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Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian discuss Chrislam and the interfaith movement.

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Aren’t those of you who are Christians, which I suppose is most of you, glad that the Gospel came to your address? This is something that is likely to happen in America, but is not likely to happen in most of the rest of the world, especially in Islamic countries. Our Lord gave us a commission which starts by taking the Gospel to every creature.

The Gospel we must take to the world is a pure Gospel. Today we are going to talk about a perversion that is growing. There is a hybrid religion that is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. It is called Chrislam, and it is the merging of Christianity and Islam. It is an interfaith corruption. Everyone seems to want to get along and put aside doctrine, just like many “Christians” have done with the ecumenical movement.

All roads do not lead to Heaven, Listen to what Jesus had to say on the subject:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

We need to understand that the Jesus of Christianity and the Bible is not the same Jesus of Islam and the Qur’an.

I am brokenhearted by the rise of Chrislam. It is almost like an avalanche, and it is hard to stop.

Today we want to look a three of the biggest lies in the Chrislam movement.

  1. One is that there is a common God between Islam and Christianity.
  2. Another is that there is a common book and the Bible and the Qur’an have common ground.
  3. The third one, which is growing quickly, is that  Islam is an Abrahamic faith. Within Chrislam there is no problem of Christians calling Muslims brothers and sisters.

We will be looking at this movement from both a local level with evangelical pastors, and a worldwide level with world leaders like the Pope. The Pope is propagating the lie that Christianity and Islam share the same god.

Only the true Gospel can save the soul of a sinner. The true Gospel is offensive to the lost sinner, but only a pure Gospel can be used by the Holy Spirit to pierce the heart of the sinner and bring him to Christ.

Let’s start with something that is a little humorous. CAIR has come out with something to combat islamophobia. It is a gum called Islamophobin and it is presented like a medicine that will cure extreme cases of islamophobia. This is worth a laugh, but at the same time it is disgusting. Here is the package:


We are not making this up. If it were not such a sick thing I would say this is brilliant advertising.

The issue of islamophobia within Islam is an issue of slander. Slander, according to Islam’s Prophet, Muhammad, caries the death penalty. According to Islam, Allah has promised those who slander Allah will be cast into Hell.

We must ask, Which religion is more tolerant, Christianity or Islam?

Is the fear of Muslim really irrational? It would be if they were not practicing Islam. The problem is not Muslims, it is Islam. Islam is the root, and the source of Islam is the Devil. Fearing those who practice Islam is not at all irrational. It is Muslims who are beheading people for being Christians. It is Islam who is blowing up airports to kill as many people as possible. It is Islam that is doing many other horrible things. The whole purpose of terrorism is to instill fear in the hearts of people.

The Bible tells us how we are to respond to evil.

Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. (Romans 12:9)

Is Shahram’s fear of Islam rational or irrational when, as someone who has left Islam and become a Christian, he is under the death penalty and can be killed by any Muslim?

How can we be unthinking when we use Islamic texts to expose Islam for what it is? Are the Islamic texts we are using unthinking and bigoted?

Why Is The Interfaith Movement So Dangerous?

Within the Interfaith movement, and particularly within Chrislam, we see Muslims playing Christians like a violin. They are making Christians think that we have a common source, a common god, and common scriptures.

It is ministries like Fortress of Faith that are telling the truth, yet we are the ones called the enemy by the interfaith movement. This reminds me of what Paul said in Galatians:

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? (Galatians 4:16)

If the truth is your enemy, you must be in error.

Within the interfaith movement we are not simply considered the enemies of Islam as we carry the Gospel to them, we are also considered the enemies of these so-called “Christians.” It is hard to judge sometimes who is, and who is not, a Christian. We have to look at the fruit. Can those who despise those who tell the truth be true Christians? Can those who believe that a religion which denies the deity of Christ, that denies that He is the Son of God, truly be Christians?

There are many within the Islamic faith that would deny that they are Chrislamic, that they are merging the two faith, yet who make Islam an Abrahamic faith and believe that there is common ground between the Bible and the Qur’an.

We receive calls from missionaries who work with Wycliffe Bible Translators and try to convince us that Wycliffe is not doing these corrupted Bible translations. It is a fact that Wycliffe and other groups are using Allah instead of God in their translations.

It is hard for me to believe how naive many who call themselves Christians can be. We know how deceptive the enemy can be. It is the “Christians” who are being naive and who are being deceived.

This is why it is so important to be in a church that teaches sound doctrine. There are those in Christendom who believe that truth is whatever you make it to be. God has given us the standard of truth, and it is the Word of God. Any doctrine that does not match up with what the Bible says is not of God. We must make sure that the Word of God is the basis of what we believe, not the teachings of men.

