Regular Gates of Vienna readers are familiar with the work of our English correspondent Seneca III. For new readers: his earlier essays are listed at the bottom of this post, or you may visit his archive page.

In March 2012, as reported here at the time, a film crew for the Christian Action Network visited London and other European cities to take footage for a documentary about the Islamization of Europe. Seneca III was one of the people interviewed. The words he spoke back then are timely now — and, given the events of the past three days, prophetic.

Seneca III didn’t have time to write an essay to accompany the posting of this video, so he asked that we preface the clips of him with this quote:


We are currently living through an interregnum, a tragic historical moment when everything is in flames and everything, like a phoenix, might rise reborn from the ashes…the period of regeneration between chaos and post-chaos, the moment of tragedy, when everything is again possible…metamorphic in essence, European civilisation has known three distinct ages; Antiquity, the Middle Ages which rose from the ruins of Antiquity, and, beginning in the Sixteenth century, a Third Age of expansion, that of ‘modernity’, which is now coming to an end…

…The interregnum through which we are presently living is the most crucial and decisive period since the Persian and Punic wars. Either Europeans will unite in self-defence, expel the colonisers and regenerate themselves biologically and morally — or else their civilisation will disappear — forever…

…[essentially] The interregnum will give birth to the Fourth Age of European Civilisation — or else Europe will die, purely and simply. Everything is to be decided in the decisive period now beginning. And [re]birth, if it occurs, will be painful, full of blood and tears — the fuels of history. For our civilisation, the twenty-first century is to be a trial of life or death with no possibility of appeal.” *

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for compiling the excerpts and uploading them:

From Why We Fight — Manifesto of the European Resistance, by Guillaume Faye; First English Edition, 2011, Arktos Media Ltd. French Original — Pourquoi nous combattons : manifeste de la résistance européenne. Editions de l’Æncre, Paris, 2001: German edition — Wofür wir Kämpfen, Ahnenrad der Moderne, 2006.