A montage of the finale of Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  

Obama fails to see abortion as an economic issue, much less a moral one. The effects of abortion–“The George Bailey Effect:  Abortion-on-Demand and the Implications for America’s Economic Future—illuminates in one movie. “A Wonderful Life”, dictates any life failing to exist would have affected multitudes had the person lived to adulthood.

Its_a_Wonderful_Life_finishA previous column appeared describing how many abortions have likely occurred in the history of mankind. Surgical and chemical abortions (abortifacients) were included. Chemicals and devices (i.e., Norplant, RU486, IUD, etc…) kill a live embryo, or very young baby with a soul usually before a mother can even see the baby she aborts.

The number of lives lost by abortion throughout history has been astronomical. All those souls waiting for our arrival in the afterlife, cannot be too pleased with the decision to abruptly stop their mortal life.

By the end of Obama’s 1st term, there will have been another 5.2 million known surgical abortions. Add the chemical abortions (7-12 million) done every year in the US [Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions — Pro-Life America, Celebs … ]. Simply put, over 10 million lives are snuffed out by chemicals each year. The grand total—surgical and chemical–over 11 million each year at 0-9 months are aborted in the US.

#5 in the 10 Commandments (not Suggestions) is: “Thou shall not kill”. The other side of the coin is not as bad, but represents a major hit our economy cannot take. The Obama administration seems ‘hell-bent’(no pun intended) on population reduction and ‘saving dollars’ with abortion. With a soul’s afterlife, can their outlook be more short-term?

Obama’s future outlook fails to reckon with the demographic and economic consequences. It’s known the US fertility rate is currently below the“replacement rate” of 2.1 children/woman. This decline is somewhat reduced by illegal immigration. But Mexico’s replacement rate is now at 1.98, when it was 3.2 in 1995.
[UNdatarecord viewTotal fertility rate (children per woman)]

 In [ http://www.lifenews.com/2011/07/20/the-economic-cost-of-abortion-202-billion-in-lost-taxes/], it shows how painful the costs of abortions in the US are, especially during the 4 years of the Obama Administration.

Since the typical federal tax revenue supplied by each working US citizen is approximately $8,500/yr, the total US income the millions of “economic ghosts” (no longer earn an income) can easily be calculated. Hence, one can get the cost of abortion and taxes not paid into the system.

Lawrence F. Roberge – The Cost of Abortion: An Analysis of the Social, Economic, and Demographic Effects of Abortion in the United Statesdemonstrates the steady erosion of US economic competitiveness.

The Social Security system will begin to go broke in 2017, now that only two workers only support each retiree. In 1945 there was 18 workers for each retiree. The USA Today recently stated: “If only one-third of those who have been aborted were available to start work on their 18th birthday, the demise of Social Security would be put off for decades.”

In the LifeNews link, and knowing 16.5% of the workforce has been aborted since 1973, their tabulation costs show [$350 billion/yr x 16.5%] = 57.8 b/yr lost to the government in taxes. Add to that, another [$185 billion/yr x 16.5%] = 30.5 b/yr lost on interest on debt not paid, do to missing taxes from those aborted. But wait. The list was ONLY for known surgical abortions.

If you add both surgical and chemical abortions in the US every year, one gets >11 million abortions/yr in the US alone. Including all the abortions in one year, the above dollar amounts should actually be multiplied by 10. That calculates to [57.8b+30.5b]10$883 b/yr, that’s not getting put into the US economy.

In the next 5 years, two SC justices (Ginsburg and Kennedy) will likely relinquish their tenure on the Supreme Court. If Obama is re-elected, RoeVsWadewill not be overturned for at least another 4 years. If Romney gets elected, he will likely choose a Republican nominee. That nominee will likely vote to eliminate Roe, but it will likely be left it up to each state to approve abortions.

The results of one vote, by 9 people, in 1973, can be decimating…

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