The best lies are those which contain the most truth. Some of what the Muslims are saying is true, but it is what they are not saying that makes it a lie. To say that they believe in Jesus is true, but when we learn the Jesus they believe in is not the Son of God, and is not God the Son, we see that they are deceiving us.

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According to some, the Pope is the most revered spiritual leader in the world. We have seen many overtones toward Islam by the present Pope. He has visited the mosque in Istanbul, and even joined them in their Islamic prayers. He has made comments about Muslims and Christians being brothers and sisters.

The idea that Muslims and Christians are brothers and sisters greatly offends me because the Bible is very clear that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Muslims are not in Christ and, therefore, are not our brothers and sisters.

The idea that we are both part of the “Abrahamic faith” would mean that we are brothers and sisters. This would include the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. We will see later that Islam is not an Abrahamic faith.

The most troubling thing to me is that the Pope invited the top Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, to the Vatican. He is connected with the most prestigious Sunni university in the world. The Vatican said, after the meeting, that the purpose was to bring the two “churches” (Note that Islam is referred to as a church) together. They said that this was an historic bid to reopen dialog between the two “churches.” When did the mosque become the church? This is not a minor event, but how much did you hear about it in the news?

This is certainly a major development of Chrislam. It is a major effort to bring the two faiths together. Many of you are probably thinking, as we have, that this is the march toward the one world religion of the Book of Revelation. I think it is.

On the heels of this, we have the Archbishop of the Anglican Church saying that Christians should not talk about their faith unless they are first asked. What did Christ have to say about this?

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. (Matthew 28:19-20)

He didn’t say we should wait for permission. If we wait for permission, how will those who have never heard ever hear the Gospel? Thank God that the girl who shared her faith with Shahram didn’t wait until he gave her permission. If she had, he would never have gotten saved. The whole idea of waiting to speak to the lost is against the Scriptures.

I would like to point out that this is submitting to dhimmitude (the submission of non-Muslims to Islam). It is submission to Sharia Law and to the domination of Islam. This is willing submission because there has been no sword put to his neck threatening him with death.

Islam has the concept of dhimmitude where Christians submit to Islam. They cannot build new churches, they cannot evangelize, they cannot say anything about their religion outside of their churches and their private homes. Most importantly you cannot proselyte unless you are asked. It is interesting that this happened just as London elects a Muslim mayor.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Church of England. Here it is called tha Anglican or Episcopal Church. I call them “non-union Catholics.” They don’t carry the union card of Catholicism, but they are beginning to merge back into the Catholic Church because their theological beliefs are almost identical.

“Christian” Pastors Visit A Mosque In Denver

Twenty pastors decided to visit a mosque. It is interesting that you never hear of imams visiting Christian churches unless they are there to preach Islam. These pastors were not invited to the mosque to present Christianity. If imams were making the offer for Christian preachers to come and present Christianity to Muslims, we would gladly take them up on it. They were invited to go to the mosque to learn about Islam. By the way, it was a perverted presentation of Islam.

One of the groups of pastors involved is called the Peace Catalyst. This was initiated by the pastors, and their purpose was to build a bridge to their Muslim neighbors. We do need to build bridges that allow is to talk to Muslims about our faith, not to learn about theirs. Here is where these pastors made a major mistake; they went with the idea that there is common ground between Islam and Christianity.

Listen carefully to this next statement. Ever time you try to dialog with a Muslim thinking there is common ground, you will loose the battle. You will never be able to evangelize your Muslim friend when you believe there is common ground between you. If we are going to reach Muslims with the Gospel, we must do it properly. If you try to find common ground you will have to accept their Jesus, who is not the Jesus of the Bible.

These pastors were lied to at the meeting. They were told that Islam does not promote violence, that Islam came to abolish slavery, that the Hijab is to promote a woman’s character, etc.

If you accept the common ground, you pervert the Bible. To accept the idea of common ground you must accept, or at least give credence to their perverted, antichrist version of Jesus.

People like these pastors are well-meaning people, but they are gullible. At this meeting they discussed the common ground between Islam and Christianity. The imam said that if you don’t believe in the Jesus and virgin birth, you are not a Muslim. This sounds good to a Christian ear. This is the essence of deceit. They are using the same words as Christians, but they don’t have the same meaning.

What is important is what he didn’t say. The Jesus that Muslims believe in is not the Son of God. A basic tenant of Islam is that Allah has no son. Ask a Muslim if Allah is a father and see how he responds. Another error concerning their Jesus is that he did not die on the cross. The Jesus of Islam and the Jesus of the Bible are not the same Jesus.

Every time Jesus (Isa) is mentioned in the Qur’an, he denies his own deity. Isa says that anyone who associates anyone with Allah is destined to the fire (Hell). The Bible says that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ, that He is come in the flesh, or deny the Father and the Son is antichrist.

