1ST AMEND STREET PREACHER by Steve Klein CODE 20 We the People rescuing ourselves from the Muslim Terrorist networks in America linked globally with one purpose in mind: To destroy our Freedom replacing our law with Islamic Law. Under the U.S. Constitution built upon Anglo-American Common law it is illegal, unethical and immoral for us NOT to engage in Code 20. Article 3 of the Northwest Ordinance is understood to mean the Reformed Protestantism of 1784 is the basis of good government. This painting shows the First Amendment, street preaching as the requisite of good government: The 10 Commandments and the Law Written on the Heart, called The Law of Nations, as found in our U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 10 fulfill this. (See Henry Fonda in The Oxbow Incident video – for an excellent insight into the basis of our U.S. Constitution: https://youtu.be/lljIrAfBzYs … this will be repeated several times as this IS the cornerstone of our Legal Organic, organizing charters of America.)

CODE 20 and our 5 part solution all are based on AGAPE:

Note the love of the warriors in this painting of the Pilgrims who protect their families going to church to learn the Law Written on the Heart and the 10 Commandments, the basis of our Organizing Charters. COLONIAL WARRIORS Flows from Anglo-American Common law that flows out of the Holy Scriptures, as summed up in Romans 13:10 – Agape is the fulfilling of the law. But this leads to a strange sequence of verses from Romans to our 21st Century Christian ear: Romans 10:13ff and this leads to Romans 13:4 … Why we have a First Amendment as confirmed in Article 3 of the North West Ordinance: Religion is the basis of government. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? 15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things. Romans 13:3 and 4

Why we have a Second Amendment

For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil. The First Amendment accompanied by the Second Amendment so the Gospel can go through the whole world. Ecclesiastes 3 … https://youtu.be/fHvf20Y6eoM Justice Lifts the Nations Justice Lifts the Nations a painting from the old closed Swiss Supreme Court. The symbolism is prescient. One can see the flow of the Holy bible, the Church Militant and Triumphant, the justices looking to Lady Justice who is not blind folded – she is actively looking for justice and the scales of justice, Equity in the left hand and the strong arm of the sword in the right hand. The painting can be found at the following URL or click HERE and it can be magnified to read the banner in Latin and learn more about how Christian Reformed Civil Magistrates and law worked. http://layevangelism.com/qreference/united%20states%20of%20america/justiceliftsthenations.htm Romans 10:13 – Call upon the name … Preach – 1st Amendment … and we have to call out Repent – which means come to Jesus and stop sinning … and Romans 13:4 tells us to PROTECT the Preacher – CHRISTIAN WARRIORPreach The Gospel – First Amendment … When Saved as a new born babe: Romans 3:31 – We Establish the Law … Which automatically Changes the Culture: No more rape or murder or lying. Protect the Preacher – Second Amendment … Romans 13:10 … Agape is the fulfilling of the law, Romans 13:4 protects him. Painting of a Christian Warrior, Romans 13:4

CODE 20: A Peaceful Solution to Violent Islam

A peaceful solution to a historically violent problem: Islam.   What to do when Islam begins taking over a country? My proposal of what to do, which I call, CODE 20 is at the end of this article. It’s a real easy step 1, step 2 and step 3 solution. It’s easy. Well, It would have been easy with Americans through WWII; but now – it’s complex. Can I take the complex and make it easy? I’m trying. I wish it was this easy: 1,2,3 and game over. If it was WWII or before, it would just be plain old easy: Americans would have surrounded a vicious group and moved them out. Those days are gone. That thinking is gone. Those Americans are gone. So, now in 2010 we face an ancient enemy of Liberty, Islam. Americans today are not the Americans of WWII and before.  