Curiously, a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by vintage media, even though the protests may be the largest in all of human history.

Logo Similarities Between Obama 08 and Egypt Salafi Party Tweet

Wake Up America Obama Backs Up A Fascist Regime in Egypt

Obama Supports Terrorism


Obama Supporte Dictator Morsi

We Know What You Did Last Summer

Obama and Paterson Support Terrorism in Eqypt

Hayzaboon Go Home

No Morsi

Obama Your Bitch is Our Dictator

Ann Patterson You and Your Country Go Home LIARS

Obama Supports Terrorism2

Obama Supporte Dictator Morsi

Kick This Bitch Out of Egypt1

 Obama Lie Destroy US Economy

 To All American Peope We Love You but your Leaders Stay Out of Egypt



Consider the dichotomy: Obama 2011: Mubarak Must Go; Obama Today: ‘It’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are’.

Update: Via Robert Spencer:


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