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Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian, and the 2016 election and the demise of the nation can be directly laid at the Christian’s feet. Only where the spirit of God is welcomed, can there be Liberty!  Are we going to have Hillary as President?

God, Don’t Give America what We Deserve,
But What America Needs to Turn Back to You

Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE) and below are the “show notes” from this program, so their are typos, etc. 

Today Shahram and I are going to be talking about the upcoming election. I must admit that I am a bit election weary. I am sure that those involved more intimately, like the candidates, are even more weary than I am.

We are going to be talking about the presidential race, but we must remember that there are some other races that are very important. We want to address all of these.

For those of you who don’t know, Shahram has run for political office before. In 2007 the Lord burdened his heart for our government. One of the things we will be talking about is, why don’t we see more Christians with a burden for our government. Notice that I didn’t say politics. God instituted civil government, and give us its purpose.

For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. (Romans 13:4)

The “he” in this verse is referring to civil government.

In 2010 Shahram ran for the state legislature in Washington State. This as just a starting point, because he felt that God would have him eventually run for governor. In 2011, he did run for governor, and he saw the nastiness of the process first hand. Many Christians did not vote even though they had a candidate who stood for every issue on the Republican platform, and for biblical precepts. He stood  for the sanctity of life and marriage, and all the other issues important to Christians.

The sad thing is that he even had some pastors working against him because they supported the other candidate because he could win. He didn’t win. The other candidate had a public face and a private face just like Hillary Clinton. This is very common in politics.

Standing on Christian principles is important to our liberty because we only find real liberty where God is involved.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

One of the greatest dangers in this year’s election is Christian liberty. Christians need to realize that our liberties are going to be lost if we don’t take great care at all levels of government. This is not just about politics, it is about what kind of America we want for ourselves and our children.

We need more God fearing people to run for political office if we want to turn things around. Running for political office is not an easy thing, and it is even more difficult if you stand on biblical precepts. We need to understand that this nation was formed in the pulpits of America, and by Christians who were willing to fight for our liberties.

Let me say something to young people, if God is not calling you into the ministry, ask God if He would have you serve in government. There are some godly people in Congress, I know some of them. They are there to try to bring God’s righteousness back to our government. They are not popular and but we need more.

Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE) and below are the “show notes” from this program, so their are typos, etc. 

Let’s look closer at the issue of this election. I know that some of you won’t agree with me. What I am going to say is not what I want to happen, but listen to what I believe is going to come to pass. God has not given me a vision, nor has He whispered in my ear. I really hope what I am going to say is wrong. I believe that Hillary is going to win the election. I believe God will give us what we deserve.

Let me explain why I believe this. Back in 2008, God called me off the mission field to come back and warn my home country of coming judgment. This judgment is coming in several forms. I believe we are a country that deserves judgment. I’ll say more about this later.

I saw what happened in Europe, and how God is judging there, The economy is in shambles, their nations are falling apart, Islam is waiting in the wings to jump in and take over. When I came home, I saw the same things happening here in America. There is no doubt in my heart that God has called me home to warn my countrymen about this, and to warn God’s people to stand for righteousness. If we don’t we will continue to see God’s judgment.

My prayer every election is, “God don’t give us what we deserve, give us what we need.”

I have been doing this every since I understood how our nation and our government works. For many years I have been surprised at how merciful God has been. He has given us leaders who, although they didn’t stop us from going in the wrong direction, they have slowed the process. Of late, God has not seen fit to answer my prayer in the way I wanted it answered.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election, God will still be giving us what we deserve. I think we had an opportunity in the primaries, and God chose not to give us what we needed. I believe that God’s agenda for America is judgment. Either candidate will be God’s judgment, but one will be worse than the other.

I believe Hillary is going to win because Christians are perplexed. They can’t vote for Hillary because she is for abortion, same-sex marriage, and all the things that we, as Christians would abhor. Hillary is not an option for many true Christians.