If these folks all came back … and they were the majority as they were then, they’d just laugh at us as we cower before Islam. But – they had a theology of Christian Warfare that was manly. The Battle Hymn of the Republic had one stanza originally written: “… as Christ died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.” CEMETARYSadly in our anti-manly culture today it was changed to, “let us live to make men free.” War is the ultimate contest of will, lawmaking. If we are not willing to die – then our words mean nothing and the words printed on paper called law are only a suggestion. A man fights to the death to protect his wife. Where have all the men gone – how many today would be willing to fill this cemetery … a cemetery filled with a Christian army. They were men. Today, that common manliness is gone. Now it’s a rare commodity. And so Islam is quickly taking control, not in numbers but of numbers of Saudi Petro-Dollars, what the Nazis and the Fascists could not do with all their armies and navies, the Muslims have done all so easily – they have merely bought control while the Americans who are not the Americans of WWII and before merely bleat: “We don’t know what to do.” First because we face a violent theology of 1,400 years – Islam – I suggest an introduction presentation; eventually though we seek peace and we work towards peace – with Islam – eventually those who follow what Mohammed did always, historically turn to violence. Therefore I am setting the stage for the Peaceful plan of CODE 20, knowing that no matter how peaceful we Christians are – if we will not denounce Christ – eventually those Who Do What Mohammed Did will attack us. It’s the central tenet of 1,400 years of Islam. I believe the Bible, Jesus, the Triune God do all teach: KING DAVID DEFEATS GOLIATHChristians are commanded by Christ to engage in Self Defense. Here King David, the Leader after Christ’s heart defeats Goliath – a loving thing to do: Romans 13:10 Simply put – code 20 is a biblical, legal, ethical, peaceful, organizational solution to the inevitable Violence of Islam coming to us soon. This violence is easy to prove, based on history: 1,400 years of Islam. You can see the documentation how Islam turns violent when a certain ratio of Muslims to general population is reached.




Background: Christian Warfare

Christians preparing to survive Satan’s violence – for the last 1,400 years Satan has used the violence of Islam to crush all non Muslim. Is there a biblical perspective that suggests or commands Christians to pick up the Sword and use it for self defense? CHRIST WHIPS MONEY CHANGERS It appears to me that this is one of the largest issues for Christians who wish to survive Islam facing us Christians today. Christ acting as a man’s man as he whips the money changers. Concomitant to this is: “Can a Christian ever disobey a civil magistrate – say a civil magistrate who commands us to get along with Islam … even as the practitioners of Islam assault, us, rape our women and murder us? The reason I must quickly turn to this is because our government has repeatedly claimed that Islam is a religion of peace. But this is patently false. History is repeated time and time again with the Violent, DNA-like essence of Islam. What Would Mohammed Do? Mohammed was a violent man. Mohammed solved political problems with violence. This is easy to prove. Here is a brief summary of Christian Warfare based on Self Defense approved by the Triune God, Jesus as the second person of the trinity, that we must obey ONLY Lawful orders and that we can engage in actual, physical warfare. Genesis 3:1-16 … Spiritual Warfare and physical warfare shall last until after Christ has put all His enemies under His foot: Psalms 110:1 – repeated often verse in the New Testament (NT) Genesis 16:11 and 12 … Ishmael is of the seed of the serpent. A wild man at war against all; and all at war against him. Perhaps a prophecy that the world of Islam who think Ishmael is their father will always be there to provoke the Christians. Genesis 14:18 – 20 and in Hebrews 7:1 – 3.   Abraham tithes his bloody booty to Melchizedek. Abraham and treaties: Genesis 26:26 – 33. Abraham’s servants were armed for executing Just Warfare – Genesis 14:14. Unjust Violence: Genesis 4:8 – 15 … Genesis 4:23 – Lamech boasts of multiple murders: individual unjust warfare – killing without cause, without due process. (Self defense is with due process – the very act of protecting oneself is done instantly when someone attacks – if one does not defend against a capital crime, he is guilty of aiding and abetting the criminal. The First Century Christians resisted all they could, creating the catacombs and using the sign of the fish etc to disobey Caesar and protect themselves. They sang songs when put to death as a last obedience to Christ – and DISOBEDIENCE to Caesar.) __________________________________________________________ Deuteronomy 32:35 and Romans 12:19 are further indication that violence that is