GLEN COVE, NY – The United States has surrendered the protection of the Christian West to Russia. The appointment of Billie Jean King to the American delegation to the Winter Olympics seals the deal.

If we were to elect a Miss Degeneracy, Billie Jean King would win easily. In 1971, she had her unborn baby killed; the explanation at the time was that she did so to avoid having to interrupt her career as a professional tennis player. She chose the same year to embark on her lesbian life. By 1981, she changed the story and wrote that she had the abortion to avoid bringing a child into a broken marriage. She went on to become a spokesman for the “rights” of sodomites, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and transsexuals. 

  We are not sending a prominent representative to the Winter Olympics in Russia because Russia is not degenerate enough for us. We are particularly outraged that Russia is sending a completely heterosexual team. We also object to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is curtailing public homosexuality in Russia.

The first sign that Putin’s Russia is Christian and Obama’s United States is not came during John Kerry’s threats to wage war on Syria. Putin catechized Obama, and we did not go to war.

It was not like this until recently. For many decades, the Soviet Union severely limited religion of any kind. It and its allies imprisoned cardinals and fired or arrested people for the mere act of having a Bible. The regime killed people simply because they were Christians. In the United States in 1962, the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade packed Madison Square Garden. In the same year, Brent Bozell brought tens of thousands of college students and other young people to their feet cheering his appeal to the “Christian West.”

President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II worked together to bring liberty to the communist countries of Europe. Russia’s long suppressed but profound and mystical version of Christianity surfaced.

Russian Christianity is certainly not perfect, but it is free of the main heresies that plague the West. It is unequivocal and real. Its “yeas” are “yeas,” and its “nays” are “nays.” Putin’s public image reflects this. The United States, instead, fires celebrities for saying that homosexual acts lead to damnation and bans Christmas from public observance. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has rejected Christmas cards handmade by school children for hospitalized veterans as too religious due to the use of expressions like “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you.”

It was bad enough for Russia to be on God’s side in Syria and the United States to be on the other side. At least we managed to wiggle out of John Kerry’s mad scheme. Putin made himself the world champion of natural morality, and Obama put American foreign policy on the side of degeneracy. We are making the Weimar Republic look good. These developments are grave indeed.     


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