{jcomments on}{jcomments off}I heard a presentation this morning from a woman who has started a school on an Indian reservation. There are any number of pathologies on this reservation, including an unemployment rate of 89%, functional illiteracy and rampant child sexual abuse.  

Another troubling fact is that the average lifespan in this community is 45 years. The reason? Alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide. And the reason that alcoholism and drug abuse are out of control is that there is no meaningful law enforcement due to sovereignty issues. Federal officials are only called in to the reservation to deal with murder cases.

Ron_Paul_2007_R_TxSo while there is some tribal law enforcement on paper, it’s mostly symbolic and utterly ineffective. Consequently, there is no enforcement of laws regulating the trafficking and sale of drugs, which continue to go on unchecked. The consequence? Lifespans that are decades shorter than what everybody else in the United States enjoys.·

And yet this wild, wild west approach to drug enforcement is just what we would have with a president Ron Paul. With no meaningful enforcement of federal drug laws on his watch, drug trafficking and drug use would spiral even further out of control and its toxic affects would rapidly spread from coast to coast. Things are bad enough without Ron Paul crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of brain-destroying chemicals.·

The purpose of civil government, according to Scripture, is to “punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good” (1 Peter 2:14). That’s not going to happen under a Ron Paul presidency, who does not hold a biblical view of the proper role of government.·

The manufacturing, transportation and selling of drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines is “evil” under any remotely reasonable definition. But a president Paul would abdicate his moral responsibility to use the delegated authority God has given him to restrain this evil and would instead allow it to mutate and morph into an uncontrollable monster.·

Ron Paul would turn the entire United States into northern Mexico.

Rep. Paul freely acknowledged that he completely separates God’s values from public policy when he was asked last Thursday what affect his religious views would have on his role as president. He replied that his religious views “wouldn’t affect” his role at all. Religion for Ron Paul has only to do with private character, and offers nothing for wise public policy. Ron Paul believes even more deeply in divorcing values from government than even the atheistic Freedom From Religion Foundation.·

A biblical view of civil government promotes ordered liberty. Ron Paul promotes not ordered liberty but amoral license. Libertarianism is not a biblical view of society, nor is it a view that is consistent with the vision of the Founders. For George Washington, “religion and morality” were “indispensable supports” of “political prosperity.” For Ron Paul, they aren’t. No more needs to be said.·

And where evil is unrestrained, as would be the case under Ron Paul, it flourishes. That would be the legacy of a Ron Paul presidency. If you want to see what all of American would look like under a Ron Paul presidency, take a hard look at the nearest Indian reservation or Ciudad Juarez. You won’t like what you see.·

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