not just – is just that … it’s not just and it is not acceptable under the Just Warfare Theory. Nehemiah 4:7 Nehemiah faces off against the sons of Ishmael, the Arabians. Galatians 4:22 FF – a repeat of Genesis verses about Ishmael. Psalms 2 … The Kings and Heathen rage against God and His anointed as Their Will, summed up in Romans 13:10 – Agape is the fulfilling of all law bridles and bothers their man made law that is satanic. Satan’s Law is based on Miseo, hate is the fulfilling of Satan’s followers. Sharia, is based on this: Hate is the fulfilling of Sharia. US SOLDIERS PROTECTING IRAQIU.S. Soldiers shielding Iraqi Muslims. Muslim soldiers use civilians as shields as this fulfils Sharia, Islamic law. Americans under the dying vestige of Anglo-American Common law still operating under James 1:27 … True religion is taking care of widows and orphans. Psalms 110:1 Most often repeated verse in the OT and the NT: See M’t. 5:35 and 22:44 … M’r 12:36 … Lu wo:43 … Ac 2:35 and 7:49 … Jas 2:3 … Matthew 28:18 – 20 The Great Commission is a commandment of the church to engage the enemies of Christ in Spiritual Warfare – any time any Christian speaks the Gospel in any fashion he has challenged Satan to kill him. Miseo, Hate is the fulfilling of all will, law not based on the Gospel. Hence – Nehemiah properly rebuilt the wall using Military tools and methods – keeping the sons of Ishmael, the Arabians out of Jerusalem. Christendom, the Domain of Christ, created by the Muslims attacking and raping Europe – the Castles were built as the wall of Nehemiah to protect their people – a defensive war tool. (NOTE: Muslim countries even with the Crusades had few or no Castles as so infrequently did the Christians of Europe invade them.) Romans 13:4 Vengeance is delegated by God to the Civil Magistrate War is Christological, Page 23 of When Is It Right to Fight? Genesis 14:17 – the First War based on Just Warfare Theory. Romans 13 and the “Clergy Response Team proclaim that we must obey the civil magistrate because he is ordained by God, however the only thing the Civil Magistrate can command is in accordance with The Law Written on the Heart, U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 10 – this is called The Law of Nations. Under the Law of Nations – Civil Magistrates ONLY have authority to issue Lawful Commands. Unlawful Commands are ignored – and if the Civil Magistrate presses that his citizens obey an unlawful order, then we are to disobey him, and OBEY The Law of Nations, The Law Written on the Heart.” The Clergy Response Team’s spokesman can be seen and heard offering his opinion that we must obey the Civil Magistrate no matter what https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8pqDE11lOk   fast forward to 1:40 seconds. This is not in accordance with The Law Written on the Heart as known as The Law of Nations. Painting of Christian King Sobieskey III saving Vienna from the Muslims in 1683Exodus 1:15 – Midwives obey God, no murder of infants – disobey an Unlawful order from the Civil Magistrate, Pharaoh … Exodus 2:1-3 Pharaoh’s daughter obeys’ God, disobeys her father see Colossians 3:20 and Titus 3:1 We only obey Lawful Orders – those orders in accordance with the 10 Commandments, with Romans 13:10 – Agape is the fulfilling of the law … Painting of Christian King Sobieskey III saving Vienna from the Muslims in 1683. King Leonidas of the Spartans and Lawful Orders … The Greek understanding of a Lawful order. The Greek word for Obey is to hear – and the Greek Soldiers did not HEAR unlawful orders. If King Leonidas told his men to rape or murder – they knew that was an Unlawful order – they disobeyed. If King Leonidas commanded them to murder their wives and children – they did NOT hear – they disobeyed. This concept is repeated in Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 94 which is in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. Acts 5:29 Obeying God, not man. This is in all instances – not just preaching the Gospel. If the Civil Magistrate commands us to commit a capital crime: We Obey God, not man. We do NOT hear Unlawful orders – we disobey. As Christ obeys the Father – so we obey Him. Soon we shall be the saints with him who engage in warfare – bloody, brutal and final. Revelations 19. Revelations 19:13ff … Jesus’ robe is baptized in the blood of His enemies. This is a legal concept … it is the basis of a Declaration of War … The Government assumes liability of the deaths of all, even innocent people caught in a cross fire. Jesus’ the blood is upon his head. Jesus