Fighting Back for America | Spencer demands retraction of false and defamatory remarks

Acting through his lawyer, John Munger, Glenn Spencer has demanded that Louis Heredia, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, publicly retract statements he made accusing Spencer of anti-Semitism and racism.

HEREDIAGALLARDOOn March 1, 2012, the day Spencer appeared before a state senate committee, Heredia was quoted in several publications stating that Spencer is “an avowed anti-Semite and purported racist.” Heredia (photo left) also stated that he is the leader of a “vigilante militia known as the American Border Patrol.”

In a letter to Heredia, Arizona State Sen. Steve Gallardo (photo right), the Phoenix New Times and the, Munger said: “Mr. Spencer demands that you retract those statements formally and publicly by issuing a letter of retraction to us as well as to the press generally in Arizona.”

Munger said that if Heredia fails to comply, “we intend to put you to your proof that he is what you have alleged, and we will seek damages on your failure to do so.”

Spencer said he retained Munger’s law firm last November in anticipation of attacks on him that would come from his expected appearance before the Arizona state border committee. “I told John to expect attacks on me soon as it was learned I was to speak before the Arizona senate border committee,” Spencer said. “We didn’t have to wait long,” He added.

Spencer said he has long been the target of attacks by people who do not want the border controlled. “After ten years of hard work we have come up with a solution to the border problem, and Heredia and the others apparently don’t want the people of Arizona to know that,” Spencer said.