The only other option is Trump, and he is not a moral man. We never thought that he was. If you were surprised by the tape with his disgusting talk, I don’t know where your head was. Although he is not a moral man, he is not going to lead us in the same direction as Hillary. It is not a choice of the lesser of two evils, it is a choice of two futures.

Many Christians are so perplexed over the personalities, that they can’t see the platforms. The Republican platform is what that Christians can get behind. No Christian should be able to vote for the Democrat Party’s platform. This is exactly what happened four years ago, Christians could not get behind Romney because he is a Mormon. Too many Christians agree with 90+ percent of what a candidate stands for, but for the other 10 percent they will allow someone who is far worse be elected.

Obama won by five million votes, but twenty-five million evangelicals, who were registered and who normally vote, didn’t. This is exactly what is going to happen this year, Christians won’t vote, or they will vote for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning.

We need to understand that it comes down to the Christian vote. This goes back to at least 2008. This is a pattern each election cycle. Shahram faced the same problem in Washington State when he ran for governor. If you look at each issue, in each election, you will find that the Christian vote could have won if they had just voted according to God’s precepts.

As I said, both candidates are judgment, but with Trump the slide will be slowed, and God will give us another chance. If Hillary wins, this country is gone as we know it. Many have said that it can’t get worse than Obama, but believe me, it can.

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Christians need to realize that this election is not just about the presidential race. If Christians don’t vote, it will have an effect on the down ballot candidates. There are local elections and congressional elections that will make a great difference.

Trump a Modern Day Solomon?

Trump could be compared to Solomon in some ways. Both were rich beyond our ability to understand, and both had problems with women. What surprises me is that so many are outraged by Trump’s moral failures, but don’t seem to be outraged by the Clinton’s moral failures. Bill Clinton had an affair in the Oval Office, and Hillary defended him and trashed the woman.

There is something else that is important about Trump. I believe he has an ear to hear. I also think he surrounding himself with good people who can advise him.

The number one reason America is in decline is the lack of moral clarity in our churches. Even if people can’t vote for Trump or Hillary, they need to vote for the down ballot candidates. At the end of the day, Christians will make the difference.

Shahram believes that when, in Washington State, they voted for same-sex marriage, it was the Christians who put it over the top. They called it marriage equality, and many Christians were confused.

Back to this idea that it can’t get any worse. The biblical pattern is it does get worse and worse as God increases the pressure for us to repent.

Hillary has a Jezebel spirit. The level of corruption with her and her family is unbelievable. It is far worse than Obama.

The election results are in God’s hands. Let us at least stand for righteousness and not be guilty of helping wickedness advance.

The importance of this election is far beyond the presidential election. The next President will name at least one, and maybe as many as four, justices to the Supreme Court.

I don’t like conspiracy theories, and I don’t want to contribute to one, but I am totally surprised by how little investigation there was into Justice Scalia’s death. There was not even an autopsy.

I think the Supreme Court is the most important issue in this election. The next President will be there for four to eight years. The Supreme Court will affect us for thirty to forty years.

There is also the threat of war on the horizon. There is Iran, North Korea, and China, not to mention Russia, who are all building up their military strength, while ours is in decline. Let’s not forget the threat of Islam that is growing exponentially.

Although Trump is not a moral man, I do believe that he is the better choice in these issues. He has promised to rebuild the military and to give us a Supreme Court that will uphold traditional values.

When the Supreme Court came up in the last debate, we saw Hillary say she was all in favor of late term abortions. When you understand how these late term abortions are performed, you will understand the barbarity of such a procedure. The baby is half born, and then the doctor (??) either collapses the brain or severs the spine. Hillary is not only for this, she is for fully funding Planed Parenthood. If this issue is not enough to wake up Christians to what is at stake, I would have to question their Christianity.

Trump has promised to appoint pro-life justices. Remember, this is not coming from his Christian values, it is something inside of him that tells him it is wrong to legislate from the bench. Those who can vote for someone who is for the kind of wickedness Hillary supports, has a real problem with understanding morality.

Hillary says that she is for women and children. In the debate, Trump brought up an excellent point. He asked why she was talking money from countries that behead women for adultery, give them no rights, and so forth.