How can we build a common ground with a spirit of antichrist? We cannot!

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Christians Support Building A Mosque

In Mukilteo, WA, “Christians” supported the building of a mosque in their town. There was a group trying to resist the building of this mosque. Some will ask why we should resist the building of an Islamic center. We know that Islamic centers are the apex of the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood to take over America. We find this in their mission statement discovered by the FBI. It is not that we want to stifle the freedom of religion, it is the fact that these Islamic centers are not only involved in advancing Islam, they are often training grounds for jihadist activity.

Who do you suppose came to the aid of the Islamic center? It was the “Christian” community. Grace Lutheran Church in Harbor Point, which is part of the area around Mulkiteo, hosted an event where about 200 people showed up. The Muslim who was backing the building of the mosque, Mohammed Riaz Khan. was invited to address the event. They also invited Paul Ingram, a professor of religion at Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle to talk about how Islam is peaceful and tolerant.

After the pressure from this event, the leader of the effort to stop the mosque backed out. He said he was wrong and that we now want to invite our neighbors, and completely changed his tune.

Not only do we have the interfaith movement trying to build bridges to Islam, we now have them helping to get mosques built. Can’t they see that Islam is demonic? It is antichrist in nature. Look up antichrist in you Bible and see how it is defined there. It is defined by the major tenants of Islam, the denial of Jesus as God and God as the Father.

On the other side of the issue, how often do Muslims in Islamic countries help Christians get churches started? It never happens. Most often we see them burning down churches.

Fourteen of the top fifteen countries in the world today that are persecuting and killing Christians are Islamic countries. The one that is not Islamic is North Korea.

The Muslims who want to build mosques always say that they just want to coexist. The fact is that more than 75% of the mosques in America are owned by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal is the destruction of America and the setting up of a Muslim state in its place.

Christians protecting Muslims is not a new thing. At the very beginning of Islam, in Mecca, it was the Christians and Jews who protected Muhammad. These are the very same people he turned on when he returned to Mecca.

Today Muslims are using these interfaith “Christians” to give them cover while they work behind the scenes to destroy our culture. What happens when the Muslims get strong enough to get the upper hand? The go after the Jews and Christians. Just look at Europe to see how it works. How can those who claim to be Christians, who claim to believe the Bible, be so foolish and naive?

An Example Of Courage

Let’s look at an example of courage. A small church in Hood River, Oregon has a very courageous Pastor. His name is Mike Herrington. He is a semiretired pastor who is 74 years of age. He had the courage to put some true statements about Islam on his church sign. They are not really egregious statements. Some Christians have crossed the line in statements they make. We are to speak the truth in love, and I don’t think this pastor has crossed the line. Here are some of his statements:

Wake up Christians, Allah is not our God.

Muhammad is not greater than Jesus.

Only the Bible is God’s Word, the Holy Bible, the Qur’an is just another book.

Islam teaches that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible. It teaches that Muhammad is greater than Jesus. Here we have a Christian simply saying that these things are not true.

One thing is certain, the Bible and the Qur’an can’t both be God’s Word. They both have different messages and they contradict each other. They can’t come from the same God.

The statements the pastor put on his church sign are things that every Christian should believe. Where do you think the opposition comes from? From the “Christian” community. So-called Christians are picketing with signs saying “Take down this sign.” They want the mayor to prohibit the free speech of this pastor and his church.

The mayor said that this is an ugly kind of hate and the sign should be taken down. He did not force the sign to be taken down. I am sure that if he could, he would pass an ordinance in Hood River to stop this kind of sign. Either we have free speech, or we do not.

As I said at the beginning, there is no common God or common ground between Islam and Christianity. Allah is not God and should never be referenced as such, including in our Bible translations. There is no common word since the Bible and the Qur’an have nothing in common.

The Abrahamic Faith Lie

The idea that Islam is an Abrahamic faith is a lie. First of all Islam was not around at the time of Abraham. Arabs are descendants of Abraham, but not all Muslims. Only about 15% of Muslims are Arabs. Also not all Arabs are Muslims, many are Christians and some are Jews.

Islam, itself, denies the Abrahamic covenant. The Abrahamic covenant comes through Isaac, and the line of the Messiah comes through his son Jacob. If you break this line, you have no Messiah. If there is no Messiah, there is no Christianity.

Islam teaches that Abraham was going to bless Ishmael, that Ishmael was offered as a sacrifice, not Isaac. Islam denies the covenant given to Abraham. How can Islam be an Abrahamic faith?

The whole idea that Islam is an Abrahamic faith is designed fool Christians into thinking that `Islam and Christianity have the same roots.

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