Free tele-training session, “Ending HUD’s Tyranny “ At 7:00-8:15PM EDT


Since 2009, the Obama administration has used the Fair Housing Act like a bludgeon to force fit communities into autonomous regions under the guise of civil rights protection. Four years later, HUD, a group once dedicated to helping protected classes, introduced AFFH, a ruling that now prods low-income families into moving where they are told regardless of their wishes.

If local rule is to survive, communities must fight back now.

Congress, the only body capable of stopping this atrocity, has protected it through slippery legislation that appears to insulate Americans from the control, while it advances Obama’s agenda.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, Sustainable Freedom Lab will turn the tide of this epoch battle for local rights in your favor.


In our free tele-training session, “Ending HUD’s Tyranny “, you will meet the people who are pushing back against HUD and winning. They will be speaking with you for one reason. To share their hard-won strategy with others so together we can begin a massive snowball that will send the message to Washington that it is time to stop. We will not tolerate your control of our local communities. We will not condone a Washington bureaucracy that tramples the rights of low-income African Americans and the least vulnerable in our society to install their own grand scheme.

HUD uses our own money to bring communities to heel. By saying “no,” we can bring the agency to its knees. We do not need Congress, we do not have the time to wait for deceptive legislation and we cannot depend on political leaders drunk with inside the beltway power. We need our neighbors, political and non-political, building the same coalitions our forefathers built to survive in this new rugged land.

Attendees will receive the largest toolkit of documents and resources available anywhere to stop AFFH and the federal grab to control local communities.