers of suicide bombers dancing in the streets for joy when their child blows himself up? Muslim women are very fearful of death because Muhammad said that Hell is largely filled with women. He said that ¾ of those in Hell will be women because they are deficient in mind.

Islam’s Doctrines of Deception

Al Takiyya Al Takiyya is defined about ones Muslim identity. It comes from the verse in the Quran that says, “Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful – he that does has nothing to hope for from Allah – except in self-defense -Surah 3:28. Also…. “When it is possible to achieve an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible, and lying is obligatory if the goal is obligatory.” (Reliance of the Traveler, Para r8.2) This includes lying to protect Islam or a Muslim. For example, if a Muslim is captured and forced to renounce his faith or die he can lie to the unbelievers and say outwardly “I renounce my faith” and inwardly in his heart still be a true believer. One of the finer aspects of al takyya is that if there is some aim or goal that a Muslim is required to perform and he cannot do it by telling the truth, then he is obligated to lie. For example, all Muslims are obligated to work to bring the world under the domination of Islam. If he cannot do this by honest means it is OK for him to use dishonest methods to accomplish this. Al Tawriya Al Tawriya is defined as concealing, and it could be called “creative lying”. It is OK to break the intent of the oath, as long as you don’t break the letter of the oath. (Reliance of the Traveler, sections o19.1 and o19.5) For example, they tell us that Islam means peace. They use the fact that Islam is similar to salaam, which means peace. This is creative lying. It depends on our ignorance of the Arabic language. The word “Islam” actually means submission or surrender. When one submits to Islam he is called a Muslim, which means the submitted one. Another example would be when a Muslim responds to your greeting of “Merry Christmas!” He might say, “I wish you the best.” What he wishes for you is that you will become a Muslim because he believes this is the best for you. Kitman Kitman is characterized by deceiving someone by telling only part of the truth. An example is what they tell us about jihad. The tell us that it means personal struggle against evil. They call this the “Great Jihad.” The reason it is called this is because everyone struggles with temptations. The lesser jihad is the fight against the unbelievers, that of actually going to war against non-Muslims. When they tell us that jihad means the personal struggle against evil, what they don’t tell us is that 9 out 10 times Jihad is mentioned in the Qur’an and the Sunna It is talking about fighting against the Kafr (unbelievers). Another example is the quoting passages that have been abrogated. These are passages that were written early in the life of Muhammad that have been superseded by later passages. When a Muslim quotes a passage that says there is no compulsion in religion, he is quoting a passage that has been abrogated and, if they are knowledgeable Muslims, they know that this verse has been superseded by later verses like the verse that says fight those who believe not. “There is no compulsion in religion” (Surah 2:256) Early Medina “Are they seeking a religion other than Allah’s, when every soul in the heavens and earth has submitted to Him, willingly or by compulsion?” (Surah 3:83 Later Medina) Because most people in the West are ignorant of the Islamic teaching of abrogation we fall for this kind of thing. The purpose of Fortress of Faith is to educate people so they won’t fall for these deceptions. Muruna Muruna means using “flexibility” or “Balance” to blend in with the enemy or the surroundings. It is allowed for Muslims to blend in with the life style of the enemy in order to bring about the greater cause of Islam, which is to bring everyone into submission Islam. It is acceptable for a Muslim living in the West to dress like westerners, shave off the beard, etc. They can even go to the point of drinking alcohol. The whole purpose of their doing this is to keep us from seeing them as who they really are. They can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Two Houses Of Islam In Christianity we can divide the world into two parts, the saved and the lost. In Islam they divide it into the unbelievers, which is the House of War, and believers, which is the House of Islam. As Christians, we try to reach the lost by loving persuasion. We take the Gospel to them and give hem the freedom to choose. Islam has a totally different approach. When they are in the House of War, meaning they do not have enough strength to dominate the society in which they live, they use the methods of deception I mentioned above. Once they gain enough strength to influence the society they start demanding their “rights” and forcing non-Muslims to capitulate to them. This is a transitional phase moving toward the House of Islam. When they believe they have moved into the House of Islam, then everyone who is not a Muslim is either made a slave or killed. I believe that the West, including America, is at least in the transition stage.  

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Segment Three

Islam And The Antichrist

All I can give you on this is a brief oversight because it would take several articles to cover it. In Islam’s prophetic teaching they are waiting for three people;
  • The Mahdi – This is their messiah.
  • The second  person is Isa – The Muslim Jesus, the servant of the Mahdi.
  • The Dijal – The Muslim false prophet.
When you look at Islamic prophecy it is like looking at the Book of Revelation in a mirror. Everything is the exact opposite. Their Mahdi is our Antichrist. He will do the things that the Bible attributes to the Antichrist. Their Isa fits very well with what we read in Revelation 13 about the second beast, the false prophet. The Muslim Dijal, who they think is the false messiah, fits with the Bible’s description of the true Messiah. The Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims The Sunni don’t believe that the caliph, the supreme ruler of Islam has to be a direct decedent of Muhammad. The Sunni make up about 80% of the Muslims in the world. They have the correct doctrine on this issue. There was no indication from Muhammad that his successor had to be of his bloodline. His first successor was Abu Bakar, who was Muhammad’s best friend. He was not related to Muhammad. Interestingly enough, he did end up being Muhammad’s father-in-law. Muhammad married Abu’s daughter when he was about 50 years old. The daughter was only 6 years old at the time of the marriage. The marriage was consummated when she was 9. Pedophilia is wide spread in Islam. They have their Prophet as an example. The Antichrist Religion In the Bible, the term “antichrist” is never given to the person. The “antichrist” is mentioned 4 times in the Bible, and always in the epistles of John. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 1 John 4:3 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 1 John 2:18 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 2 John 1:7 The sum of these verses tells us that the essence of antichrist is the denial of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Most of us were taught that the antichrist religion was Catholicism. How does what we have just read from the Scriptures fit Rome? It doesn’t, does it? I am not trying to defend Catholicism, but it does believe that Jesus is the Son of God. The deity of Christ is a major precept in the Catholic religion. I will not let Catholicism completely off the hook. There are a number of things that the two religions have in common. If there is any other religion that venerates Mary more than the Catholics, it would be the Muslims. Muslims have prayer-beads like the Catholics. I forget if it is the 43rd or 47th bead on the Muslim prayer-beads is the great deceiver. The Bible tells us who the great deceiver is. The three people the Muslims are waiting for fit the Bible in revers. Islam fits as the antichrist religion because it denies the deity of Christ, Jesus as the Son of God, and God as the Father.

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