wages war. Period. CHARLES MARTEL BATTLE OF TOURS Painting of Christian leader, Charles Martel defeating the Muslims at the Battle of Tours or Poitier – 732 AD. Romans 13.10 Agape is the fulfilling of all law. Often Love is demonstrated in protecting our loved ones. When we kill those engaged in capital crimes against our loved ones – it’s not hate to protect our loved ones – it’s simply a matter of degrees, if the perpetrator will stop his capital crime, then I will back down to a level of protecting my wife or daughter. If he tries to kill or rape them I stop him, an act of love: I love him, I just love him less than my wife and daughter. Agape is the fulfilling of all law. Romans 10:13 … Agape is the fulfilling of all law. Protecting our families to the death is required by the Triune God as the Agape thing. Genesis 14:18 – 20 Melchizedek … Abraham gave him 10% of his blood covered booty he was applauded by the Prince of Peace, the Prince of Salem, Melchizedek. Ecclesiastes 3 .. A time for love and hate, peace and war. Luke 19:13 … Occupy until Christ returns: Occupy, do the occupation, business of God: Fight evil as a spiritual and then a physical war. Luke 22:38 … Jesus says, 2 swords are enough. Just Warfare Theory: In accordance with the Bible – we are commanded to engage in war to protect our families – otherwise we are worse than infidels: I Timothy 5:8. Francis Schaeffer – Christian Manifesto see his thoughts at https://youtu.be/VE0ox_bDIv4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE0ox_bDIv4&feature=related and part 2 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=853j7khx0Yo&feature=channel https://youtu.be/853j7khx0Yo Jesus: Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 7:16 – You will know them by their fruit: Government. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 10 – U.S. Constitution dealing with Pirates under the concept of The Law Of Nations: The law of Nations is the Law Written on the Heart for Nations. It was an ancient Concept of Christendom, Europe and was cited by General Santa Ana that the defenders of the Alamo were pirates and would all be summarily killed.   Republic of Mexico General, Santa Ana based this decision on The Law of Nations – which the U.S. , Mexico and all European Nations adhered to. Proving that it was the basis of International Law at that time, existed before the U.S. Constitution and was superior to the U.S. Constitution – as we had to look to it, The Law of Nations how to handle the deadly serious problem of Pirates. Article 3, Section 2 – U.S. Constitution … Equity, found in 10 versus of the OT and translated Righteousness in the New Testament. Psalms 98 and 99 – Equity is how God judges the peoples and the nations. It’s found in Daniel 5:27 Weighed in the Balances and found wanting. It is the process Solomon used to decide with the cutting of the baby in half. The Loving thing to do, Agape is the fulfilling of the law. With no precedent, Solomon used motherly nature to determine who was the true mother. Over arching purpose of education is to transmit the wisdom of our ancestors to every child that we might all live in the land with the highest degree of peace, order, liberty and prosperity. This goes to our Anglo-American common law built upon the Holy Bible, on Equity and the Law Written on the Heart – and we of all countries had the highest degree of peace, order, liberty and prosperity. But Islam has always had the highest degree of war, disorder, slavery and poverty. Islam is a hate filled ideology – Hate is the fulfilling of Islamic law, Sharia – the basis of government. MelchizedekGovernment – The Practical Application of our deepest held and most cherished beliefs are called politics, the rule of the polis … Government. Of course our deepest held and most cherished beliefs are known as religion. James 1:27 – taking care of widows and orphans is True Relgion. Islam’s soldiers use widows and orphans as shields and our soldiers shield widows and orphans. Painting of Abraham tithing to Melchizedek with the booty he won by defeating and killing hundreds. Islam ends up with the highest degree of war, disorder, slavery and poverty – while Christianity under the Reformation, the basis of American law ends up with the highest degree of peace, order, liberty and prosperity. Nature of Man; Nature of God our deepest held and most cherished beliefs.   