Trump also brought up a 4 star general that is facing 5 years in prison for one count of mishandling classified information. It is the hight of hypocrisy for Hillary to be allowed to run for president in light of all of her mishandling of the nation’s secrets.

There is a picture going around on Facebook that says abortion has never been about choice, it is about escaping the consequences of bad choices by taking all choices away from another human. Abortion is murder, no matter what word you use to describe it.

There have been some videos released showing that the Democrat Party, and Hillary’s campaign have been involved in stirring up violence at Trump rallies. The man behind this has visited the White House many times, and has had personal meetings with Obama more than sixty times. The spin on this by the Democrats tells us how stupid they think we are.

We need to understand that this election is about America dying, or getting one more chance. Trump is not the savior of America, like some Christians seem to think. The truth is, however, that this is who we have been given.

I believe that God is judging America and, therefore, will give us Hillary. Here is my question, Why is it that Christians cannot see the consequences of what they are doing? I have some thoughts on the subject.

First, the Bible talks about a great delusion in the end times.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

I don’t believe the delusion is for believers, but I do believe that there could be a form of it that can affect believers. If it does, the fault lies at the feet of our preachers for not giving moral clarity to their people.

There are others who say that if they vote for Trump, they are delaying the judgment God wants to bring on America and they are hindering Christ’s second coming. They say they will vote for the person who is going to destroy our nation because America is not in biblical prophecy. They want to hasten the return of Christ.

I want the Rapture to come as much as anyone else, but we are called to occupy until He comes. The way we got to the place we are is that far too many Christians have not engaged within our culture to stand up for righteousness. We are supposed to be lovers of the truth, and when we don’t stand for it, delusion will come. It comes from self-deception.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)

Many Christians have so emphasized God’s love to the exclusions of His holiness that they can’t even recognized the truth anymore. I believe that this is one reason judgment is falling on our nation. When we ignore God’s holiness and righteousness, we lose our moral clarity.

The two candidates in this year’s election is part of God’s judgment. We have to choose one side or the other. Which side do you really think God wants us to side with? Don’t you think it would be the side that stands against immoral things like abortion and same-sex marriage? God is a God of second, third, and more chances. Don’t you think that He wants to give us a chance to turn back to Him?

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If we do get a Hillary presidency, how are Christians and preachers supposed to respond? If Hillary is elected, it is certain that, based upon what she has said about how Christians must change their beliefs, the persecution of Christians will increase. There will also be a rise of Islam in America because Hillary is bought and paid for by the pro-Islam forces. She wants to increase the Islamic invasion in America by some 500% by bringing in more refugees. Don’t forget that she was a great proponent of UN Resolution 16:18 that wants to make it a criminal offense to say anything negative against Islam. Her emails have revealed how much she hates Catholics and Evangelicals.

I believe that we must prepare Christians for what we will be facing if Hillary is elected. If the persecution comes, I believe that it will separate the true Christians from the false, and will make the true Christians stronger. This is something positive that could come out of this.

Many Christians are worried about what they will do if Hillary gets elected.

Before I get into this subject, I want to return to the idea of hastening the return of Christ. Romans Chapters 5 and 6 talks about grace. It says:

Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: (Romans 5:20)

This tells us that God’s grace abounds where sin is. It doesn’t mean that we should sin more so grace can abound more. Listen to how chapter 6 starts out:

What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? (Romans 6:1-2)

God forbids this kind of attitude. Those who want to let sin abound so God’s judgment will fall and hasten the return of Christ are violating God’s precepts as expressed here.

Those who have this kind of attitude should grow up and stand for righteousness. By this I mean, stand against abortion, stand against same-sex marriage, stand against all of the debauchery that Hillary stands for, and vote for the only candidate who is standing against them. You should know that the Green Party and the Libertarian Party will not stand against them.

In Conclusion, this election is the most important in our lifetime, if not the most important in the life of our country. This is not about the lesser of two evils, it is about the future of our country.

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