There is a lot of dejection in the land. Melancholy. Guilt. White people everywhere walking about with sad faces. All pouty and pathetic.

Well, of course. Obama turned out to be a dishonest political operator who has made so many mistakes people are actually saying he is the worst president ever, even worse than the Democrat who used to hold the title.

It is truly a tough time for white people. They see what they’ve done to the country via Obama. They wish they could undo a long train of mistakes. But there’s no way to go back. The past is past. So there’s only one message we need here.

Hey, all you white people, buck up! Shake off the blues. Stop guilt-tripping yourself and focus on the good news. Obama’s only half-white. Surely there are other groups that deserve some of the blame. It’s neither appropriate nor logical that white people should have to bear the whole burden.

Sure, the mother was a hippie-type who may have posed in pornographic photos. Not a person you would pick to be mothering your presidents. Sure, if you insist, all white people share the shame of being the same color as Ann Dunham.

But let’s get real, Americanos, there are two parents. Have we entered some kind of techno age where there are less than two parents? If his official claims are true, and of course you can’t assume that with President Obama, then he has some African forebears and some Arab forebears. Let’s blame those people.

If some people keep insulting white people because of all the damage that Obama has done, there can be only one way to describe this. Racism pure and simple!

They don’t even have a good case. He’s not all white. Even Morgan Freeman discusses this point. That’s the thing you have to keep telling people: he’s NOT all white. So you can’t blame his disastrous presidency on white people. It’s ridiculous and not fair.

Obama Senior, if he’s actually the president’s father, was a black African with mixed ancestry. He’s Kenyan. But he’s also got Arab (and Muslim) elements. He’s a real international character. Excellent. Let’s blame those international genes. Some people say Obama’s actual parents include an Indonesian. Let’s blame them. (Other people say Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American, probably a little bit white so that would push Obama’s white percentage over 50. Oh no! Don’t let this get around.)

I think we need a cooling-off period. Stop picking on white people. Stop blaming them for the abuses of our president.

White people have enough problems trying to survive in Obama’s world: the IRS corrupted, the V. A. killing people (a lot of them white), the war against enterprise and work, the economy listless, betrayal on the southern border, incompetence at Benghazi, militarized police waiting for a chance to push people around, all kinds of crises where the president seems more concerned with helping the Muslim Brotherhood than the American Brotherhood. White people have a lot of problems. Can we be a little sympathetic?

White people should not have to get up in the morning apologizing for President Obama. That’s the message here. It’s just sloppy, guilt- mongering.

Look in the mirror and say after me: he’s not all white.