The Christian Reformation gave us the notion of man as holy, perfect and just as ascribed to His will, His law, The 10 Commandments, summed up in The Golden Rule based on Agape is the fulfilling of all law. Under Islam – Allah is never called love and there is no 10 Commandments and no Golden Rule and Miseo, Hate, is the fulfilling of all Sharia. Gandhi’s method worked because of Anglo Common Law based on the Bible – Gandhi wrote that his technique of passive resistance would not work with Hitler (end note – When is it right to fight? Robert A. Morey, R & R Publishing, P.O. Box 817, Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865, Page 18 Hugo Grotius, The Law of War and Peace – available at Amazon.com and The Nurnberg Case by Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Counsel at the First and Foremost Nuremberg Trial.   You can read his words HERE and HERE . Isaiah 8:20 and the concept: “If it’s not repeated in the New Testament, it’s not for today.” Or perhaps it could be, “If God has declared it – it’s eternal, unless He deletes it. E.G., the Ceremonial law. The Law Written on the Heart is eternal, immutable and universal – it is codified as the 10 Commandments and summed up under the 2 Great Commandments and reduced to one verse: Romans 13:10 – Agape is the fulfilling of the law. Law is merely WILL. What is the WILL of God? It is summed up in His 10 Commandments, His 2 Great Commandments and Romans 13:10. Law is not etched in stone or black ink on paper. Law is a contest of WILLS … and a contest of wills based on the Bible, Spiritual Warfare – will always become physical warfare – IF we Christians stand by the Triune God and His Holy Scriptures. Romans 3:31 … 7:14 … I Timothy 1:8 DOD Moral Leadership, The Protection of Moral Standards and Character Education Program, Page 7 – The Constitution of the U.S. is based on “the Law Written on the Heart, and is codified as the 10 Commandments.” We must love our Enemies. By aiding them in raping and murdering our women? Then we are an accessory to rape and murder. Silence is Consent. Love is a matter of degrees: I do not hate my enemy when I kill them for attempting to brutalize, rape and murder my wife or daughter – or yours. I love my wife and daughter more and I know when I am forced to kill these enemies – Christ Himself will tell me one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Hebrews 11:34 … They turned to flight the armies of aliens. Note: Put to flight infers self defense, just as with the attempt to brutalize, rape and murder our wives and daughters. Matthew 24:6 and 7 … Wars shall continue until Christ returns. And when Christ returns in Revelations 19:13 ff – He will destroy millions, be covered in their blood, the blood will be upon Him – a legal concept that Jesus assumes all liability and we saints shall go with him slaying tens of thousands – and we shall be spotless as Jesus has covered us in His assumption of liability as we kill His enemies with HIM. II Corinthians 3:17 – Where the Spirit of the Lord is, is found liberty. This means Spiritual Warfare: We have to share the Gospel, Matthew 28:18 – 20 … The Great Commission. We do it peacefully however we can stand there with a gun as Nehemiah used a sword to be a Peace Maker as he spoke to the sons of Ishmael, the Arabians – Nehemiah 4:7. Note – Nehemiah never had to defend himself except to stand there with his militarily organized defenders of Jerusalem. If Christians refuse to stop sharing the Gospel with Muslims and the enemies of God, then these minions of Satan have no choice but violence. Why? Because we expose their lies. When they run out of lies being exposed but they in order to support Satan they have no choice but violence. Might makes right for the enemies of Satan. Jesus said, You will know them by their fruit – and Islam’s fruit is violence, disorder, slavery and poverty – these are the opposite of what a people get from the Theology of the Bible. Genesis 2:17 … God approves and uses the death penalty. Example: I am against murdering children but I am for the death penalty in Capital Crimes. Why? Because the littlest of children who reside in their mother get No Due Process, they are summarily executed and criminals are brought to justice with due process.   Matthew 21:40 – 41;Romans 1:32; Romans 13:4 and Romans 13:10 – Agape is the fulfilling of the law is fulfilled with Capital Punishment: It protects children, the old, weak and infirm from those who think capital offenses are ok. Islam: Submission – Muslim’s foot on the neck of submitting kafirs, infidels. Muslim: One who did what Mohammed did – one who believes in Shariah, Islamic law which is merely a codification of – What Did Mohammed Do?


