JB Williams

As has been the case in American politics of divide and conquer for far too long, race relations are once again center stage in the 2016 Democratic Party campaign for power, this time under the Black Lives Matter banner. Once again, a political election is being framed around manufactured social divisions created by politicians – to benefit politicians.

For the record, Black Lives do Matter… to me and many others in America who want the same freedoms, liberties, opportunities and hopeful future for all Americans of every race, creed and color. But I am highly troubled by those among whom black lives seem to matter very little… Those who see African-Americans as a sub-human species that requires special treatment and benefits as if they were somehow mentally or morally deficient by birth.

For most conservatives like myself, every human life matters and the color of one’s skin tone has nothing to do with the subject. In fact, nothing on earth matters more than the fundamental natural right to LIFE and the individual power to pursue happiness under personal liberty. These all-American natural rights are indeed colorblind. At our very foundation, Americans believe that all men (mankind) are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. All men… (mankind)

But clearly, there are people in our country among whom Black Lives Matter very little, beyond their usefulness as a tool for division in the political arena. Despite the historical reality that slaves were freed by Republican Abraham Lincoln, or that the Civil Rights Acts of the 50s and 60s were drafted and passed by Congressional Republicans, opposed by Congressional Democrats at the time, the black community has been a very reliable voting block for the Democratic Party for decades now.

Yet it is the Democratic Party who cares about nothing more for Black Lives than their usefulness in elections and it is easy to demonstrate this reality.

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion.” (Which has since happened)

The above quote was stated by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a July 7, 2009 New York Times Magazine interview. Since then, several attempts have been made to retract that statement or assert that Ginsburg was misquoted. However, the above quote is taken directly from that interview and is not in any way taken out of context.

The fact is Ginsburg, a lifelong Democrat and supporter of abortion on demand, was sharing a truth which many democrats have denied the entire time they have supported abortion rights and even taxpayer funding for abortion – knowing the entire time that abortion is the single largest cause of deaths in the black community.

In reality, Roe vs. Wade was not even an abortion case. It was a case concerning the rights of a wife to make reproductive decisions independent of her husband’s desires. The court simply ruled that the husband had no right to force his will upon his wife in her decision to carry the child to birth, or abort the child.

It is Democrats who then used that ruling to expand the decision via broad interpretation to claim abortion on demand rights for all women and then target poor communities (aka undesirables) for extermination via government funded abortions through Medicaid. Those poor communities were predominantly black communities. Black Lives Matter to who?

The African-American population in America represents about 13% of the population. But it also represents a disproportionate 52% of violent crimes in America, according to F.B.I. crime statistics tracked since 1980. Further, in Chicago alone, African-Americans are the victim of 75% of murders. 83.4% of those murders are shootings, 97% of which are with handguns, not assault rifles.

Most significant are the following facts:

  • 90% of these victims are male
  • 77% of all homicide victims have a prior arrest record
  • 87% of the shooters also have a prior arrest record
  • 72% of victims are between ages 17-35
  • 3% of the shooters are black
  • The vast majority of other shooters are Hispanic


Statistics in other major U.S. cities are very similar. Black on Black violent crime is not only responsible for the vast majority of black deaths in America, second only to abortion, the circumstance has only worsened in recent years. The more politicians claim to solve the problem, the worse the problem seems to become.

Nationwide, over 70% of all black deaths as a result of violent crime were committed by a black assailant. Well over 70% of those incidents were committed by assailants with a prior arrest record, most of them between the ages of 17-35.

Black Lives Matter to Who?

Black Lives Mattered to Lincoln and to the Republicans who authored and passed the Civil Rights Acts of the 50s and 60s, in the face of strong opposition from Democrats at the time. Black Lives Matter to the vast majority of American conservatives who vote for and support freedom and liberty for ALL Americans without any regard for race, creed or color.

But how much do Black Lives Matter to democrats who have targeted the black community through government funded abortion on demand? How much do they matter to people who target Second Amendment Rights for assault rifles, while 97% of all black gun deaths are committed with hand guns?

The current Black Lives Matter movement was launched by two women who live in California, ‎Alicia Garza‎, ‎Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, a Nigerian-American living in New York, all three of whom are highly politically active community organizers for the political left and grassroots strategists for the Democratic Party.

Black Lives Matter to Who?

You will never hear anyone in the current Black Lives Matter movement mention any of the following statistics…. (provided by the CDC)

  • 354,392 American blacks have died via violent crime since 1973
  • The vast majority of those deaths were at the hand of a black assailant
  • 245,322 American blacks have died of AIDS during the same period
  • 5 million American blacks died via abortion since 1973

If Black Lives really mattered to the people behind the movement, they would be addressing the single largest cause of death in the black community, abortion… and they would be working to stop the vast majority of black deaths via violent crime by addressing the reality that most of these deaths are at the hand of a black assailant, the vast majority of whom have prior arrest records.

But no…

Instead, the community organizing effort is not at all focused upon protecting Black Lives. It is focused upon manipulating the black community for benefit of Democratic Socialist policies that are in fact responsible for the overwhelming majority of black deaths.

  • Abortion on demand – 15.5 million black deaths
  • Sexual freedom – AIDS – 245,322 black deaths
  • Open borders and free drug trade – gang violence – government projects that perpetuate the problem and the targeting of cops instead of black assailants with prior arrest records – 354,392 black deaths

In truth, no group in America has been more harmful to the black community than Democratic Socialists in today’s Democratic Party. But these are truths never told on or near government housing projects, or on Democrat campaign stumps, or by the folks running or behind Black Lives Matter.

Now, I realize that these truths are highly unpopular among the politicians who benefit from the lies they tell. But these are truths that every member of the black community needs to hear, whether they want to hear them or not… Yes, Black Lives Matter to me… but do they really matter to you?

Is it really “equality” that you want? Do you really want black lives to matter?

When the color of your skin makes no more difference to you than it does to me, you will be equal. When you start to care about 15.5 million black abortions, black lives will begin to matter. When you stop blaming cops for the fact that most black street deaths are the result of black on black crimes and start addressing the reality that most of those crimes are at the hand of someone who has a prior arrest record, blacks will stop dying in the streets.

Blacks are not alone in this leftist political scam. Hispanics and Latinos are being played too.

The notion that America (an immigrant nation) is anti-immigration is insane on its face. Americans are anti-illegal immigration…. American citizens are expected to respect and abide by our laws and as a result, all law-abiding Americans expect all visitors to our country to respect our laws as well, beginning with our immigration and naturalization laws. Both ethnic groups are being manipulated by democratic socialists, plain and simple! Learn from this experience and self-correct, or your plight will continue to be your plight.