Alright then, I am a racist – a hate-filled, bitter racist.  I hate white people.  In particular the pasty-white, liberal toads that froth from the Hamptons and that play the race card like Barack Obama plays golf – sheisty, at great cost, and all of the time.  Take for example the recent dust up between The Huffington Post and Adam Carolla. 

Social commentator and sometimes funny-man, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome had an exchange with the brilliant and cutting Carolla about poverty, which was then “shaped” by Robin Wilkey of the Huffington Post to sound like Gandhi talking to David Duke.  Carolla, who argued for personal responsibility in the manner of Bill Cosby and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was subjected to the typical breathy scorn of hypocritical, liberal sophistry, and then branded “a racist.”  

“The Huffington Post has come out with a story that says ‘Adam Carolla to Gavin Newsom: ‘What’s wrong with blacks and Latinos?’” said Carolla. 

“That’s not what I said to Gavin Newsom. I didn’t bring up blacks and Latinos … he brought up blacks and Latinos.  But let me take this moment to now talk to all the p******* that are out there trying to stir things up and turn me into a racist.  I got news for you: me saying parents should stick around and raise the children – me saying families and cultures should focus on education — is not radical or revolutionary.  It’s the f***ing truth.”  Read more and hear the epic rant here: – Warning: extreme language  

Ironically, the left has adopted the tactics of the KKK to sway opinion and stifle their opponents.  No weapon has been as effective in tarnishing the challenges to their status woe, as the race card.  It is the favored move of the left to force their opposition to shut up and sit in the back of the bus.  So what’s the difference this time?  They picked the wrong opponent. 

The Pirate Ship 

Adam Carolla will not curl into the fetal position and have his publicist issue a statement.  He will not go through sensitivity training, slouch onto Oprah’s couch or Te’o on Katie’s shoulder.  Adam Carolla is a free man.  A man who has every intention of bitterly clinging to his first amendment right! 

As he boasts from his own radio studio,

“I got something called a pirate ship, Huffington Post, I don’t give a f*** about you and your f***ing opinions … go ahead, get your boycott going … I own the building … go ahead and try … I built this pirate ship for a reason, so I could speak my mind/the truth and not have to worry about fake apologies, back-pedaling and being shut down, sh**-canned and threatened out of existence by people who are trying to essentially make sure a group goes extinct.” 

The Fret Offensive

 Carolla is right.  We all saw what happened when Rush implied that a strumpet was a slut.  The boycott was already planned, they just dusted it off and started making phone-calls and it nearly worked.  Because Rush depends on sponsors, they almost “Imus-ed” the Godfather of talk radio in spite of his twenty million listeners.  Prior to that, they were able to torpedo both Michael Savage and Dr. Laura from cable and television; and before he started his own network, the fascist left got Beck tossed from Fox News.   Now, if Carolla has a pirate ship, Beck has a whole fleet that sport the Jolly Roger, but these men are the exception. Savage, Schlesinger, and Imus are the rule.  

The war on “women,” the war on “the elderly,” the war on “hoodies and Skittles;” the Alinsky brigades keep us busy playing defense – “No, we don’t hate women or young black men with hoodies” … “no, I never beat my wife so I didn’t have to stop.”  You see, while we’ve been busy playing defense and answering over and over again that we have never beat our wife, that we have a lot of black friends, that Doogie Howser in Lance Bass is not freaky at all – “not that there’s anything wrong with that;” the left has perpetrated their “fret-offensive” – a fascist, politically correct insurgency that is about to topple the Union.  

A Parson’s Confession

  So I guess that I must conclude that I too am a racist.  But this hatred is really not about color – it’s about culture.  I hate the culture of death and dependence that has infiltrated the Democrat Party and secularly dehumanized the beloved institutions of my country.  I hate the type of man that would undo all that our founders in their wisdom have achieved.  I hate the brigands that would choose to live off the sweat of another man’s brow, to set Americans against one another and to ceaselessly promote theft and covetousness.  And I hate that the aforementioned would justify their vile nature by calling their crimes, “compassion.”  The social engineering and legal plunder of the left is as compassionate as the pimp’s needle and the scraps that he bounces to his girls before he turns them back out onto the street.  

Christians should not hate…only love, and never judge, and be seen and never heard…well, maybe not even seen 

But what kind of a Christian, especially a Pastor would proudly proclaim his hatred?  I would.  This kind of hatred isn’t really hatred, it is simply righteous indignation and therefore in the Biblical sense, a virtue: 

There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. – (Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV) 

I know what you’re thinking – “it sounds like Solomon was giving a blow by blow description of the modern Democrat Party.”  Eerie, isn’t it.  Well, maybe it’s kosher for the Lord to hate because he hates perfectly but we shouldn’t hate, right?  

Wrong! –

“The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.” – (Proverbs 8:13 ESV) 

If you truly esteem the Lord, then you will love what he loves and despise, abhor and hate what he hates.  The real story is that if you love justice then you will hate injustice and rebuke the bullies that perpetrate it.  If you love righteousness then you hate wickedness and indict those that peddle it in the legislature, the court room and especially the school yard.  The opposite of beauty is not ugly, it’s wickedness and chaos.  You may pity the ugly but it doesn’t deserve your scorn; wickedness does … it has earned it.  

Liberty is color blind, and it will flow to all those who honor and respect it regardless of skin color, accent, place of birth, status or level of education.  As for the Christian, he only believes in one race; the race that God created to live in freedom and to bring Him pleasure.  So we tend to honor those things which lead to life and liberty and shun and run from the things that enslave.  And once in a while, a brave soul, like Adam Carolla will stand on the wall and blow the shofar, and you aren’t going to move him.  He’s a free man.  

The truly hate-filled bigot will rail against him, the fascist will try to shut him up, but the man of honor will stand behind him and beside him.  Where do you stand?