Based on what we have just read – the simple solution is:
  1. Under Anglo-American Common law that set up our Organizing Charters, the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Article 3 of the Northwest Ordinance and the Constitution Minus Slavery – it is our duty for us to monitor those who seek to replace our peace, order, liberty and prosperity with Islam’s war, disorder, slavery and poverty.
  2. Under the same Anglo-American Common Law – if we do NOT engage in Code 20 we are breaking the law: Silence is Consent … for us to do nothing means we aid and abet Islam’s goal to destroy us.
  3. Locate the Muslims in America. They are easy to find and their cell networks are centered in Mosques, gas stations and hotels at important junctions and military stations. They are found on every major college campus with the Muslim Student Association.
  4. Everyone lives in a zip code. We find the terrorist network passively observing us at these Mosques, gas stations, hotels, college campuses and Muslim owned businesses.
  5. For every Muslim we find – we recruit for 20 observers – long distant observers.
  6. We buy from these folks, gasoline etc just to drop in and for a few casual moments observe.
  7. Each zip code organizes itself independently there is no formal leadership – the beauty of this is that the Muslim Cell Network Organization is used as a matrix to create a group of people to merely observe. Not to stalk or threaten, or intimidate or even speak to … just a group of folks who understand how dangerous Islam is.
  8. Peaceful, no confronting – just observing constitutionally, ethically and biblically so that they are never noticed.
ISLAMIC TIME BOMB Eventually as the Muslim population grows to certain ratios, see how easy it is to predict behavior of the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpM6QKaAgP0 Muslims. Islam has no choice – it’s the DNA, the essence of Islam that when Islam’s ratio of Muslims to a population reach a certain level – the behavior goes from peaceful to confrontational to violent to murder to genocide and ends in ethnic cleansing. We are peaceful … we watch, we wait, we prepare. When the Muslims reach brutality we can act. It’s the America of 1775 and the Constitution without slavery, of WWII. It’s all based on the Biblical Basis of Christian Warfare that used to permeate America. NEW COLOSSUS I pray that Christians now will look at this photo of the Statue of Liberty and not panic or feel ill – Love is the fulfilling of the law – and Romans 13:10 tells us that the Civil Magistrate is the Minister of God to be a revenger of wrath against those who do evil and to reward those who do good. LIBERTY The church was never granted the sword – just as the state was never granted the Sword of the Spirit – the Holy Bible, but both Ministers of God are granted Authority to do their job from the same source: The Triune God of the Holy Scriptures. It is based on FOUR Organizing Charters of America: The Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Article 3 and 6 of the North West Ordinance of 1784 and ratified in the Constitutional Convention and the Constitution Minus slavery. Romans 13 – Government is ordained – the Civil Magistrate is the Minister of God – and he alone through government wields the sword to protect Widows and Orphans. Code 20 To Protect We the People from evil – rewarding good. This is why All Oppressed Peoples of the World used to come to America – but sadly, now many – Muslims come to destroy us. Muslims come to destroy us leads us to the 5 part suggestion I have – Proper Theology – as stated above. Arm – required by God to protect our families with good from evil. Link up with 3 – 5 families Organize based on the 4 U.S. Organizing Charters – the Mayflower Compact; the Declaration of Independence; Article 3 of the Northwest Ordinance and the U.S. Constitution MINUS slavery. Prepare. Created by Steve Klein, founder and director of ROMANS 13:4 DEFENSE LEAGUE. Proclaiming the Gospel and Christ’s Dominion   Through Due Process and Just Warfare.   Occupying until Christ Returns. ROMANS 13-4 DEFENSE LEAGUE]]>